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Nobunaga (信長 Nobunaga) is the Relic Eater contracted to Oonogi Kanata and is designated as Malleus Malifcarum VIII.


Nobunaga takes the shape of modified sniper rifle with a lead finish. Its Witch Hunter form also takes a lead color while fully covering her in sleek armor.


Despite its form as a sniper rifle, whose wielder would normally require concentration and silence, Nobunaga is fairly talkative and action seeking. Whenever Kanata was aiming or firing, Nobunaga was prone to comment on his opinion on the situation as well as congratulate her on every shot that hit.



As Kanata was inducted into the EXE after Ouka's demotion, it can be presumed that she was gifted with Nobunaga on the day she joined them.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Kanata brings Nobunaga with her to follow and report on Ikaruga's position after the latter's departure from the academy. With the 35th platoon intercepting a meeting, Kanata is unable to keep up with her and enters combat with an enemy Dragoon.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Kanata and Nobunaga enter combat against Diluted, but the latter enters close range and nullifies Nobunaga's advantages. The plane is sabotaged and taken down, but Kanata is able to survive the assault and shoots down the plane's wings before she lands.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

After the Grey City is retaken from Valhalla Troops, Kanata and a number of other Inquisition dissidents fled the territory and regrouped with the Heretic Alliance at their headquarters. Kanata and Nobunaga assist the raid on the Alchemist First Laboratory and covers the groups advance from afar.


Relic Eater- Malleus Malifcarum VIII: A lead colored Relic Eater that takes the shape of a sniper rifle. Its requirements are not exactly known, but its personality is rather cheerful and encouraging which is compared to other Relic Eaters.

Intrinsic Magic- Damage over Distance: While not explicitly named, Nobunaga's ability had its projectiles power increased the farther it traveled. With its primary form being a sniper rifle, he could be used with great efficiency by a talented marksman who could fight from afar.

Flexible Material: With its performance being best suited to be used by a long range sniper rifle, Nobunaga can allow for the rifle to change from different rates of fire, such as switching from full-auto to bolt action.

Witch Hunter Armor: In the case that the threat was not dealt with from an adequate distance, Nobunaga can grant its user Witch Hunter armor to better protect themselves and hopefully disengage to gain enough space to make use of his ability.


  • Nobunaga is one of the few Relic Eaters not named after European leaders, instead, it is named after the Japanese warlord, Oda Nobunaga, who was responsible for uniting the country.