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Mikoto Kusanagi[]

Orochi's older sister and the younger of the two twin sisters he had. While not as cursed as the other twin, Mikoto still carried a fraction of the Hyakki Yakou curse that led her to be imprisoned and kept close to the family. Orochi's devotion for her was similar to Takeru's dedication to Kiseki, and he was devastated to find that she was taken away from the family home and forced into the Inquisition's control after being contracted to Mistelteinn. Even more so when Orochi was forced to kill her after she began to go out of control from fusing with Mistelteinn with its God Hunter armor active. Orochi's regret in being unable to protect drove him to deep depression at the war's end and the prospect of be reunited with her inspired him to rejoin the Magic Side to follow through with Mother Goose's plan. As he lay dying, Orochi was comforted in knowing that he would soon rejoin Mikoto.

Generational Family[]

Orochi's longevity mean that he could interact with the succeeding generations of his clan, but his depression after the war kept his connection with them mostly by name. Having abandoned his ties to all but his own personal pride, Orochi kept to himself in his shabby hut before he was approached by Takeru's father who begged for him to kill Kiseki for him as he himself was unable to follow through, and her relative maturity signified the curse's cumulative strength was increasing. Orochi threatened to kill him and sent him off, saying that his duty as a Kusanagi in slaying one of his accursed sibling was already fulfilled.

Takeru Kusanagi[]

Orochi's descendant who he took under his wing after Kiseki murdered the last of the Kusanagi bloodline. Orochi frequently abused Takeru by means of employing harsh training techniques upon the young Takeru's request to become stronger. While constantly taunting his stupidity and incompetence, Orochi still treated Takeru like family yet never outwardly showed the slight amount of compassion he felt, but this did not stop him from showcasing certain amounts of pride in teaching him and wanting him to not shame their harsh training. Having felt a similar feeling of emptiness in his past, Orochi demanded for Takeru to be able to make tough decisions regarding his sister in the future. Much to his surprise, Takeru decided to enter society and enroll in the Inquisition's academy to find a way to save his sister. Orochi outwardly did not show too much concern and let him off, but his determination to do anything for his sister sparked his own motivation as he got over his near century long slump and rejoined Valhalla to cooperate with Mother Goose.

Upon Takeru's usage of God Hunter armor, Orochi spared him from the path that Orochi himself previously walked, and he realized that Sougetsu had intended to repeat the events of the previous war to utilize Takeru by means of manipulating Kiseki to awaken the God Hunter Form once again. Now stuck in the same situation as he did before, Orochi thought to have Takeru stay out of the war, but willed for Takeru to save himself and bring Lapis to his side and bind her to his will, effectively saving his life as the rest of Valhalla intended to execute both of the latter. As Takeru left to rejoin his comrades, Orochi knew for certain that he would face his student in combat, and he eagerly awaited the day but also began to feel ambivalent of his own goals. Whereas Takeru stubbornly refused to accept any means of exception to his will to save his sister and everyone he treasured, Orochi was willing to throw away everything to fulfill Mother Goose's goal and see Mikoto again. Orochi seems to have wanted for Takeru to surpass him and accept his futility against Takeru's stubbornness and the overall goal that he had wanted for himself.


Mother Goose[]

The form of the Sacred Treasure Gungnir in human form and the partner to Orochi. The two have known each other since the First Witch Hunt War and she she offered him a contract with her after the war's end. Orochi had refused the offer back then, feeling nothing but despondency and indifference to the world after he was forced to kill Mikoto. Upon seeing Takeru's unnatural and misguided confidence in himself to "save" Kiseki, Orochi was motivated once again to do whatever was necessary to obtain what he desired and rejoined with Valhalla and entered a contract with Mother Goose. As partners, the two are usually very formal and agreeing with each other. The two have known to disagree with certain things such as Orochi's lazy nature outside of combat as well as his loyalty to his ideals that surpass his contract with Mother Goose. Mother Goose herself admits that she is not all that close to Orochi and only see him as the means to a justifiable end. Orochi mostly expresses similar manners however seems to hold a more sentimental thought to her in his final moments.


The wood-elf girl who originated from the Alchemist's Corporation. For extra safe-keeping, Isuka handed Kanaria over to Valhalla and with her accelerated aging, she was brought under Orochi's tutelage. Given her innate physical attributes due to her lineage as a wood-elf, Kanaria quickly learned the techniques taught to her since the physical burdens of Soumatou were negligible to her. Orochi however never took training her as seriously as he did training Takeru and the latter noticed the prevalence of the basics instilled in Kanaria's techniques. Orochi frequently teased Kanaria for her childish nature and was the one who nicknamed her "Diluted" originating from her weakness to the strong taste in coffee and needed some water to properly drink it. Even after the two separated and in the height of his duel with Takeru, Orochi, while angry at first, accepted her proposal for a duel.


An officer of Valhalla who has known Orochi and Mother Goose since the days of the First Witch Hunt War. While having been comrades in arms, the two do not share a positive relationship as Haunted's twisted sense of normalcy makes practically anyone be disgusted by his mere presence. Orochi has thought at multiple points of killing him but Mother Goose had consistently talked him out of it was it would just be time-consuming.


Sougetsu Ootori[]

The Chairman of the Inquisition and Orochi's mortal enemy who was responsible for Mikoto's contract with Mistelteinn. Stopping Sougetsu's plight was Orochi's main goal to succeed him as the world's god but Sougetsu himself mentions that the removal of magic was something directly in Orochi's interests. However, that desire was cast aside as long as Orochi had the opportunity to slay him and see Mikoto again. Orochi's hate was further magnified with Sougetsu's intention to use Takeru and Kiseki for similar purposes that Orochi and Mikoto failed to do for him.