Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki


Kagerou Ootori[]

Sougetsu's wife who he agreed to "marry" as a way to avoid her constant stalking. Sougetsu's opinion of Kagerou is next to non-existent as he barely ever mentions her, and the same cannot be said with Kagerou herself who is madly in love with him.

Ouka Ootori[]

Sougetsu's adoptive daughter who was previously adopted by the former's subordinate Kazuma until his death. It is unknown why Sougetsu would bother being responsible for Kazuma's death when he was going to adopt his daughter. Sougetsu treats Ouka with a small degree of favoritism shown by his willingness to lighten her punishments for her actions as well as allowing her to live a relatively successful life. His true thoughts on her are mostly unknown as he mostly keeps up a friendly and accommodating, but nevertheless unsettling, demeanor around her. With Ouka's departure from the Inquisition, Sougetsu barely seemed to mind having to come to terms with eventually killing her and still referred to himself as being her parent.


Scarlet Magnolia[]

Vice Captain of the EXE who is one of the notable exceptions to a character not fully trusting Sougetsu but willingly working with him. The two refer to each other very casually whereas Scarlet's demeanor around him might seem disrespectful, but Sougetsu seems to barely mind it. Sougetsu himself refers to her casually.

Suzaku Suginami[]

The CEO and head researcher of the Alchemist Corporation who agreed to work with Sougetsu in exchange for being able to conduct research on Kiseki. Sougetsu constantly finds ways to manipulate, deceive, and gamble his way into earning Suzaku's interest and her willingness to cooperate. While his first intention was to forcibly have the Alchemists join the Inquisition, Sougetsu opted to utilize Kiseki as leverage to find a way to harness her powers, and he allowed Suzaku to research her on very specific conditions. However, Suzaku rarely seemed to mind it as she was more focused on having the chance to study Kiseki, but was wary of not falling completely under Sougetsu's whims.


Hayato Kurogane[]

Captain of the EXE and Sougetsu's subordinate who Sougetsu interacted with the most before the former's departure. Sougetsu's methodology and attitude towards law and order in general was not exactly met with the same sympathies from Kurogane, and while the two were very opposed in how to conduct things, they managed to work together for a number of years. Where Sougetsu used any means necessary to achieve his goals, Kurogane was willing to put himself any sort of danger to make ends meet. Even with Kurogane's formidable strengths and threats to kill him, Sougetsu never paid too much concern over him and immediately attempted to dispose of him after Kurogane left the Inquisition.

Takeru Kusanagi[]

The hapless acting captain of the 35th Platoon and Mistelteinn's newest contractor. While Takeru's lack of skill in every faculty aside from close-quarters combat was thought to have him be weeded out from entering the academy, Sougetsu had immediate interest in his abilities and bloodline for his grand plan and allowed his attendance. Sougetsu sacrificed many lives and Ouka's own life in his attempt to have Takeru bound to Mistelteinn and obedient to his wishes, but Takeru refused offers for graduation and high-pay if it meant serving someone so unknowable and scheming. Sougetsu nonetheless treats him with some degree of kindness, at least in allowing him to attend the academy without too many interference aside from Takeru's own problems involving himself and his team's failures. Sougetsu ultimately had wanted to repeat history by utilizing a male from the Kusanagi clan and his sibling to awaken his God Hunter form to allow Sougetsu to finally die and destroy the world.

Kiseki Kusanagi[]

Takeru's twin-sister and host of the Hyakki Yakou. Sougetsu utilized her to conduct weapons experimentation that doubled as means of pacifying her frightening abilities. While Sougetsu mostly states that it pained him to constantly murder her on a daily basis, his usual tone belies his supposed sentiments towards her. While Kiseki was in her calm and fearful state, his attempted demeanor was sympathetic. When Kiseki awakened vengeful and destructive, he remained casual about her.

Nagaru Hoshijiro[]

The "leader" of the Heretic Alliance who was previously the Student Council President of the academy that Sougetsu had suspected for quite some time. Sougetsu; however, never exactly viewed her as a threat until after she left the Inquisition along with a considerable number of dissidents from the Inquisition. Sougetsu deemed her enough of a threat to meet her personally and their shared experiences as divine beings made them slightly sympathetic toward each other. However, Sougetsu's inherent yearn for destruction compared to Nagaru's benevolent love for the world had them as complete opposites.


Valhalla's rogue officer who Sougetsu had offhandedly encountered during a botched "peace negotiation" with Orochi and Mother Goose. While Sougetsu didn't much care for Haunted's attempted assassination, Haunted showed visible anger and disgust towards another person for the first time compared to his usual jovial nature.

Mother Goose/Orochi[]

The two leaders of Valhalla who manage the East Side of the Magic Academy. The two have been against Sougetsu's plans since the First Witch Hunt War where Orochi and his sister were the victims in Sougetsu's plan to awaken the God Hunter form to induce his death, but Orochi had walked away from that role. Sougetsu; however, doesn't seem to despise them as much as they despise him and refers to the duo very casually, Orochi especially, and he was even willing to offer a hand in Orochi to join his cause in "destroying magic".