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Sougetsu Ootori
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Sougetsu LN
Kanji 鳳 颯月
Rōmaji Ōtori Sōgetsu
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age Over 150
Gender Male
Height 6ft"2 188cm
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Family Kagerou Ootori (Wife)
Ouka Ootori (Adoptive daughter)
Professional Info
Weapons Innocentius
Species Divine Being
Inquisition Role Inquisition Chairman
Occupation Inquisition Chairman
Academy Principal
Affiliation Inquisition
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Shin-ichiro Miki

Sougetsu Ootori (鳳 颯月 Ōtori Sōgetsu) is the Principal of Anti-Magic Academy as well as the Chairman and founder of the Inquisition. While being a suspicious yet allied figure at the beginning of the series, he is ultimately revealed to be the primary antagonist as the events of the story unfold.

Appearance ︻デ═一[]

Sougetsu has upper-back length gray-silver hair that has a few strands tied with a small ribbon on the right side and red eyes.

Unlike the academy's green uniform and the Inquisition's black uniform, Sougetsu wears an extremely contrasting white suit and pants.

The only other components of his looks are his red tie, ribbon, and his eyes.


Sougetsu puts on the facade of an outgoing and carefree individual who leads the Inquisition with certain fervor and diligence. He appears to be considerate of his subordinates and work, but everyone seems to trust in his position and authority over trusting in his dealings as a person. He speaks about "saving the world", but his truest intentions are the exact opposite.

Sougetsu is a manipulator and is not trusted by a single person in the series. His motives to destroy the world is obscured by his position, where his acts to further his goals are publicly seen as acts of policing and justice in the name of the Inquisition and keeping humanity safe. He is particularly uncaring of his subordinates and students, and he is perfectly content to send them to their deaths if it meant accomplishing something he wanted.

Biography ︻デ═一[]


Sougetsu has been the leader of the Inquisition since its founding and survived the first Witch Hunt War. He somehow was able to recover Mistelteinn and had it forcibly contracted to Mikoto Kusanagi to partake in the war, but she soon perished after she fought her brother, Orochi. Since then, he continued to lead the Inquisition and found the Anti-Magic Academy as its Principal, as well as developing Relic Eaters. For whatever reason, he loved assigning the outcasts attending the academy into the 35th Platoon, a tradition he has kept going for his personal amusement for a long time.

Eventually, around a decade prior to the series, Sougetsu was under suspicion of the EXE's then captain, Kazuma Mineshiro, who formed a dissident faction outside the Inquisition. Finding him as a nuisance, he assigned the young Hayato Kurogane to investigate him, but he did not find any evidence. Sougetsu ordered for the release of a previously captured A-rank witch, Laugh Maker, who ran off and killed Kazuma on her own. Sougetsu adopted Kazuma's adopted daughter, Ouka, and took her in as his daughter. He was also "married" to Kagerou, but mostly signed the marriage documents to keep her stalking tendencies to a minimum. The case regarding Kiseki Kusanagi also piqued his interest in her peculiar powers, and he had the Inquisition's scientists run many experiments on her while he also gained interest in her brother, Takeru Kusanagi along with Ikaruga Suginami with her Alchemist origins.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

After Ouka's unauthorized murder of a witch during her previous assignments, Sougetsu punishes her by demoting her from an Inquisitor and places her back into the academy where she is assigned to the 35th Platoon. Ouka protests the decision on why she'll be stuck with them, but Sougetsu assures that by skills alone, the platoon is potentially one of the best and even mentions that someone in the platoon was a potential candidate for a Relic Eater. He later barges into the platoon room and introduces them to his daughter and leaves them to their business.

When the Einherjar appears in the city, Sougetsu deploys the small number of Inquisitors available and finds the situation a perfect opportunity to have Mistelteinn enter a contract with Takeru. To both stall for time to have Takeru confront the Hero and also stall it to reduce the damage to the facility, Sougetsu rallies the academy students to take action and join their Inquisitor brethren to fight back against their common enemy. Observing the fight from his office, he suspends Vlad during Ouka's fight with the Einherjar after she began to damage it. Takeru is able to fight off the Einherjar for a short time while before he is defeated, but Lapis' intervention and their subsequent contract restores him. During the fight, Sougetsu congratulates Takeru for accepting the contract and informs him that he will be expecting him to partake in assignments expected from a Dullahan, but he is quickly refused by him.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

With Mari captured, Hayato informs him of the memory inhibition spell afflicting her. Sougetsu decides to use his own method to find out what she knows and has her enroll in the academy and personally pays her a visit to announce his intention. Sougetsu has a quick briefing from Hayato again before the latter leaves and the 35th Platoon arrive in his office on his request. He congratulates them for their work in stopping the Einherjar and introduces them to Mari, a witch who will be put under their protection. As the 35th Platoon discuss the mock tournament and if Mari is even able to participate in it, Sougetsu appears to approve of their idea.

During the mock battle tournament, Sougetsu approaches Hayato managing the security teams, munching on a box of popcorn. Hayato urged Sougetsu to remain in the safety of his office but Sougetsu reassures him that it'll be fine. However, Hayato requests for more personnel if he wished to calm him down. Sougetsu ponders if Valhalla will arrive to retrieve Mari and Hayato affirms its high possibility. When Haunted does finally appear, Sougetsu is unfazed by the disturbance and calls for Hayato to try and capture Haunted alive instead of killing him, a notion Hayato deems impossible as Haunted wouldn't be able to be dealt with without being killed. Haunted erects a barrier between himself and Inquisition's forces while utilizing a squad of berserk dragoons as a distraction and Hayato is given permission to utilize his Relic Eater to which Sougetsu allows, while also stating that he'll leave the necromancer to be dealt with by the 35th platoon caught inside the barrier. Inside, Ouka later contacts him about the false accusation Mari had received to be a murderer and negotiates for her "freedom" to which he agrees to. At the end of the ordeal, Sougetsu investigates the incident behind the dragoons that malfunctioned.

Three Alchemist's Arc[]

The accident regarding the dragoons has Sougetsu calling Ikaruga to his office to inquire what she knows of the Alchemists and their recent projects involving the resurrection of elves. Ikaruga denies any knowledge on their current projects and he lets her leave. Hayato sees that Ikaruga was clearly withholding information and suggested interrogation, to which Sougetsu refuses, stating that he'd rather have things play out before making his move.

Later, Sougetsu contacts the Director of the Alchemists, Suzaku Suginami, and informs her of the transgression made by the recent dragoons they had received from them. Suzaku; however, informs him that the 5th Laboratory were the ones that supplied the tampered dragoons and their unauthorized research were not approved. She offers him a small army of their newly developed dragoon models to assault the 5th Laboratory to stop their "rogue" research, and she hopes for their quick judgment. Sougetsu becomes visibly irritated over the conversation's route, but accepts it nonetheless and notifies his secretary to gather what troops were available to launch an assault on the 5th Laboratory.

En-route to the battlefield, with fighting already underway, Sougetsu stops his limousine when he encounters Usagi, Ouka, and Mari on the road, and hands them supplies while Mari boards the limousine with her limited abilities. Sougetsu is later seen on the battlefield with a squad of EXE members pleading for him to stay in the safety of the car. Sougetsu; however, expresses his ideal that the leader should always lead from the front and poises Innocentius to fire at the opposing dragoons. The first few rounds don't show any lasting damage, but the opposing dragoons soon start to slaughter each other. As the battle wages on, Sougetsu and the Dullahans beneath him notice the mechanical dragon and Sougetsu reminisces, calling the sight of a dragon to be "nostalgic".

At the end of the ordeal, Sougetsu visits Kyouya in Akira's hospital room where he empathizes with the feeling of losing comrades, but urges him to move on from the incident. Kyouya; however, intends on getting revenge against the ones responsible, and Sougetsu finds his motivation intriguing and changes his tone, and asks if he wishes for the power to avenge his comrades, to which Kyouya accepts.

Festival of Fools[]

Sougetsu along with a number of Inquisitors temporarily left the Academy to meet Suzaku and a number of Alchemists executives to strike a deal. Their absence caused Reima and Mephisto to easily infiltrate school grounds, but the situation was dealt with thanks to the 35th Platoon and the student council. Sougetsu ordered Kyouya, now contracted to Nero, to execute Reima for his crimes.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Sougetsu grants Takeru an extended visitation time with Kiseki during their reunion, but the latter refuses to accept anything from him. He is later seen in the same facility along with Kurogane and a number of Inquisition Reginns running experiments on Kiseki. Takeru's recent visit; however, fuels Kiseki desire to see him again and her abilities go berserk, prompting Sougetsu to find shelter, but not before sending Kurogane in to pacify her. While the encounter ends with Kiseki escaping from her facility, Sougetsu joins the Inquisitors in rummaging through the ruins of the lab and finds Kurogane alive, and he notifies him that he has sent Kyouya after her as bids him to regroup with him and capture her.

Sougetsu appears after Kurogane stops a fight between Kyouya and Takeru, and he informs the latter that he allowed Lapis to be used for self protection and promises him that Kyouya will be punished for this later. He goes on to explain that the Inquisition has struck an alliance with the Alchemists and that Kiseki will be maintained by them now and the prospect of Kiseki being cured might be possible in the near future. Takeru is overjoyed to hear this, but is then told that this relocation; however, will be kept as a secret and that Takeru will not be able to visit her until the day comes for when she is cured.

Sougetsu is next seen overlooking the city's vista with Suzaku joining him where it is revealed that he intentionally assigned Kyouya to be part of the convoy guard for him to lose control and awaken Kiseki. Suzaku marvels at the sight of the Hyakki Yakou's rampage and Sougetsu reminds her of the bet they made with his victory at Kiseki's awakening. Sougetsu decides to make another bet with her and wagers the Alchemist's exclusive contract with the Inquisition if Takeru would kill Kiseki or not.

When Orochi cancels Takeru's God Hunter form and prepares to take both him and Kiseki away, Sougetsu arrives along with Kurogane to stop him. Sougetsu greets Orochi and offers a ceasefire, allowing him to take Lapis and Takeru in exchange for Kiseki remaining with the Inquisition. Orochi angrily asks if Sougetsu intends to use Takeru to repeat history, and Sougetsu announces that the war will soon descend on the world again and Takeru will return to deal with him eventually with both his sister and comrades on his side of the world.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Sougetsu oversees Ouka's trial for going against orders and eventually settles on the punishment for her and the remainder of the platoon to be sent off to assist the Inquisition troops in the Grey City to reclaim it from Valhalla's troops.

Sougetsu is seen being toured around the Alchemist's First Laboratory by Suzaku where she explains her findings on Kiseki, where her soul cannot be manipulated by any means, and if a piece of flesh is severed from her soul, it would die. Sougetsu had previously attempted to use Innocentious on her but sees that Kiseki's soul was something that was unable to be controlled. However, Suzaku assures him that a way to control her has already been found by manipulating Kiseki's thoughts. At the end of the tour, Suzaku showcases the Guillotines.

White Escape Arc[]

Sougetsu is contacted by Mother Goose and Orochi where they request an audience with him in the place they last met him during the First Witch Hunt War up north to discuss peace talks. Sougetsu asks for Mother Goose to put Orochi on the line, and he makes one final offer for Orochi to join his side, as Mother Goose's ultimate goals would only prove to be against his ideals. Orochi refuses the offer and declares that as long as Sougetsu died and Mikoto was brought back, he would be sated. The call ends and Sougetsu laughs at the exchange and is joined by Scarlet, who reports to him that a number of Inquisitors have left their posts to join the dissidents, a faction that they have not been able to gather more information out of. Sougetsu orders Scarlet to chase down their key targets, and he himself prepares to leave to attend the peace talk meeting.

Sougetsu revels in the nostalgia as he waits for Orochi and Mother Goose to arrive. When they duo show themselves, Sougetsu is told that all the destruction he sees is his fault and tries to deny it, but soon laughingly admits that destruction was exactly what he wanted. Sougetsu essentially refuses to back down on his intentions and leaves Orochi and Mother Goose to combat the small army he brought with him. As he leaves the area to return to his transport, he is assaulted by Haunted, who deems him as someone whose plans will rob him of his singular pleasure of killing others. Sougetsu is detained by Haunted until Orochi's Ama no Habakiri catches both of them in its effects.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

In the aftermath of the Heretic Alliance's raid on the First Laboratory, Kiseki is met by Sougetsu himself in a remote mountain range where he offers her to join him to bring about the end of the world.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Sougetsu mysteriously arrives in the courtyard of the Heretic Alliance's headquarters where he confronts Nagaru. The latter had already emptied the headquarters anticipating his arrival and deduces his true identity as something akin to a god whose existence is tied to the continued survival of the world. Sougetsu relents and reveals his true nature, as an artificially made cross between man and god who despised magic, but in truth, simply yearned for destruction. Sougetsu ends their conversation and shares his intention to kill her, but Nagaru retaliates first and destroys the headquarters with Mjnollnir to delay Sougetsu.

As the war escalates and with Kiseki Kusanagi "allied" with him, Sougetsu orders for the recently "defected" Kurogane to be captured and sends out a squadron of Guillotine users after him, as well as two of Kurogane's former subordinates, Mamoru and Iori. Throughout the mission, Sougetsu reassures the the fearful Guillotine users that they will succeed against Kurogane because of their numbers. On the side, Sougetsu checks on the status of the Relic Eaters and finds both Vlad and Nero out of his reach. As he checks on Caligula and Maximilian, he is surprised to find them both unable to be controlled.

Throughout the event, Sougetsu spends his time playing golf inside his office until Kiseki appears from the floor, surprising him. Sougetsu assures her that he has something in store that will have Takeru kill her. After Kurogane defeats Mamoru and the 35th Platoon defeats Iori, he utilizes their respective Relic Eaters to execute them after their defeat.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Sougetsu appears after the conclusion of Takeru and Kiseki's reconciliation and the latter's acceptance of her life. He shoots Kiseki through Takeru and taunts Ouka after realizing that Vlad had sacrificed himself to save her and muses on how annoying Relic Eaters became after developing souls where originally, they had none. Vlad in particular, Sougetsu notes for being feisty with him. Ouka and Mari attempt to attack him, but their offense is easily nullified. Sougetsu stabs Mari with Innocentius' muzzle and reveals its true function of being able to command the souls of others. Sougetsu orders for Mari to kill Ouka as the latter becomes detained in restraining herself from killing her comrade, and Sougetsu approaches the rest of the platoon. Because of Innocentius' limitation on only being able to order human souls, he was unable to directly order Takeru to kill him. Thus, Sougetsu decided to do something similar to Kiseki, to manipulate everyone else to spite Takeru to finally activate God Hunter form. To begin, Sougetsu orders Kiseki to continue devouring the world.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

As the 35th Platoon and the allied forces scramble to approach Kiseki's demonic spawns, Sougetsu contemplates how his plans have been less well-thought out than he had initially presumed. Sougetsu fears the worst in predicaments and surmises that Mother Goose might have been able to pass down her abilities to usurp his position to Lapis, and Sougetsu decides to recollect himself. Instead of continuing to goad Takeru and run the risk of actually dying, Sougetsu decides to kill Takeru and give or take a few generations before he decides to come up with a new plan to destroy the world. Sougetsu pulls out a rusty bayonet attachment for Innocentiu, but the pure-white Relic Eater is slowly eroded away by the blade and it is replaced with Naglfar, an imitation Sacred Treasure. Takeru arrives and immediately aims for Sougetsu, but the latter quickly calls Kiseki to him and Takeru forces himself to stop. Sougetsu takes this chance to kill Takeru through Kiseki, but Usagi is able to distract him long enough for Takeru to wind up an attack. Sougetsu immediately disappears and reappears behind him for his counterattack, and Naglfar's strike forcibly cancels Takeru from God Hunter form. As light dims from Takeru's eyes, a familiar voice rings in the two's ear and Nagaru appears to take the two elsewhere for their final battle.

The trio arrive back in the fragment of the mythological world where Nagaru leaves Takeru to carry out their goals. Sougetsu and Takeru face each other again, and while Sougetsu as the upper-hand in phasing in and out of reality to dodge attacks and counter with his own, Takeru is able to listen to the sounds of his swings to dodge and attempt to fight back. Sougetsu disappears for longer than usual without reappearing and Takeru's answer to this is to fill the entire space they're in with slashes, and Sougetsu is cut in this process. Takeru picks up on this noise as Sougetsu is stabbed and brought down to the ground. In one last attempt, Sougetsu brings down Naglfar down on Takeru, but his arm is swiftly cut off. Takeru pierces Sougetsu's forehead and the latter, while in immense pain, still mutters out a laugh and admits his defeat. The flames consume Sougetsu's body and the essence of his soul and godhood are assumed onto Lapis.

Abilities ︻デ═一[]

Worldwide Influence: As the leader of the Inquisition for over hundreds of years, Sougetsu indisputably holds the most influence in the world as its supposed protector. While leading the Inquisition in the image of upholding the laws of unrestrained usage of magic, Sougetsu is an expert in utilizing the people under him to do his bidding without their knowledge on what he plans to do.

Divinity: Sougetsu's divinity is mostly shown through his apparent immortality and a level of invulnerability that does not allow him to die by conventional means, even if he wanted to. This divinity, however, did not manifest itself into any sort of strength other than his immortality. One particular ability he made extensive use of was his transmission. He could be anywhere and nowhere and effortlessly move himself from location to location.

Root of Magic: Sougetsu's origin holds him responsible for the magic that permeates the human world. It was mentioned that he holds some power of magic evidenced when he created Relic Eaters. Should be perish by some means, the magic would be unconstrained and backfire, destroying the world.

Relic Eater- Innocentius: Sougetsu's primary weapon of choice for combat. The ornate musket is one of the first Relic Eaters created along with Caligula, and both are inherently without any sort of anti-magical capabilities. Innocentius' enchanted bullets do minimal damage to their targets directly, but it afflicts their souls directly and allows Sougetsu to "order" them to do whatever he wills them to do.


  • The name Sougetsu means "blue, pale" (蒼) (so) and "moon" (月) (getsu).
  • Sougetsu's surname Ootori means "phoenix/male phoenix bird" (鳳).