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Sage is the leader of the Magic Academy's dissidents within the Heretic Alliance. Formally, he is the captain of the Magic Academy's West Side's Seventh Squad. His full name is revealed to be Sage Wallenstein, making him the adoptive younger brother of Mimulus Wallenstein.


Sage has reddish blonde hair and is described to have an emotive, but moody face. Like the rest of his squad, he wears a red Pureblood robe uniform that is the opposite of the blue uniform worn by the East Side students.


While an experienced leader and a competent combatant, Sage is particularly easygoing and is one of the more "friendlier" individuals in the alliance. While ostracized for his abilities, both Sage and his squad still held their pride as nobles. While Sage was more than willing to be insulted, he wouldn't tolerate the rest of his comrades being insulted as well. Conversely, he is also known to be an airhead among his squad as he constantly acted and thought at his own pace.



Sage's family adopted Mimulus a few years prior to the series, while it seems that he was aware of her true identity before long.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

While unidentified at the time, Sage and his squad were the ones who sheltered Nagaru from the Inquisition during the occupation of the Grey City and were met by Takeru, Mari, Lapis, and Kanaria during their return from the Magic Academy. Before the Heretic Alliance convened again, he was made aware of his sister's fate by Ouka's hands, but presumed she was dead.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

During the alliance's first meeting, Sage was the first to introduce himself to the three parties that gathered and made clear that the Magic Academy's disdain for outsiders would not affect them here as long as they cooperated. However, a quick standoff broke out between him and Yuzuho, which Takeru was able to stop and their "alliance" formally began on a shaky foundation. To lessen the tension, Takeru asked to spend some time alone with the other two representatives, and he shared his story and his goal for allying themselves with them.

Sage overgoes his background, and how his squad and himself were ostracized by the Purebloods because of the "unclean" properties they held. Because of this, the 7th Squad was given less than reputable jobs during times of conflict and a stigma had grown between the squad and the rest of the Purebloods. The one light in the squad's darkness was one of their comrades, Ion Stewart who held the property of Pain. Ion sacrificed herself during an assignment to buy time for her squad to escape while the Inquisition captured her and sent her to an Alchemist's facility, but the Purebloods refused to help them save her.

The first major operation involved a rescue attempt in the First Laboratory, with Takeru aiming to rescue Kiseki, and Yuzuho to find Izayoi, and Sage sought to find Ion. The three factions led an open assault against the facility, and the outside opposition was quickly destroyed. The three groups then headed their separate ways to find their targets before agreeing to meet back at the entrance. By the end of the assault, Sage, and the rest of the alliance with the exception of Takeru, were able to achieve their goal.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Both Sage and Yuzhuo were sent to accomplish different objectives while the 35th Platoon was sent out to retrieve confidential documents that held critical information on Sougetsu's identity. After Takeru's struggle against Kurogane, with the latter staying behind to fend off the Hyakki Yakou's remote cells, the encroaching Akashic Hazard approached the 35th platoon. Sage and his squad swoop down to rescue them while also informing them that Valhalla appeared near the Inquisition's headquarters. Sage and the rest of the Heretic Alliance moved against Mother Goose and Orochi, and they decided to hold off the enemy forces closing in on them, leaving the 35th Platoon to deal with the leaders.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

After fending off the Einherjars and witnessing Kiseki's descent on the city, Sage sends off his squad in evacuation work as he regroups with Yuzuho. The duo finds Kyouya defending a nearby shelter and joins him in saving it. Sage expands a barrier around it, giving Kyouya a long-due rest. As they converse on the situation, all three agree that Kiseki must be dealt with by Takeru alone, and Kyouya finds Sage's optimism annoying while Sage himself finds Kyouya's negativity irking as well. Yuzuho offers to erect a stronger protective field around them and bids them to give her some time, and Kyouya decides to utilize Nero's poison to infect the flesh mass coming against them. Sage continued to guard the shelter before Kurogane returned.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Sage arrives to reinforce the 35th Platoon along with Kanata, Kurogane, Kanaria, Kyouya, Yuzuho, and the combined alliance of the remnants of the Inquisitions troops as well as the remaining members of Valhalla and the Heretic Alliance. Sage joins the final push toward Sougetsu, and he supports Takeru in getting the latter to his destination and casts multiple layers of his Rust barriers to hold off the Hyakki Yakou.


With the war's end, Sage becomes a diplomat for the Magic Academy's West Side after returning to the academy to share what happened to the world and the Inquisition. He was able to gain the trust of both sides' higher-ups and facilitate a formal armistice between the academies as well as the Inquisition. He contacts Takeru during one of his trips across the world and states that he'd like to meet with him to talk in the coming three days during his visit to Japan. Ouka later tells Mimulus to visit her brother, and he has been asking about her condition.


Pureblood Witch: A highly trained squad leader of one of the Pureblood's militant squads, Sage is a well-practiced mage who along with his team, handled numerous tasks for the Magic Academy's West Side. Even with the stigma placed upon himself and the squad's properties, he was still a prideful combatant.

Ancient Attribute- Rust: Sage's unique property that allows him to apply the deteriorating effects of rust onto any surface. This allows Sage to completely dismantle any sort of attack by breaking it down into rust before they reach him as well as make a barrier consisting of rust to act as protection.

Hrunting: Sage utilized a unique bladed wand in combat in case he needed to fight in close combat. Like other mages, Sage is not limited to just utilizing his rust attribute as he is shown to be proficient in flying magic.