Relic Eaters are the strongest weapons held by the Inquisition's members that serve to assist them in combat against magic-users. Relic Eaters are contracted exclusively to the members of the Dullahans, the highest ranking Witch Hunters. These weapons have their own unique identities and choose owners that best fit their abilities and specifications. They were created by Sougetsu Ootori and he is able to discern the status of each Relic Eater that he gave to his Inquisitors and order them remotely. 

Relic Eaters primarily take form of weapons while others choose to stay human form. The characteristic of transforming into different types of weapons to fit its user's needs are a common feature among Relic Eaters. An exception to the below list would be Lapis, as her origins do not lie within the Inquisition made Relic Eaters and her proper categorization belongs in the classification as a Magical Heritage

Relic Eater BearersEdit