Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Tenmyouji Household[]

The origin of Reima's insecurities. Reima's accomplishments were constantly overshadowed by his superior brother and this caused his family to overlook his efforts. Reima's relationship with his family strained because of his inferiority, and this caused Reima's desire for control and acknowledgment to form. However, Reima still viewed his family status as meaningful as he could utilize its prestige and status to glorify himself, and he viewed the others are lesser beings than he was. Even at the face of utter defeat, Reima firmly believed that even if his family wouldn't treat him the way he wanted, they would still protect one of their own.


Usagi Saionji[]

The ostracized and illegitimate child of the Saionji household who held connections with Reima's family. Usagi's involvement with the accidental death of both her brother and sister gave Reima the power to use this fact to constantly bully and domineer his way into Usagi's head throughout her childhood, which left her with enough bad memories to hyperventilate and faint upon their reunion. Usagi was one of the few things Reima knew he had control over in a life where he barely had control over anything and he wished to fully make Usagi belong to him as to assure himself of his place above her. This wasn't without its implications since he was planning on forcibly wedding her even without the supervision of their heads of family.


Reima's mentality only grew worse after he was separated with Usagi when she began attending the academy while he was stuck attending the outer school districts. His reputation among his fellow classmates were poor, and they considered him a wretch who constantly belittled people when his own personal accomplishments were nothing to brag about. Reima somehow came into contact with Valhalla's Mephistopheles and in exchange for helping her retrieve her body from the Inquisition's sealed area, he asked that she help him in becoming the "king" of the main academy's students by means of enslavement magic. Reima was fueled by his megalomania to control others, but forged an amiable exterior to win his way through the academy's students. Reima, however, was still imprudent and brash when he interacted with Mephisto, and he cowered in fear when he was intimidated by her.


Takeru Kusanagi[]

The captain of the 35th platoon who served as Usagi's squad leader. Reima kept his friendly demeanor toward Takeru in their first appearance, but Usagi's initial reaction to him as well as her explanation regarding her relationship with him soured the latter's view on him. This was further showcased when Reima's habit of viewing people as objects conflicted with Takeru's value for his comrades, and Reima found anyone to befriend Usagi to be as laughable as she was. While Reima spared no expense in badmouthing Takeru under his breath, this turned into dread when he was faced by Takeru in combat. Reima's only saving grace was Tyrving and even then, it only managed to keep him from being helpless against Takeru's trained abilities.

Kyouya Kirigaya[]

The captain of the 15th platoon who had just recently entered contract with his Relic Eater, who was dispatched by Sougetsu, after the latter figured out who was behind the commotion in the academy during his absence. Reima desperately tried to escape the academy grounds to return to his family's safeguarding, but he was confronted by Kyouya who effortlessly chased him down. Reima begged for his life to be spared as he tearfully offered money and prominence in the Inquisition's rankings, but he was mercilessly executed by Kyouya.