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Scarlet Magnolia
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Scarlet Magnolia
Rōmaji Magnolia Scarlet
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Red
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Professional Info
Weapons Bloody Mary
Hyakki Yakou Cells
Species Human
Inquisition Role Magnolia Troop Captain
Occupation EXE Vice Captain
Affiliation EXE
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 8

Scarlet Magnolia (Magnolia Scarlet) is the Vice-Captain of the EXE who led her personal team, the Magnolia Troop, that specialized in covert operations and wet work. Her team and a contingent of Dullahans were sent to intercept the 35th platoon's journey to escape Inquisition territory. She is contracted to Bloody Mary.


Scarlet's most striking feature is her androgynous appearance that appears to be that have an effeminate boy or that of a boyish girl. She has light brown, neck-length hair and wears the red and black uniform of the EXE. Like other members of the EXE who have contracted with the Guillotines, Scarlet holds an implanted piece of Kiseki attached to her chest, giving her access to demonic power at the cost of her vitality.


While she is said to be at least over 20 years old, Scarlet rarely acts her age and her first introduction where she converses with Sougetsu has her speaking very casually and gives off the notion that she particularly doesn't hold a favorable light on her superior. She is also shown to be not much of a people person and dislikes managing and giving orders to others, saying that is something that Kurogane is better off doing.



Given her position in the EXE, it can be presumed that Scarlet was part of the organization for quite some time. Her special squad known as the Magnolia Troop which consisted of herself, Kagerou, and Gou who mostly undertook operations in disposing traitors and other "behind the scenes" action.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

With a formal raid enacted upon the Alchemist's Fifth Laboratory sanctioned by the Alchemist's higher ups, Sougetsu personally led the assault on the facility after failed negotiations on seizing control over the rest of the Alchemists but settled with the the Fifth Laboratory's destruction. Kurogane and his subordinates had previously failed to fulfill their goal in stopping this from happening and Scarlet and her troupe worked the security details for Sougetsu's participation in the conflict.

White Escape Arc[]

Some time after Kiseki's holding in the alchemist's First Laboratory, Scarlet was embedded with a small sample of her cells.

After Sougetsu ends his call from Mother Goose and Orochi, Scarlet informs him of the dissident leader Hoshijiro Nagaru's status, and how she plans on fleeing the Inquisition controlled areas along with the 35th Platoon. After a short conversation, Sougetsu sends Scarlet's team and a squad of Dullahans to chase them down.

After deployment, Scarlet's squad of Guillotine-users are unable to discern the location of their targets, and she decides to utilize the Hyakki Yokou cells implanted within her to learn of Takeru's location. While causing her immense pain, Scarlet is able to locate their targets, but immediately orders her compatriots to contact Suzaku to amplify Kiseki's dreaming state. The implanted cells recede back, and the trio head out.

After the dissident crew finish their trip to the hot springs, their van comes under attack by the EXE's convoys. Kanaria deals with all three of them with little effort but the fourth van accelerates toward them with Scarlet on top of the vehicle. She summons her Relic Eater and fires an enormous wave of energy that forces the team's car to veer off the highway and into the forest below. Scarlet and the rest of her squad arrive to confront them on foot, but the team incur an avalanche to try and escape. Gou's interference; however, separates both parties, and Scarlet confronts Takeru and Nagaru. Takeru's fight with Scarlet becomes a struggle as Bloody Mary's abilities reverse the effects of healing and damaging, essentially making Takeru's all offense approach useless. However, as the fight goes on, the two combatants come close enough to Nagaru for her to attach a healing charm she bartered off from the innkeepers to reverse the healing effects to seriously wound Scarlet. While Scarlet doesn't die from that alone, the Hyakki Yakou cells burst from within her. Scarlet is completely incapacitated and was taken to the Heretic Alliance's headquarters.


Scarlet and the rest of the Magnolia troop are revealed to have survived their encounter with the 35th Platoon and remain in the restored Inquisition's services, once again under Kurogane's command. Kurogane and the trio work as another off-shoot squad of the EXE, now led by Kanata, with their primary duty being bodyguards for the new Chairman, Nagaru. Scarlet and her cohorts were thoroughly convinced by Kurogane's words to continue their duties.


Dullahan Training: Despite her looks, Scarlet's abilities were enough to have her act as the EXE's Vice Captain where her talents and attitude were more suited for secretive assignments than the general peace-keeping the other members partook in.

Hyakki Yakou Implants: With the Alchemist's research on Kiseki, Scarlet was one of the many Dullahans who were given a small amount of Kiseki's demon cells that strengthened her abilities. This sentient portion of Kiseki's body was directly linked to Kiseki herself, and Scarlet utilized Kiseki's longing for her brother to locate Takeru and the platoon in their hunt.

Relic Eater- Bloody Mary: Crimson pistols that doubled as both Scarlet's offense and defense with its effect-altering abilities. While it would have strained her to use Bloody Mary's abilities over extended periods of time, the embedded Hyakki Yakou cells allow her to have more control over its powers.