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Nacht's partner and contracted master. The two paired up with each other some time before the First Witch Hunt War where Nacht's particular interest in her potential master had made her sought out by many, but accepted by none. Nacht looked for someone with as pitch-black soul as she did, and Haunted was the perfect fit for her. While most of her interaction with Haunted is shown to be bickering about his hobbies and questionable impulses, Nacht affectionately clings to him and states that there is no one else for her but him.


Takeru Kusanagi/Lapis[]

The duo that confronted Nacht and Haunted, and they beat them during their first encounter. Nacht's high impression of her quality as a blade had her gloat during the initial phases of her fight against Lapis because of the latter's "blunt" inferiority. Nacht and Haunted's loss; however, placed an eternal grudge against Takeru and Lapis, and Nacht demanded that they return to try and kill them to restore her pride.