Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Kazuma Mineshiro and Family[]

Ouka fondly remembers her short, but joyous time with her first family as the ones who raised and welcomed her to their home. She remembers her little sister, Shizuku, the most and how she had imparted her with some traits that were imprinted on her growth. Bringing certain vengeance over their demise drove Ouka forward through most of her life and even when she began a new outlook after her vengeance was "fulfilled", she held their memories close to her to exact a particular sort of revenge to ease their pain.

Sougetsu Ootori[]

While Ouka appreciates Sougetsu's hospitality in adopting her after her first family's demise and his support in her career, she keeps her suspicion about him. Ouka shows a level of respect towards him not as a father figure but more based on his authority as the Inquisition's chairman. But even then, she speaks to him with an informal tone and goes out of her way to always mention to others that they're related on paper. Her opinion of him no doubt worsens when he becomes their greatest enemy.

Kagerou Ootori[]

Ouka never felt any connection with the strange woman to whom Sougetsu was "married", and Kagerou mutually felt that Ouka was interfering in her relationship with Sougetsu. Kagerou still referred to Ouka as her "child" but did not hesitate to harm her, and Ouka felt the same and never registered Kagerou as an ally.

35th Test Platoon[]

Takeru Kusanagi[]

Ouka first encountered her future platoon leader in middle school where the two were the last remaining combatants in the mock-battle exam. While Takeru's physical abilities in close combat were notable, Ouka soundly defeated him and continued her rise as an Inquisitor, and Takeru was immensely changed after his loss. The two would not meet again until Ouka's demotion, and she had no recollection of who he was while he remembered her in vivid fear of her abilities. Ouka was the harshest toward Takeru's lack of leadership abilities and drive, and she further ridiculed his intentions in wanting to become an Inquisitor for monetary purposes. She deemed him a failure of a platoon leader, but on Takeru's end, he constantly pushed for Ouka to open up and befriend them. When Ouka explains her past and her vendetta against witches, Takeru offers to help her and gets riled up after she states that he wouldn't be able to do anything with just a sword, and Takeru is only motivated further to assist her in overcoming her goals.

When Takeru proved himself after narrowly defeating an einherjar, she began to trust him, as he once again stated that he was willing to struggle together. With her gradual change and acceptance toward others, Ouka's attitude slowly but surely improved, and she confessed her immense gratitude towards Takeru for allowing her to live the casual everyday life she thought she had lost. She describes him as an irreplaceable friend and benefactor and, like the others, risks her life if it means repaying his efforts. It's interesting to note that Ouka never explicitly considered Takeru as a romantic partner compared to the others in the platoon and strictly considered him as a very dear friend, although she did have feelings for him as she quite fell in love with him. She tends to show jealousy when other women get too close to him. even after Takeru grows up.

Mari Nikaido[]

A former member of Valhalla who understandably had the hardest time relating with Ouka. Both Ouka and Mari state that something in each other's souls was at natural odds against one another, and the two would never get along. Their conflicts initially stood as a competition of ideals. Ouka was committed to branding magic as something inherently evil while Mari strove to prove her own goals in trying to cure the world's stigma against magic with her own. The two naturally came to clashes as they competed in knowledge, athletics, and basic combat, and their relationship remained in a constant state of oneupmanship. As Ouka accepted Vlad and slowly peeled away her abhorrent view of magic, her competition with Mari remained but she began to slowly accept her as an irreplaceable comrade, and the two partnered up with each other in most of their fights against tougher enemies. Ouka came to admire a certain part of Mari's attitude on being straightforward and honest and while she could never admit it herself due to her pride, it coincided well with Mari's own pride where the two held certain respect and acknowledgment toward the other.

The main topic of their rivalry stemmed from their affection towards Takeru, and Ouka made it clear on multiple occasions that she feels that her feelings towards him are that of appreciation and respect as benefactors while Mari's own feelings are of actual love. More ironic in that regard as Ouka was the one to "kiss" Mari twice in order to resuscitate her, and the latter began crying over her lost opportunity while Ouka didn't take the supposed implications too seriously.

Usagi Saionji[]

The start of Ouka's relationship with Usagi was no exception to her general attitude towards others during her start in the 35th Platoon. Ouka found Usagi's anxiety issues to be a complete waste of her otherwise exceptional abilities, and declared that a sniper who wasn't able to cover for her platoon or worse, might shoot them on accident and was better off not being one. After Ouka was convinced to become more approachable, their relationship started to grow better as Ouka began to be more forgiving while Usagi gradually became more confident in her abilities and her teammates. Ouka in particular grew to respect Usagi's skills to a degree where she had praised her for being the platoon's essential "eyes" as their sniper and was willing to participate in the school's festival activities when she was previously opposed to it. The two's relationship grows further during Ouka's temporary leadership over the platoon, and the two act together in active front-line combat. Usagi's understandable anxiety kicked in once again as she witnessed multiple massacres and both Ouka and Ikaruga supported her through the ordeal. When Ouka becomes disillusioned with her priorities and failures as a leader, Usagi is the one to step up to her and reassures her that she will support her as Ouka has supported her so far.

Ikaruga Suginami[]

Ouka had the least amount of complaints to Ikaruga where she openly praised her abilities in modifications and logistics, but scorned her for her negligence, illegal procurement, and usage of said modifications. Ikaruga, in turn, had something against Ouka for "normalizing" Takeru in the past, but never outwardly mentioned anything as she knew arguing with her "type" wouldn't change anything. Once Ouka began to become more accepting, the two got along well enough to not have anything too demeaning to say. Even at the point where Ikaruga's past is revealed to the team, Ouka agrees with Usagi's intentions to rescue her despite knowing what acts Ikaruga committed. As the platoon's situation grows tougher, Ouka comes to rely on Ikaruga's talent in tinkering to help them every step of the way. Like Usagi, the two's bonds grow deeper when the platoon is divided, and Ouka takes temporary leadership. Ikaruga is the one to flat-out say that while she still doesn't completely approve of her, she is still willing to listen to orders and support her to the end. Ikaruga was the first to open up to reveal her own backstory once again where Ouka and Usagi follow through after.

Lapis Lazuli[]

Takeru's Relic Eater whom Ouka mistrusted during her initial phase of distrusting all magical organisms. She constantly warned Takeru to watch himself with her and true enough, Lapis' true purpose was something life-threatening to those who utilized her. Even when Ouka saw that magic could be used for noble deeds, she agreed with the others in trying to stop Takeru from further utilizing Lapis. However, Ouka respected Takeru's wishes, and she agreed to help him and Lapis' problem with their Godhunter form's time limit and offered to forcibly disenchant the armor if they exceeded Takeru's time limit.

Vlad III[]

The Relic Eater that Ouka was given with her induction into the EXE. However, Ouka's hatred toward the usage of magic naturally had her refuse a full contract with him, and she only utilized him when her own skills weren't enough. Ouka's provisional contract was made with its end goal being the fulfillment of her vengeance, and Vlad reluctantly agreed. For around a year or two, Ouka considered Vlad as a simple but necessary evil for her to accomplish her goals and one day fulfill her revenge. Ouka didn't pay any particular mind to Vlad, but constantly bickered with him over her bad habits and his own performances as well as the many failed offers to make a full contract. This all stopped with Ouka's gradual growth, and she changed the terms of her contract for the sake of her comrades and entered a full contract in hopes of protecting them. From then on, Ouka began to trust Vlad more and saw him as an inseparable partner as well as a confidant who listened to her worries and insecurities with her problem with expressing herself.

A notable relationship nuance is introduced when it is revealed that Vlad was previously contracted to Ouka's father, and he becomes the primary source for Ouka to learn what kind of person he is. While he continued to taunt her on occasions, Ouka took these talks close to her heart, and she fully realized that Vlad knew her the longest and was her closest ally. If anything, Vlad was strangely the closest thing she had to a father as Sougetsu was someone she always stayed wary of while Hayato mostly shared the same issues of not being a people person. She was naturally devastated with his sacrifice, but vowed to utilize all he gave her to protect the ones she treasured.


Nagaru Hoshijiro[]

The enigmatic Student Council President who had scouted out Ouka to join the Student Council, but she ultimately refused. She recognizes Nagaru's nature in manipulating others, but nonetheless agrees to help her with the case of Mephisto and in the future where she is revealed to be the acting leader of the dissidents. With the latter title, Ouka expresses slightly more respect for her goals.

Kyouya Kirigaya[]

The 15th Platoon captain was mostly seen as an unreasonably violent thug but as Ouka learned of his past from Ikaruga, Ouka was able to fully empathize with his emotions of seeking vengeance toward those who robbed him of everything he had. Ouka recognized the fire inside Kyouya and saw that he had the exact same eyes she used to have before she reconciled herself and couldn't bring herself not to help him. Kyouya saw something similar in Ouka as well, someone who was previously driven by nothing but vengeance in her heart. While Ouka steeled herself that she had changed, she couldn't help but be interested in ending a chapter of her life with Laugh Maker's demise, a goal Kyouya had supported. Ouka offered Kyouya to run away with them and promised to find a way to help Yoshimizu, but Kyouya refused, stating that Yoshimizu's life would be at risk if he dared to disobey his orders.

Hayato Kurogane[]

Ouka's former superior officer who she both respects and fears. While she does not know of it, Kurogane was a protege to her adoptive father Kazuma, and was the one who discovered her alive when her family was killed. Since then, Kurogane had acted to protect her out of his own guilt and by Kazuma's last wishes and looked after her with particular care, but never outwardly showed favoritism toward her. Ouka herself remembers how she was constantly corrected and taught under him and remembers him as an effective leader and caring individual, even if his deathly stern demeanor would say otherwise.

Mamoru Jougasaki/Iori Himemiya[]

Ouka's seniors and former co-workers during her time in the EXE. While her experience with the EXE engraved an infamous moniker to her person, Ouka still considers the two her former comrades and couldn't bring herself to harm them. Ouka's change of heart; however, differentiated her from her former workmates, in particular, Iori, who was known to be more cruel than Ouka's previous ways.


The leader of the Magic Academy's dissidents whom Ouka respects as an ally. While Ouka does not know the fact herself, Sage is Laugh Maker's adoptive brother, and he thanked her for dealing with an issue he had planned to carry out himself after the raid on the First Laboratory.

Kiseki Kusanagi[]

The point where Ouka first met Kiseki was the time her leniency towards others was at its peak. Takeru confesses that Kiseki is his little sister who was supposed to be kept at a maximum security holding facility and instead of wanting to return her right away as her old self would have no doubt done, Ouka wishes for the siblings to be together for a bit longer. Ouka becomes Kiseki's main target of hatred as she identifies her as being "the closest" to Takeru and fears that he will abandon her for Ouka.

While Ouka didn't have too much of a personal opinion on Kiseki other than wanting to save her in lieu of Takeru's own goals, Kiseki was intent on having her suffer the most for trying to steal Takeru away. This hatred surfaces when Kiseki goes berserk during her escape and when she tries to devour the world. When Kiseki personally appears to Ouka and tries to strangle her to death, Ouka comes to a realization that she can empathize with what Kiseki had felt up to this point. Similar to how she was able to empathize with Kyouya for having been on the same path of vengeance before, Ouka was able to empathize with Kiseki's loneliness and emptiness for having no one to support her in the times she suffered. Ouka felt the same hollowness the day she was forced to kill her family and again; when she fulfilled her revenge and had it not been for the people who supported her, she would have ended up the same way. Ouka sees this and helplessly accepts her death, but wishes for Kiseki to spare everyone else if killing only her would help Kiseki ease her pain.


Laugh Maker[]

Ouka's one true enemy who robbed her of her family. Laugh Maker's death was Ouka's primary drive for most of her life and remained her goal, even after she agreed to become more approachable. Even after Ouka changes the means of her contract with Vlad, she holds that her end goal would be to avenge her family and when the 35th Platoon is separated, the chance comes to her. Ouka's hatred toward Laugh Maker got the best of her and she pursued her inner wish to mete out her long-awaited moment. While Laugh Maker gleefully greeted Ouka in their fated reunion, her revelation of seeking death to finally end her own torment angered Ouka even further as she didn't want to pity Laugh Maker in any way. Ouka's final judgment to Laugh Maker was for her to keep living but rendered her unable to kill others, including her own. As Ouka lived with the weight of her own sins and the burdens of her family, she condemned Laugh Maker to a similar fate of suffering as long as Ouka remained alive.