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Nagaru Hoshijiro
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Nagaru Light Novel
Kanji 星白流
Rōmaji Hoshijiro Nagaru
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 17
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Weapons Mjolnir
Species Human
Divine Being
Inquisition Role
Occupation Academy Student
Student Council President
Heretic Alliance Leader
Affiliation Inquisition (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 4
Anime Episode 5
Seiyuu Natsumi Yamada

Nagaru Hoshijiro (星白 流, Hoshijiro Nagaru) is the eccentric student council president of Anti-Magic Academy and had secretly aspired to become the next head of the Inquisition. She is the second leader of the Heretic Alliance and is contracted to Mjolnir.


Although Nagaru looks like a child, she is 17 years old, but she is later revealed to be much older than her short stature and mannerism would imply. Nagaru has short red hair that is just below shoulder length, and yellow eyes. She has a small fringe that covers her right eyebrow and a small white kitten hair clip accessory on the left hand-side of her hair.


Nagaru is an extremely relaxed person who was generally amiable to everyone around her. This was because of her mental defect that made it impossible for her to feel sadness and hatred. While this made it hard for her to truly empathize with others, this personality; however, led to some unexpected leadership skills that mostly came from her attitude that eased the tension of certain moments and how she was able to have people cooperate despite circumstances. However, Nagaru was more infamously known in her academy days as sloppy, negligent, and her inability to empathize properly made her words sound hateful. She ironically acted like a "big sister" even with her extremely short stature and general tone of voice. However, this air of leadership and her lack of empathy also had her skills be compared to the likes of Sougetsu, but with a less cruel connotation.



While her documents and medical reports all but confirm Nagaru's identity as someone who she is listed as, it revealed that she was something else entirely. Apparently during her youth, her sister suffered from Overflow Complex, an issue that is common with witches where an individual's Phantom Instrument, a secondary heart of sorts that provides a person with mana, wasn't able to regulate itself and exerted power without control. Nagaru's sister was taken in by the Inquisition and experimented upon in the guise of trying to "cure" her. Because of this, Nagaru had inspired to take over the Inquisition to stop the mistreatment of both captured witches and those with similar circumstances.

By some circumstances, she was elected to be the Student Council President and had contact with Kanata during this time.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Nagaru is introduced as an acquaintance of Ouka during the events of the Witch Hunt Festival where she had previously scouted Ouka to join the Student Coucil. Nagaru had her secretary, Shizuka, escort Ouka to the Student Council room so she could explain the mystery behind Reima and the witch, Mephistopheles. Mephisto had killed every member of the Student Council excluding Shizuka and herself a month ago, while Reima had entered the school the same time it happened and quickly ascended through the ranks to become the academy's ethics committee chairman. Cross examining Reima's popularity among the students from her and his previous school, it was revealed that Reima was not well respected nor was a top student by any means. Nagaru asked for Ouka to keep herself aware of the situation and assist them if she found anything out. Shizuka eventually becomes possessed and attempted to kill her, but she feigned death with a bulletproof vest and informed Takeru of Ouka's dangerous situation and Takeru became angry at her involving Ouka in this event but promised that he could punish her if he was able to save her and stop Mephisto. After the conflicts end, Takeru indeed gave Nagaru her punishment and pinched her cheeks instead, as they had formally agreed to help clean up with the mess with the Witch Hunt Festival in exchange for information to help them make up their points.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Nagaru invited Takeru to the Student Council room where she wanted to ask him if he found anything strange about Lapis and her designation as a Twilight Type instead of a Relic Eater's usual numerical designation. Nagaru explains that Mistelteinn is actually forged by the gods and not something like the lines of Dainsleif or Tyrving as those were magical heritages born on Earth. Nagaru reveals her intent to take over the Inquisition and wrest control over it from Sougetsu and explains the situation of what happened to her sister. Before she continues any further with divulging more information, Nagaru sees through Takeru and asks if he is hiding anything. Takeru is unable to deny it, but explains that he would like to explain his secret to his platoon first before revealing it to her and they decide to continue after Takeru comes clean to his platoon members. As he leaves, Nagaru tells Takeru to be more wary of Lapis and to refuse her offers if she presented something to him.

Nagaru shows up to break Takeru, Ouka, and the rest of the platoon out of their holding cells and directs them to confront the Valhalla agents out to retrieve Kiseki.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

For letting the 35th Platoon out of their cells during Kiseki's awakening, Nagaru was branded as a wanted target within the Inquisition and became affiliated with a group of dissident Pureblood wizards that sheltered her during the conflict in the Grey City. Nagaru is met again by Takeru, Mari, Lapis, and Kanaria when the teleportation circle they arrived on was guarded by the pureblood wizards and Nagaru herself. Apparently she had contact with Orochi and collaborated with Valhalla in making sure Takeru and his team returned safely, and she regrettably notes at how Orochi refused her offer in joining her dissident faction. Nagaru informs Takeru and his team of their other comrade's statuses and sends them out to save them while she prepared the necessary tools for their next objective.

White Escape Arc[]

Nagaru leads the reunited 35th Platoon along with Kanaria deeper into the Grey City's subway lines after the latter was saved from apprehension from Hayato when the surviving Spriggan troops pleaded for their safety. Nagaru informs the crew that she stored a vehicle for them to escape the Inquisition's territory and meet up with their allies in the dissident's headquarters. Partway through driving, Nagaru switches with Ouka as the driver and she converses with Mari on her past, with her mental defect in being unable to sympathize with others. After a few hours, Nagaru has the car stop near an inn and brings everyone in to rest their bodies. A few of them were against resting in such a time, but Takeru is able to convince them that they needed to rest. Nagaru consoles Takeru and states that he needs to rest the most since he has been constantly thinking of Kiseki and in thinking of how to save her.

After their rest, the team continue their journey to their allies until they spot three of the Inquisition's vans moving toward them. Ouka attempts to evade them but the team is forced on the offensive and Kanaria volunteers to eliminate the threat. Afterwards, a fourth van with EXE members show up behind them and Scarlet's Relic Eater forces the team's van to fall off the railing and down to the forest below. The team quickly recover from the wreckage and prepare to head out again until Scarlet and her subordinates confront them personally. Nagaru stalls for some time and the team quickly gather around Mari as they incur an avalanche to separate themselves from their pursuers. Gou however breaks through the snow and punctures the barrier, separating both parties. Nagaru is buried beneath a large amount of snow and Takeru finds her with her leg being stuck under a fallen tree. As he attempts to help her, Scarlet confronts the two and Takeru is forced to fight back. Bloody Mary proves to be the worst possible match-up for an all out offensively based style Takeru fights with and he is unable to damage Scarlet by any means. After Takeru is incapacitated, Scarlet walks over to the still pinned down Nagaru and prepares to execute her, only for the latter to attach a seal from the hot springs they rested at with restorative properties, turning Scarlet's ability against her.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

With the unconscious Takeru in tow, Nagaru leads the platoon, with Kanaria following, to the Heretic Alliance's headquarters and is present when Takeru awakes from his 2 day blackout. She is found reading a book involving Norse mythology and after Takeru is able to move around, she guides the platoon up to the headquarter's roof to show them the vastly different scenery, something Takeru remembers seeing before. Nagaru explains that they are currently in the mythological world and the real-world that they used to inhabit was the product of the regular, human world colliding with the mythological world they see now. Takeru soon asks where Lapis was located and Nagaru shares with him that she is in the basement and watches him leave to see her while the team remains silent.

Takeru's conversation with Lapis goes unexpectedly well and Nagaru convenes the Heretic Alliance's first meeting. The three "main" facets being the 35th Platoon that was previously affiliated with the Inquisition, the 7th Pureblood Squad that was previously affiliated with the Magic Academy who were the group that sheltered her during the Grey City conflict, and the miko's 6th squad formerly affiliated with the God's Embers. The meeting quickly breaks into a fight before long and Takeru is forced to be the mediator and arranges for himself and the two representative leaders, Sage and Yuzuho, to have a private conversation in order to better understand each other. Afterwards, Nagaru briefs them on their first and foremost objective of raiding the Alchemist's First Laboratory to rescue three individuals of interest, Kiseki for Takeru, Ion for Sage, and Izayoi for Yuzuho. She reiterates for Kanaria that this operation is a rescue mission instead of an all-out attack and happily announces that they will have a diversionary attack near the facility's vicinity to make it easier for them to navigate the interior. She reintroduces Kanata to the team as well as a number of Inquisition dissidents who brought a sizable number of dragoons with them and entrusts her to guide them down the mountain to the facility.

As the operation takes place, Nagaru is in constant communication with the team and notably informs them that Kanaria, who was left behind per Ikaruga's request, had entered the battlefield.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Nagaru informs Takeru of the outbreak of war between the Magic Side and the Inquisition and informs him that the two other teams with Sage and Yuzuho were sent out to accomplish another objective. Nagaru assigns Takeru and the platoon their own objective: To uncover the identity of Sougetsu that might change the course of the war at the Critical Point, an area where the volatile Void magic runs rampant.

After the 35th platoon recovered the document, Mother Goose and Orochi moved in against Sougetsu near the Inquisition headquarters. In the alliance courtyard, Nagaru is approached by Kanata and the two enter a short conversation on the world. Despite the uncertainties and suffering, both Nagaru and Kanata agree that the world is worthy of continuing. Nagaru explains that the reason she went everyone out on assignments was that the mission she recently gave to the 35th Platoon involved Sougetsu's identity and if he was something who she suspected him to be, she needed to evacuate everyone from headquarters. Kanata asks what Nagaru had in mind when she did this and she is quickly hugged by the latter who thanks her for protecting her all this time and places a teleportation charm on her and she waves goodbye as Kanata is teleported elsewhere.

Turning her head, Nagaru confronts Sougetsu who appears from behind a tree, and Nagaru's guesses turn out correct that Sougetsu Ootori was indeed a divine being whose death would bring about the end of the world. Sougetsu answers Nagaru's lingering doubts, and he states that he never wanted to be like he is and that he simply despised the concept of magic and that his existence perpetuated it in the human world. Nagaru; however, sees through Sougetsu's words and discerns that while Sougetsu despised magic, he simply wished for everything to be destroyed. Nagaru asks on what he is and Sougetsu replies that he is an artificially made being that is both human and divine, and Nagaru herself shares that she might be the same as she was born in the mythological world but was entirely human in appearance and wasn't immortal. The small talk ends and Sougetsu admits to coming here to kill her and Nagaru summons Mjolnir into her hands and says that she'll do the same. Sougetsu is surprised but Nagaru reassures him that she doesn't intend to kill him as she would not want to endanger the human world, but instead, wished to buy time for her friends. With a single swing, Nagaru destroys the mythological world.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Nagaru reappears in the middle of Takeru, and Sougetsu's duel where the latter had just landed a strike against Takeru and canceled his God Hunter form. Nagaru stops Sougetsu's Naglfar from trying to sever Nagaru's teleportation spell which transports both her and the quarreling combatants back to the mythological world. Nagaru; however, brings Takeru to a secluded area where she places her hopes in Takeru's actions and apologizes for not being able to find a way to save everyone. Takeru himself places his hopes in Nagaru to rebuild what remains of their world and the two share their farewells as Takeru leaves to fight Sougetsu one last time.


In the war's aftermath, Nagaru heads the restoration efforts and takes the seat of Chairman as the new head of the Inquisition. The Inquisition is rebuilt and is considerably less harsh on its treatment of witches and the stigma against magic-capable individuals are slowly, but surely repealed. Nagaru fulfills her intents to remove the experimentation labs on witches and spends most of her time traveling around to reestablish contact with the rest of the surviving world and gain allies. Her frequent trips lead Kurogane, now the Vice-Chairman of the Inquisition, to administer most of the paperwork in her absence. The trio led by Scarlet also travel with her as her personal retinue of bodyguards, where Kagerou in particular, has adopted Nagaru's surname.


Academy Training- Student Council President: While Nagaru's combat abilities were mostly average, she commanded a well-trained retinue in the Student Council and, to an extent, had leadership capabilities. People who were acquainted with her however consider her leadership more akin to manipulation that wasn't far from Sougetsu, but she was said to have some humanity left in her. Her mental defect in being unable to empathize or feel sadness has given her a neutral disposition.

Sacred Treasure- Mjolnir: Nagaru's mysterious origin allowed her to wield the mythical hammer of the gods. While having no other shown abilities, the strength of the hammer alone destroyed the mythical world in its entirety with a single swing.


  • The name Nagaru means "flow, style, manner, method" (流).
  • Nagaru's surname Hoshijiro means "white star" (星白).