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Naglfar is an imitation Sacred Treasure Magical Heritage that is a modified form of Innocentius. It was wielded by Sougetsu Ootori.


As a transformed Innocentius, Naglfar's appearance mostly retains its appearance as a musket, only now with a bayonet blade attached beneath its muzzle. Whereas Innocentius was pure white with gold trims, Naglfar's appearance is rustier and has a brass texture.


Like Innocentius, Naglfar does not possess a personality as its soul has yet to form.


Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Sougetsu equips the bayonet on Innocentius that begins its transformation to Naglfar in preparation to mete out his newfound goals. Instead of accepting his death and allowing the destruction he craved to wipe out the planet, he decides to forestall doomsday and kill Takeru himself to plan out his future intents for destruction. Sougetsu's ability to instantaneously disappear and reappear allows him to keep up with Takeru in their fight and his first strike dispels Takeru from Lapis' God Hunter form. The two continue their fight in the mythological world but Takeru is able to best Sougetsu in single combat. As Sougetsu falls, he tries to strike at Takeru one last time with Naglfar, but his arm is lobbed off and Sougetsu admits defeat as he is destroyed and is assumed by the god-eating fire.


Fake Sacred Treasure- Naglfar: An imitation Sacred Treasure that is formed by merging Innocentius' frame with a bayonet attachment that incurs the transformation. Naglfar is mostly classified as a sword, but it still retains its firearm capabilities, being able to shoot enhanced bullets that carry the weapon's intrinsic magic.

Intrinsic Magic- Godless: Reflecting its user's intents, Naglfar's intrinstic magic is the absolute erasure of any magic that comes into contact with either its blade or bullet. This ability is similar to Mistelteinn's own Twilight property, but instead of consuming magic, Naglfar fully nullifies it.

Fimbulvetr Enchant: Naglfar surrounds itself with dull gold flame that empowers its capabilities for an empowered strike.


  • Naglfar refers to the mythological barge made of the toenails and fingernails of the deceased that ferried the hordes to combat the gods during Ragnarök.