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Members of Scarlet's personal retinue known as the Magnolia Troop who specialize in the Inquisition's clandestine operations. Scarlet was joined by Sougetsu's wife, Kagerou, and the silent and towering Gou. The trio shared a stable relationship with one another with Scarlet's overall leadership and capacity for tactics, Gou's silence-consent, and Kagerou's eccentric but motherly care-taking of the trio.

Sougetsu Ootori[]

Scarlet's direct superior who issues her orders. The two share a rather casual and somewhat unprofessional relationship where they keep a casual tone when addressing the other. Like all other characters, however, Scarlet is not entirely trusting of Sougetsu but openly makes it known, with Sougetsu not blaming her for thinking so.

Hayato Kurogane[]

Scarlet's technical superior as she was the EXE's Vice Captain to Kurogane's superior rank of captain. Nonetheless, the two rarely worked together as Kurogane's duties extended to many branches, while Scarlet mainly stuck to her own work. Kurogane's leadership and ability to effectively command was something Scarlet felt that she couldn't bother with when she was given a small contingent of EXE members to lead.