Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Nagaru's Sister[]

The academy sources state that Nagaru hails from a well-off family and previously had an older sister who suffered from Overflow Complex, a symptom that occurs in both witches and humans without magic. The symptom caused her to radiate with harmful, indiscriminate pulses of magic. The Inquisition took her away for "safe keeping" and treatment, but only used her for experimentation purposes. Nagaru's apparent motivation to overthrow Sougetsu to become the next head of the Inquisition stems from this past of wanting to cease the inhumane treatment of captured witches.


Student Council Members[]

Nagaru's reputation within the academy is being a lazy, untrustworthy, and manipulative leader. It is not completely sure how the Student Council members under her felt about their president, but they have followed her with certain conviction. Shizuka Sendou, one of the only named members of the Student Council aside from Nagaru, had some faith in Nagaru's decisions, but she noted her eccentricities. Nagaru herself; however, cherished her comrades, even if she couldn't properly convey her feelings towards them and understandably felt incredibly lonesome with her being the only survivor.

Kanata Oonogi[]

A member of the Inquisition's Banshees who was promoted to the EXE. Kanata had known Nagaru since her early days in the Banshees assisting in Kazuma Mineshiro's investigation of Insect Cage. Following Kazuma's death, Nagaru assumed "leadership" of the early Heretic Alliance, and she kept in contact with Kanata as one of the few people aware of her enigmatic background and her main informant of the happenings in the Inquisition. As Shizuka had stealthily protected Nagaru in the past, Kanata joined Nagaru in the Heretic Alliance and acted as her pseudo-attendant. With her mental defect limiting her social skills, Kanata was one of the few people who could sympathize with her, and Nagaru was grateful for Kanata's loyalty after such a long time. Nagaru also frequently teased Kanata about her age.

Takeru Kusanagi[]

The captain of the 35th platoon who was aware of Nagaru's reputation in the academy and had not wanted to be associated with her until Ouka was brought under danger due to unforeseen implications. Takeru was forward in letting Nagaru know that he was going to rectify the situation she had caused not for her sake, but to save one of his own. While starting on rough territory, the two of them were at least able to come to terms and in exchange for covering up her mistakes, and Nagaru agreed to supply the platoon with information and activities to help them graduate. Nagaru was particularly wary of Takeru's contract with Lapis and warned him to deny any sort of further contractual obligations she offered.

Since she was unable to feel negativity, Nagaru always treated Takeru in a casual and overly-relaxed tone that annoyed him. Nonetheless, Nagaru viewed Takeru as someone she could trust, and she showed comedic interest in joining his affectionate platoon to compete with the other girls for his attention. She was also one of the first few characters who realized just how much he had endured and felt concerned about his sister and told him to open up to others, while ironically, he was the one that made the other members of his platoon do the same.

Ouka Ootori[]

The ex-Dullahan who was demoted back into the high-school program and assigned the 35th platoon. Ouka was previously approached by the Student Council for her merits and abilities, but her immediate promotion into the Inquisition had her unable to take the opportunity. Nagaru had obviously seen the excellence in Ouka, but was presumably more interested in her background involving Kazuma.


The two representatives of the Magic Side and the God's Embers factions in the Heretic Alliance. Nagaru's leadership had the two follow through with her ultimate goal of delaying and stopping the war. Even with their differences, Nagaru's uncanny leadership brought all three sides together.


Sougetsu Ootori[]

The Chairman of the Inquisition who Nagaru sought to usurp to cease the inhuman experimentation on captured witches. While this was a concern to her, Nagaru was aware of Sougetsu's true identity, and her main form of antagonism stemmed from this fact. Sougetsu's ultimate goal was for the world's end, and Nagaru was compelled to do the opposite to preserve the world she loved and the people who inhabited it.