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Reima Temyouji
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Reima Anime
Kanji 天明路 礼真
Rōmaji Tenmyouji Reima
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 16
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Weapons Tyrving
Species Human
Inquisition Role Mephistopheles' Accomplice
Occupation Academy Student
Ethics Committee Chairman
Affiliation Mephistopheles
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 4
Anime Episode 5
Seiyuu Makoto Furukawa

Reima Tenmyouji (天明路 礼真 Tenmyouji Reima) is the childhood acquaintance and fiance of Usagi Saionji who transferred to the Anti-Magic Academy and became its Ethics Committee Chairman while in leagues with Valhalla witch Mephistopheles. He is contracted to Tyrving.


Reima has neck-length blond hair and green eyes.

He wears the regular uniform of the Anti-Magic Academy.


Due to the Temyouji Household's regal status, Reima is seen as a proud, gentle, and kind person. Like Usagi Saionji, Reima was belittled by his family members via abuse, especially from his father, and he is willing to work hard in order to earn their affection. Due to his gentlemen like mannerism, Reima seemly receives a good publicity from his peers.

Behind his gentle and benevolent demeanor however is masked a more sinister, manipulative and even sadistic side. Unlike Usagi, who was at least standing on her feet even after being humiliated or abused, Reima blamed nearly everyone for his mishaps due to his longtime abuse from his family members. For this reason, he ironically possesses the same abusive attributes as he belittles and even belittles anyone (including Usagi) who he deems inferior than himself; additionally, because of his darker past, Reima dreamed to be the city's "king" where he enslaves anyone for his own enjoyment.

However, whenever he is faced with some kind of danger, he becomes a coward that fears dying as he would do whatever he could to save his own skin and relies on supernatural powers or his family's status to gain the advantages.



Reima met Usagi Saionji after the latter's apparent fratricide, and he soon began to dangle the fact in front of her and mentally bind her to his whim. The effect of the continuous abuse manifested through Usagi's anxiety attacks from simply hearing his voice. The two were later separated, and Usagi started attending the Anti-Magic Academy. Months prior to the events of the story, his continued ridicule by his peers inspired him to ally himself with Valhalla's witch Mephistopheles to assist her in recovering her body in exchange for giving him control over the school.

Festivals of Fools Arc[]

Reima orchestrates the Witch-Hunt Festival to mask his true intentions to cover the academy grounds in a large magic seal to forcibly subjugate everyone there and have himself as its "king". On the side, he also decided to have Usagi Saionji married to him, while running into suspicion by Nagaru Hoshijiro. The plot is found out by Takeru Kusanagi and Ouka Ootori, but the 35th Platoon becomes separated as Mephisto takes control of Ouka's body and Takeru leaves to save Usagi and confront Reima. Takeru's intervention has Usagi leaving to help Mari Nikaidō and Reima unwillingly enters combat with Takeru using Tyrving. While the blade's properties allow him to fight in equal footing, he is unable to fully best Takeru's trained ability and is knocked out by a feint attack.

After Mephisto's exorcism, Reima attempts to flee the school grounds only to be chased down by a "dark green demon" who is revealed to be Kyouya Kirigaya. Reima begs for mercy, but he is swiftly executed at point blank range.


Magical Heritage- Tyrving: Reima possessed no noteworthy abilities aside from his family's influence, and his combat prowess all stemmed from Tyrving that Mephisto gave him to protect himself with. Tyrving's abilities lent itself well for Reima who had no formal training using blades.


  • The name Reima means "salute, bow, ceremony, thanks, remuneration" (礼) (rei) and "real, genuine" (真) (ma).
  • Reima's surname Tenmyouji means "dawn/dawning, daybreak, light/daylight, aurora, morning, cockcrow, sunrise" (天明) (tenmyou) and "path, route, road, distance" (路) (ji).