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Ouka Ootori
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Kanji 鳳 桜花
Rōmaji Ōtori Ōka
Also Known As Crimson Princess
Physical Description
Age 16 (Series)
21 (Epilogue)
Gender Female
Height 168cm
Hair Color Sunset Orange
Eye Color Cobalt Blue
Personal Info
Blood Type A+
Status Alive
Family Kazuma Mineshiro (Adoptive Father)
Sougetsu Ootori (Foster parent)
Kagerou Ootori (Foster Parent)
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Platoon 35th
Weapons Guns, Grenades, Vlad
Species Human

Vampire True Ancestor (Witch Hunter Form)

Inquisition Role EXE Operative (Formerly)
Occupation EXE Operative (Formerly)
Academy Student (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance Operative
Affiliation Inquisition (Formerly)
EXE (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Reina Ueda

Ouka Ootori (鳳 桜花, Ōtori Ōka) is the primary female protagonist of the series. She was a former Dullahan of the Inquisition's EXE before her demotion had her sent back into the Anti-Magic Academy and assigned to the infamous 35th Test Platoon. She is contracted to Vlad.


Ouka Animation

Ouka's character sheet

Ouka has bright sunset-colored hair that has a pink triangle-shaped hair clip on the right side, and cobalt eyes. Ikaruga mentions that Ouka's most attractive point is her well-toned, shapely legs. She is described by Takeru as someone who is "like an embodiment of mythical battle maiden."

Ouka is mostly often wearing the Academy green uniform, with heel boots and hair let down. The straps on her thighs hold a number of pistols she keeps on her person at all times.

After graduation, Ouka's induction into the EXE had her replace her standard academy uniform with the characteristic black and orange uniform of the EXE.


Fueled by a deep hatred for magic and vengeance in her heart, Ouka dedicated her entire life to combat against witches. This led to her keen mind and tactical insight while her mercilessness also stemmed from her efficiency. Her social skills deteriorated never had the chance to form properly due to her overly diligent work ethic. Where magic was involved, Ouka would hunt perpetrators and more often than not, shoot first before asking any questions.

Even outside of work, Ouka's lack of social skills left her with nothing but work to focus on. She made it to a point of working alone to minimize the chances of getting too attached to others and suffering through loss if they happened to die given the dangerous profession. Takeru's insistence eventually had her slowly warm up to making friends and having others to rely on. Her thirst for vengeance was eventually replaced with her intent to protect the ones she cared for. However, she still retained her terrible social skills to anyone outside of her team with the main concern regarding her being "unable to read the mood".



Ouka was the daughter and sole survivor of the witch trafficking ring, Red Butterfly's Insect Cage where her mother was killed while being forced to birth witches. A sudden incident forced the facility to shut down and all the prisoners were executed. Ouka was adopted by the then captain of the EXE, Kazuma Mineshiro. She lived with his family for a number of years before Laugh Maker assaulted the home and forced Ouka to kill her entire adoptive family while she was fully conscious. Kurogane arrived on the scene and Ouka was then adopted into the family of the Inquisition's Chairman, Sougetsu.

Ouka enrolled into the Anti-Magic Academy under her adoptive father's good graces and speedily ascended its rankings as one of its most talented students. In her years in middle school, she subdued Takeru Kusanagi and inadvertently made him more tranquil while she went on to forget about him. Ouka was soon inducted the EXE and gained a rather infamous moniker, Calamity, for her scrupulous attitude. Vlad was given to Ouka but her distaste in magic in its entirety had her refuse to make a full contract with him. After a couple of years, Ouka's harsh judgments with her authority as an Inquisitor ended when she was demoted for executing a witch in cold blood.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

With her demotion, Ouka is transferred back into the academy and is assigned to the infamous 35th Platoon. Where Takeru tried to greet her at how it's been a while since they last saw each other while she failed to recognize him at all. On an assignment her new platoon members were unable to take down their targets in their first mission together, Ouka was able to subdue them alone and began to pursue and accomplish platoon activities by herself, further ostracizing her from her platoon as she found them to be more problematic than beneficial. Takeru's unrelenting fervor to have her open up to the platoon and not act alone anymore eventually has her sharing her backstory about her family's murder and how it motivated her to hunt down and eliminate every witch she could. Takeru doesn't give up on his intention to befriend her and offers his help in fulfilling her goals if he proved himself strong enough.

The Einherjar attack prompts Ouka to move on ahead of Takeru as she confronted it alone. Ouka summons Vlad to combat against the Hero, and she managed to damage its defensive properties. However, Vlad is forcibly canceled by Sougetsu's orders and Ouka is knocked away. Before she is hit by a fatal strike, Takeru jumps in between them and enters combat. Ouka witnesses Takeru's defeat and prompt "revival" as he contracts with Lapis and slays the Einherjar. Takeru walks over to Ouka and asks if he has proven himself strong enough to support her, and she finally gives in to his stubborn intention. Takeru falls unconscious on her lap as he tells her to rely on him and the others, so she won't be alone anymore.

Witches Struggle Arc[]

Ouka becomes slightly more social with her squad, but protests Sougetsu's decision to have Mari, a witch, join the academy and be monitored by their platoon. Nonetheless, Ouka is astute in carrying out their assignment in protecting her, but her interactions with Mari devolve into nothing but arguing and one-upsmanship as they try to outdo each other. Ouka is particularly unconvinced with Mari's apparent goal of using magic to save others. The 35th Platoon enters the mock battle tournament where they narrowly win the first round, with Mari's distraction giving them the winning edge. While the rest of the platoon went off to celebrate, Ouka went to give a report to Sougetsu, only to find no one there. She reads the file on Mari and investigates the crime scene later that night. The next day, before the next round began, Ouka relayed her findings to Takeru.

The platoon soon faced off against the 15th platoon but their fight comes to a pause when Haunted appears from a massive flower that bursts out from one of the 15th platoon members. Ouka, Usagi, and Ikaruga become separated from Takeru and Mari, and Ouka takes the chance to call Sougetsu to threaten him with his usage of false information to arrest Mari. On the other side, Mari misses her spell against Haunted, and her Gleipnir counts down to detonation until Ouka arrives to tell her that she bargained Mari's freedom and urges her to prove intent to convince her that magic could be used to help others. Armed with a shield and magic-inhibiting chaff grenades given to her by Ikaruga, Ouka was able to distract Haunted long enough for Takeru to regain his footing. In the epilogue, Ouka informs the recovering Takeru of Mari's full enrollment into the academy.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

The team's point predicament has the team ponder on what to tackle next and Ouka brings up a point on what Lapis demands from Takeru as a Relic Eater as she states that Vlad demands blood from her. Takeru states that Lapis hasn't asked anything from him and Ouka warns him to stay wary of her. Ouka joins the rest of the platoon in tailing Ikaruga after her mysterious departure following the notification that she branded as a traitor to the Inquisition. She follows Ikaruga to the border where they continue to retrieve her, but the platoon is separated where Ouka, Usagi, and Mari are captured by the Alchemist's mercenaries and are imprisoned inside the 5th Laboratory. While captured, they are met by Isuka who reassures them that Ikaruga has guaranteed their safety as bargaining chips to be traded. She ponders at why they chased Ikaruga this far and when they respond by saying that they wanted to save her, Isuka divulges information on who Ikaruga really is.

Once Isuka reunites with Ikaruga, the trio are thrown back onto the streets outside the laboratory where Usagi intends on heading back to bring Ikaruga back and Ouka takes a moment to decide to assist in Usagi's endeavor. Had she been the same, vengeful person she was before, she would have no doubt refused to help someone who committed so many atrocities for the sake of research. A number of dragoons pass by them at high-speeds and a limousine drives near them. Sougetsu greets them and casually informs them of the small-war he is about to wage against the 5th Laboratory. Sougetsu rearms the platoon, allows Ouka to utilize Vlad, and takes Mari in the limousine as her magic was still inhibited for the time being. Ouka regroups with Takeru and joins him in taking down the dragoons barring their path and confront the mechanical dragon along with the team after Isuka's demise caused by Haunted. Ouka primarily acted as bait with Takeru to help Usagi line up a shot against the dragon's floating device.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Ouka is largely absent in assisting in the Witch Hunting Festival, other than trying out Ikaruga's costumes, when she is asked by the Student Council president, Nagaru Hoshijiro, to help them investigate a witch named Mephistopheles. Having previously met Nagaru during her attempts to bring Ouka into the Student Council, Ouka is informed of the Student Council's dilemma with all of its members excluding Nagaru and her secretary, Shizuka, have been killed by Mephisto around a month ago, the same time Reima Tenmyouji transferred in. Further evidence regarding Reima's disparate popularity in his previous school points to him being Mephisto's current host. With the festival approaching, Ouka overhears Usagi's circumstances with Reima and decides to investigate further. She calls out Vlad to give her an aerial view of the school grounds and he identifies the mass hypnosis spell which prompts Ouka to meet back with the Shizuka to arrest Reima. However, Shizuka had already been possessed by Mephisto and she utilizes a charm to take over Ouka's body.

Mephisto attempts to kill Mari who was preoccupied in disenchanting the hypnosis spell, but Usagi interferes. After Usagi is distracted, Mephisto tries to eliminate Mari again, but Takeru arrives after beating Reima. Mephisto utilizes Vlad to disarm Takeru and once Usagi came back, she uses Ouka's voice to confuse her and pins Takeru to be the one who was possessed. Ouka is; however, able to seize control of body with pure willpower and demands Usagi to shoot her if she considers her an ally, and Mephisto is forcibly removed from her body and purged. To take responsibility for this, Nagaru offers the Student Council's assistance in continuing with the festival and has Takeru and Ouka assist her in exchange for valuable information.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Takeru and Ouka spend a week helping Nagaru instead of partaking in platoon activities, but are tipped off of a decent ranking mission. After a successful operation, Ouka notices Takeru's recent fatigue and bids him to take a break once in a while and maybe visit his family, to which he responds that he only has a sister left. Ouka remembers hearing of his financial problems as well and offers to help him and states that he should rely on others more. When Kiseki breaks out of her holding facility, Ouka organizes the platoon's efforts in giving Kiseki and Takeru the most amount of time to be together before she returned to holding. When the platoon is captured and Kiseki is taken away, Ouka takes part of the blame to lessen Takeru's sentence, and the two end up in neighboring cells. Takeru asks why Ouka went this far in the first place to buy time for him and his sister and have herself be blamed for harboring a threat, and she states that Takeru was the one to change her. Ouka sincerely thanks Takeru for his efforts in bringing her out of her single-track mind for vengeance and giving her the daily life moments she thought she lost. At the end, Ouka states that she wishes to carry half of his burden to which Takeru thanks and accepts, and the two remain silent until Nagaru breaks them out.

Takeru moves on ahead to save Kiseki from the van containing her while Ouka and the others board Ikaruga's van. Takeru's fight with Kyouya ends with Usagi taking aim on him and Ouka disarming him from Witch Hunter form, and as Kyouya falls off the guard railing, the team moves to confront the awakened Kiseki. Ouka insists on following Takeru to meet Kiseki, but the others are told to run away, to which Ikaruga reluctantly agrees. Kanaria knocks Takeru out, and Ouka recovers his unconscious body while Kiseki mistakes her brother's demise and goes berserk. Ouka and Takeru are quickly rescued with the return of her comrades, and they begin to run away from Kiseki's flesh mass before they are stopped and are forced to fight back. With Mari's barrier slowly but surely corroding against the flesh mass, Ouka decides that her current powers are not enough and that she wouldn't allow for Takeru to bear the sin of killing his own family like she was forced to. Ouka leaps out of the barrier and calls to Vlad and agrees to accept his contract, but changes the parameters. Instead of utilizing his powers for revenge, Ouka instead focuses on the safety of her benefactor and comrades and Vlad agrees, stating that he approves of her noble intent and admits to have planned rejecting her if she did contract him under her old parameters of seeking vengeance. Ouka enters Witch Hunter form and fights back the flesh mass.

The flesh mass, however, expands too quickly and Ouka returns to her platoon's position, only to find Takeru reawakened and armored with an irregular armor. Takeru embraces Ouka, but she finds herself disarmed from her Witch Hunter form. Takeru states that he'll go confront Kiseki alone and apologizes to Ouka, and he won't be able to walk alongside her and the others anymore. Ouka is the first to speak out and plead for him not to leave, but passes out after fatigue.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

During the time, Takeru, Mari, and Lapis stayed in the Magic Academy while Ouka, Usagi, and Ikaruga were imprisoned before Ouka was brought to trial before the Inquisition's executives. Ouka sticks with her story of how she was the one responsible for leading the 35th Platoon out from their cells, trying to lessen the blame on Takeru as she had intended. With Ouka being the "daughter" of Sougetsu, the latter decides upon her punishment and orders for her and the remainder of the 35th Platoon to be sent off to assist the Inquisition troops to reclaim the Grey City from a contingent of Valhalla's invading forces. Ouka leads their halved team and tries to prove themselves as competent combatants instead of impeding the Spriggan's progress and being "coddled" by Sougetsu. Ouka is distressed on how to properly lead, but becomes more confused on how to act with rumors of Laugh Maker, the witch that was behind her family's murder, is reported to have been sighted on the field.

Ouka is also visited by EXE member, Kanata Oonogi who relays a message from Kurogane for the 35th Platoon to escape the Inquisition but in the end, Ouka refuses the opportunity to do so. That campfire, Ikaruga notices the distressed Ouka and decides to come clean with her background as to help them get to know each other more fully to make sure that they work properly. Ouka shares her backstory with them and also expresses interest in gaining Kyouya as their ally, as he was also assigned to the front lines but as their monitor. As soon as the trio finish sharing their history, Kyouya barges into it and offers his help in fulfilling Ouka's vengeance. Ouka concludes that she'd rather focus on keeping her friends safe instead of blindly pursuing her revenge, and states that she's different from Kyouya's intents in their revenge as the ones she wants to avenge are dead while Kyouya still has someone "alive" and Kyouya angrily leaves the conversation.

Under her leadership, Ouka leads her teammates into certain frame among their assigned Spriggan company as the defeat of a problematic Einherjar has them be accepted into the celebration. Usagi assists in the cooking while Ikaruga converses with the Reginn, and Ouka takes the time to ask Vlad of his previous contractor. Vlad shares that he was contracted to the previous captain of the EXE nicknamed, Red Glare, and how he took down Insect Cage, a witch trafficking ring. He shares his sentiments of his wavering contractor and of his demise following Insect Cage's shutdown. Vlad reaffirms that he demands "nobility" from his contractors and hopes for Ouka to follow through with her ideals and goals, a statement she gladly accepts.

Ouka leads the platoon, Kyouya, and a detachment of Spriggans in investigating a train tunnel that was being used as a headquarters by the enemy. Ouka and Kyouya head deeper into the tunnel while Usagi and the Spriggans were left near the entrance to investigate. Ouka herself felt anxious and slightly overjoyed in knowing that her target of vengeance was near her. Ouka is consoled on her doubts by Ikaruga, but the latter's voice is cut off and a sinister laugh is heard in the distance and Ouka is confronted by Laugh Maker herself. Ouka's appearance is recognized by the witch, and Ouka rushes against her adversary, only to be restrained by magic. Laugh Maker inadvertently reveals information that Vlad was previously wasn't able to share on how Red Glare was Kazuma Mineshiro, Ouka's first adoptive father. Laugh Maker's taunt fuel Ouka's anger to the point of madness, and Kyouya intervenes and shoots Laugh Maker, prompting her to escape. Ouka intends to give chase, but Usagi's voice weakly calls to her attention through her ear piece and brings her back to her senses and ceases the pursuit.

Ouka and Kyouya return to their squad and find only three survivors, Usagi and two badly injured Spriggans. Usagi weakly explains at how they were assaulted by an enemy platoon, but the main offensive was the usage of poison that decimated both parties. Kyouya utilizes Nero to counteract their afflictions and they trudge back to their encampment, only to find it destroyed as well. Usagi runs off to find Ikaruga and learns of her location while Ouka sulks and becomes despondent at how her decision was responsible for this. Kyouya and Usagi attempt to console her, with the latter being more heartfelt about the mater, but the last assurance came from the dying squad leader that had spoken with Ouka before. He mentions and confirms that her father had utilized Vlad, and he had assisted him in destroying Insect Cage. He apologizes for his failure and how he was making her take action, but pleads her to save the soldiers that were taken hostage. With his dying breath, he states that Vlad's true potential has yet to be revealed to her and offers his and the fallen soldiers' blood for her to utilize. Ouka instructs Vlad to do so and Vlad drains the enormous amount of blood present in the area and grants her Vampire form. With little time to waste, she leads Usagi, the two surviving Spriggans, and Kyouya to the ruins of the 5th Laboratory to finish the fight and save their allies.

As they approached, Kyouya leaves them to handle the mass of enemies in front of them and before he left, Ouka once again extends a hand for him to join them afterwards to help save Yoshimizu, only for him to decline. Usagi and the Spriggans guard the entrance while Ouka went in alone to face her nemesis. Ouka is angered but well tempered to keep herself in check and mentions at how she'd like for Laugh Maker to remain as loathsome as she remembered her, as the latter had shown signs of wanting to die for her actions. The fight plays out again similarly, only with Laugh Maker having Einherjars at her disposal and as the fight continues, Ouka is blindsided by a hypnotized Ikaruga, who stabs her with an anti-vampiric material that neutralizes her. Laugh Maker then breaks into her mind and starts warping her senses and this continues until she begins to lose consciousness. Takeru jumps in, armored in his God Hunter form and dispels Laugh Maker's magic, unintentionally dispelling Ouka of her own Vampire form. As Laugh Maker concedes against Lapis's magic draining abilities, Ouka draws her pistol to exact vengeance, and Takeru holds the pistol with her, saying that he'll pull the trigger while she aimed. A gunshot is heard, but the two only ended up shooting Laugh Maker in the leg. Ouka asks Vlad to re-enter Vampire form, so she could bite Laugh Maker and bind her eternally to herself. As Ouka continued to live with the death of her family, she condemns the death-seeking Laugh Maker to an eternal life where she would unable to take anyone's life, including her own. Ouka soon falls unconscious as the rest of her allies reunite with her and are subsequently spared from apprehension.

White Escape Arc[]

The still unconscious Ouka is carried by the reunited 35th Platoon with Kanaria and Nagaru as they go deeper into the train tunnels from the Grey City to an abandoned highway. Intent on fleeing Inquisition territory to rendezvous with like-minded allies, they obtain the vehicle and begin driving to their destination. As Nagaru admits in being lost, Ouka decides to switch places with her and drive their vehicle. The crew soon arrive at a checkpoint in form of an inn, and they decide to rest their bodies before heading out any further. Ouka has a much more lighter conversation with Mari, moreso than they usually have. Back on the road, the crew are quickly discovered and pursued by the Inquisition troops sent after them, and Ouka tries to outrun them, only for their pursuers utilizing a charm to close the distance between them. Kanaria volunteers to incapacitate the three vans after them and after she returns, a fourth one emerges and Ouka identifies the figure on-top of the van as the EXE's vice captain.

The van careens off the highway into the forest below after Ouka tries to maneuver out of Scarlet's attack. The team recovers after the crash, but the team is quickly separated after their escape attempt by using the avalanche is interrupted when Gou breaks through Mari's barrier and separates both parties. Ouka resuscitates Mari, and their banter over stealing the latter's first kiss is halted by Kagerou confronting the duo. Mari is immediately incapacitated after Antoinette prematurely detonates Mari's own spells. With Vlad being unable to be used at the moment, Ouka is forced on the defensive as Kagerou was armored in Witch Hunter form. Ouka's previous experience in fighting off both Mephisto's and Laugh Maker's abilities gave her the willpower to endure Antoinette's effects, but even she is knocked off her feet before long. Mari's short burst of energy knocks Kagerou down, and Ouka takes the chance to close the distance and knock her out while the former's Witch Hunter armor deactivated. Mari passes out once again and Ouka resuscitates her.

Ouka and Mari soon regroup with the others and find Takeru and Lapis, with the latter tearing over the motionless body of the former.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Mari follows the rest of the team to the Heretic Alliance's headquarters where she and the others have trouble adapting to their location with its strange atmosphere. She is personally by Takeru's bedside along with Mari during his awakening. Later, Ouka and the others worry for Takeru and his intent to speak with Lapis, but allows him to speak his mind with her. After Takeru's reconciliation with Lapis, Ouka enters the basement to speak with her about her fears on the last effects Takeru might suffer from and extends a hand that she and Vlad could work in tandem to forcibly dispel Takeru from the God Hunter armor if he exceeded his timer.

Once the preparations are made, Ouka joins the platoon in the raid against the First Laboratory where she takes point along with Takeru and Mari as they lead the charge with the members of the pureblood dissidents and the God's Embers dissidents. After felling numerous dragoons and mechanized dragons, Takeru, Ouka, Mari, and Lapis head inside the facility to retrieve Kiseki while Usagi and Ikaruga stay outside. The platoon is however quickly separated when Kiseki's voice resounds through the corridor and a wall of flesh separates them. Ouka and Mari are separated from Takeru and Lapis, and Mari is contacted by Nagaru to assist Ikaruga outside while Ouka forays deeper into the facility to regroup with Takeru. When Takeru is forced to deal with Kiseki after his grudge match against Kyouya, he is forced to activate God Hunter form after Kiseki flat out refuses to use the transfer charm, and Ouka arrives before Takeru exceeds his timer to disarm him of God Hunter form. Kiseki is particularly angered at Ouka's presence and soon escapes from the facility, vowing to kill her and the rest of the platoon.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Ouka and the other platoon members comfort and assure Takeru his essential role in bringing everyone together so far and hear from him the situation with Kiseki rejecting her chance to be saved. She joins the others in traveling to the Critical Point to uncover a document regarding Sougetsu's identity. When the document is fought over by the defected Kurogane and his former colleagues from the EXE, both of who Ouka recognizes serving together with. Ouka gives chase along with Takeru and Mari, but Usagi and Ikaruga's efforts are able to route out Iori Himemiya from her sniping position and forces her to equip her Relic Eater. The latter confronts the chasing trio and Ouka partners up with Mari to deal with her while Takeru continued to chase Mamoru and Kurogane. Mari's magic prowess and Ouka's Vlad allows both of them to Iori in aerial combat but the two have difficulty in keeping up with their opponent's information processing speed that enabled her to see predict their attacks. The duo are assisted by Usagi and Ikaruga from outside of Daji's recon range and Iori is driven to a corner with their combined efforts. Ouka and the others quickly rush to Takeru's side after the latter's struggle against Kurogane. She quickly runs away from the Akashic Hazard that covers the area with the others before they are assisted by Sage. After resting in the alliance's safehouse, she is given the recovered documents by Ikaruga to try to solve and shares her discovery regarding Sougetsu's true nature.

As the alliance battle through multiple einherjars, they are confronted by Mother Goose and Orochi. Takeru, who was previously told by Ouka to stay out of the smaller fights, follows Orochi to have their duel, and the alliance members fight against the einherjars while Mari and Ouka approached Mother Goose. The two are quick to renounce Mother Goose's intentions for the world, and they are quickly met in battle by her and find themselves out classed by Mother's transfer and summoning magic. Ouka becomes occupied by a horde of angels while Mari is personally approached by Mother and is asked to stand down as her goal to reshape the world would lead to no discrimination against magic users. Mari rebukes the offer, but is immediately incapacitated when Mother severs her left arm and leg. Before falling, Mari lands a punch across Mother's face and falls to the ground. Ouka breaks away from the angels to treat her, but her own injuries give her little options in terms of healing Mari. Mari offers her blood for Vlad to use as she admitted to not being able to contribute more to the fight. Ouka and Vlad take a small amount of Mari's blood, and Vlad appraises its high quality and Ouka is able to fight back against Mother, with Vlad being able to negate most of Mother's transfer spells with their ascended vampire form. Knowing Vlad's capabilities, Mother invokes a large transfer spell and Ouka finds herself in space near Mars and is left to die in the vacuum of space. As her consciousness dims, Ouka is suddenly pulled back thanks to Mari reserve-engineering Mother's spell to bring Ouka back to their location. The fight comes to an end when Orochi recalls Mother to his side, and she teleports away from the area. Ouka leaves Mari for Ikaruga and Usagi to tend to while she hurried ahead to assist Takeru, but Kiseki's arrival separates them.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Ouka is distraught at the sight of the city being devoured in front of her and as she prepares to fight against Kiseki's fleshmass, she is taken in by the variants where she falls under the effects of the Hyakki Yakou's ability to read a person's memories and induce dreams based on them.

Ouka is visited by Kiseki last, after her brief fight against Takeru, where she gives Ouka a vision of where she corners Laugh Maker and holds the ability to execute her and finish her long awaited vengeance. As she brandishes her pistol and aims toward Laugh Maker, Ouka ponders on she would carry on through her life after she fulfilled her deepest desire and mirroring her actions with Takeru in reality, she chooses to spare and capture Laugh Maker instead of carrying out her vengeance and continue to live a hollow life. If not for the sake of herself, but to the comrades who helped her reach this far and to honor her family. As Ouka soon realizes where she is, Kiseki approaches her, and Ouka begins to explain that she can relate to Kiseki's viewpoint in a way. In the time she spent most of her life clouded with thoughts of vengeance, she knew very little of the world. Ouka guarantees that Kiseki would be able to learn more and find happiness if she let the world survived. Kiseki, in a fit of anger, starts strangling Ouka and the scenery around them changes, but Ouka fights them back in reality, with the red walls of flesh surrounding them. Kiseki exclaims her conviction to destroy the world and will not accept a world where Takeru would live on despite her death.

Ouka sees through Kiseki's empty eyes and realizes that she can empathize with her. The emptiness she felt when she killed her family and the time after she fulfilled her revenge. Kiseki was simply a girl who was overburdened and had no one to help her. Ouka ceases her resistance in stopping Kiseki from strangling her, and she tearfully asks if Kiseki would be satisfied with her death in the hopes that no one else would be killed. Ouka's sadness and empathy is felt by Kiseki through the mental link they have due to Kiseki accessing her memories, and she begins to feel the same of sadness and begins to understand what Ouka means. Kiseki screams that she doesn't want to understand and tightens her grip on Ouka's throat. A familiar voice rings from Ouka's head and a spark of energy separates Kiseki. Ouka and a mysterious figure stands between them and projects a barrier between them and Kiseki. Vlad admonishes Ouka's intent on sacrificing herself for the sake of her comrades and warmly praises the same ideal that her father once showed. With Ouka's current injuries, no amount of blood would help them survive and Vlad proposes that he shall convert his own soul to empower themselves one last time. Ouka refuses to have Vlad do this, but the latter hopes that this action will redeem him from his regrets in not saving Kazuma, an act he believed would have Ouka not stray into the path of vengeance. With Vlad's final sacrifice, Ouka is given an enormous amount of magic to expend and breaks her way out of the Hyakki Yakou's walls and rescue her comrades while Kiseki herself runs a short distance away to stabilize her thoughts.

Back on the surface, Ouka approaches the distraught Kiseki and promises that now that they understand each other, she would protect her. Kiseki tries to move away, but the advances of the other platoon members brings Kiseki to tears whereupon she realizes that the has caused too much damage to be forgiven. On the verge of killing herself, Takeru finally arrives to convince her otherwise. The reunion's peaceful ending is quickly stopped as Sougetsu appears and shoots Kiseki through Takeru and Ouka along with Mari retaliate against him. Sougetsu receives the full brunt of their attacks and tauntingly notes at how Vlad must have sacrified himself to grant her all that power. In the brief clash, Sougetsu stabs Mari with Innocentius and commands her to kill his adopted daughter, and Ouka is forced into a fight with her.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Ouka flees from the mind-controlled Mari firing countless spells at her and limits herself on counterattacking to avoid killing her. Deciding that fighting from far away would be disadvantageous, Ouka brings the fight close and pins Mari against a building-side. Having previously been gravely injured and only just recently healed, Ouka planned to use Mari's rather weak physical constitution to beat her up close, but Mari counters back with a spell that greatly increases her physical capability. The two are distanced, and Ouka goes over the operative procedures of Mari's Aurora Gate to pierce through it and end the fight. Mari showers the area with more spells, but Ouka ignores the onslaught and charges forward with her Count's Fang aimed forward. While injuring herself, Ouka smashes through Mari's defenses and knocks her unconscious, but Ouka herself is unable to sustain flight for two people and begins to fall, only for a familiar looking figure in armor to arrive and catch them both.

Ouka joins Takeru and disengages him from God Hunter Armor after he frees Usagi and Ikaruga. As the latter begin to berate him for his consistently late timings, Mari starts to wake and makes a fuss over Ouka carrying her. When the team settles down, Takeru orders for Ouka follow him to confront Sougetsu while the other three would follow behind and support them.

The team are; however, met with immediate opposition in form of a powerful creature spawned by the Hyakki Yakou, an incarnated form of the malevolent curse Kiseki bears, and its apparent immunity to magic through its demonic erosion on the team's own magical means of attack. The team is forced to fight it with their own strengths, and Ouka is forced back as Vlad's weapons are rendered meaningless against it with Ouka's lack of knowledge on the Demon property. Ouka later joins the escort squad along with Kanaria, Kurogane, Sage, Yuzuho, and a platoon of dragoons while the other platoon members recover. Ouka is cautious of Takeru's lack of a detailed answer on what to do with Sougetsu, but she nonetheless helps him reach their adversary. Ouka is unable to sustain flight and Mari's help allows Takeru to arrive before Sougetsu and immediately enters combats, but the quarreling duo are unexpectedly met by Nagaru who teleports them to their final battlegrounds, back to the mythological world. Ouka hurriedly tries to reach out to Takeru and as he disappears, she embrace and kisses him.

With Takeru's disappearance, Ouka returns to camp along with the rest of the platoon where their wounds are treated. They collectively worry about Kiseki in particular and how she will have to acknowledge that Takeru has disappeared. Aside from Mari who is going through extensive medical treatment due to her overworking herself, the trio stay together for a day before they meet with Nagaru again. As they drive near the area, they notice an explosion off in the distance and they head toward its origin. Ouka reaches the smoking crater first and finds two blades sunk in the ground, a black rapier and an azure katana, and she witnesses a figure grasping the latter.


After the restoration of the Inquisition and the rest of society, Ouka along with the other members of the 35th Platoon graduate and in these five years become officially employed within the Inquisition. Ouka and Takeru share the role of Vice Captain in the new EXE where the latter is mostly tasked with paper work while Ouka led the "official" peace-keeping roles with her subordinates. Ouka frequently visited the bakery owned by Kyouya and Yoshimizu for her usual anpan diet, and she meets up with Ikaruga and Mari in Kiseki's experimental chambers where they met with Usagi and Takeru after the latter caught Kanaria trying to run away from her academy admission ceremony. The team later joins Takeru after the latter gains key information from Haunted that tips them off on a method to cure Kiseki as well as wipe out Suzaku.


Dullahan Training: As a prodigy who joined the Dullahan's ranks at a young age, Ouka boasts exceptional physical ability even before her entry into the Inquisition, having been able to subdue Takeru during their meeting a few years prior to the series. Ouka's abilities stem from her highly professional regimen to ruthlessly hunt down witches, and her desire for vengeance that made her grow even stronger. With her experience and work as a Dullahan, Ouka boasts exceptional skill in all fields. Her training has also given her a license to operate vehicles.

Expert Marksmanship: Ouka's primary method of combat is through her pistol and she has shown remarkable prowess in both accuracy and efficiency to deal with targets from afar. Her marksmanship is further shown in her Witch Hunter form where she maintains her preference in ranged combat.
Fitness: Ouka's training and personal conviction in conditioning herself to hunt witches proves to be her most powerful asset as her nimble agility and finesse keep her as one of the platoon's top combatants even without the need for her Relic Eater. Her acrobatics also proved her to be an efficient mid-ranged fighter, able to disarm and take down multiple people.
Procedural Knowledge: As an ex-professional Inquisitor, Ouka is disciplined with the standard law-enforcing practices and policies of witch hunting and general peace keeping. She is well versed in investigation as well as forensics.
Magic Knowledge: To utilize Vlad's abilities Ouka has memorized countless operative procedures for a varied amount of spells to allow Vlad to nullify and pierce through them.

Relic Eater- Vlad: For around half the series, Ouka had refused to accept the full terms of Vlad's contract and was only limited to his most basic of functions, healing and access to his weaponized form. Even then, Vlad was an extremely powerful asset whose abilities complimented Ouka's aggression towards witches with his intrinsic magic piercing performance. When the full contract was made, Ouka gained access to Witch Hunter form that gave her more options to approach a target and substantially more defense, with advanced healing, and speed, gaining the ability to fly.


  • The name Ouka means "cherry blossoms/cherry-blossom" (桜花).
  • Ouka's surname Ootori means "phoenix/male phoenix bird" (鳳).


  • Ouka seems to fear the notion of ghosts.
  • Ouka's younger adoptive sister is named Shizuku.