Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Kyouya Kirigaya[]

Nero's belligerent contractor who previously led the 15th platoon until only he was left alive. Nero treats her master with a myriad of intentions. She firstly desires vengeance and hatred to keep herself satisfied and instigates Kyouya into anger by imitating Yoshimizu's face and voice, a trait that angered him to no end. She also constantly remarks at how she won't be able to heal him if he got hurt since all of her healing capabilities were given to speed up Yoshimizu's recovery. The continue to bicker both in and out of combat with their similar attitudes constantly bouncing off each other. When Yoshimizu did finally recover, Kyouya wondered at why Nero was still with him to which she responded by saying that they cannot simply break the contract and mentions that she didn't care for him or Yoshimizu, and she would find a new master if he were to be killed. However, Nero mutters at how Kyouya's vengeance was the best she experienced, admitting that she has taken a certain liking to her master after the entire ordeal.

Akira Yoshimizu[]

The kindhearted medic of the 15th platoon who was killed by Haunted and succeeded by clones who retained her memories. While Yoshimizu's recovery essentially meant the end of Kyouya's primary goal, Nero seemed to be indifferent to her restoration. It is unknown if her subservience to her was either by Kyouya's command or her own will.


Takeru Kusanagi/Lapis[]

The rival duo from the 35th Platoon. Kyouya's aggression easily swayed him to obey Sougetsu's orders, and he comes to clashes against Takeru and Lapis during Kiseki's second awakening while the second time was in Kyouya's personal interests. Nero found the opposing duo vexing, but she found Lapis in particular more so. The two have apparently known each other for some time, and Nero found Lapis' appearance to be in bad taste.