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Takeru Kusanagi
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Kanji 草薙 タケル
Rōmaji Kusanagi Takeru
Also Known As (The) Sword Crazy Guy
Physical Description
Age 16 (Series)
21 (Epilogue)
Gender Male
Height 171cm
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Family Kiseki Kusanagi (Little Sister)
Orochi Kusanagi (Ancestor/Blademaster)
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Magic Academy
Platoon 35th
Weapons Swords
Lapis Lazuli
Species Human
Inquisition Role Provisional Inquisitor (Formerly)
Occupation Academy Student (Formerly)
Provisional Inquisitor (Formerly)
Magic Academy Student (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance Operative
Affiliation Inquisition (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Yoshimasa Hosoya

Takeru Kusanagi (草薙 タケル, Kusanagi Takeru) is the main male protagonist of the series. He is the twin brother of Kiseki and the hopeless leader of the titular 35th Test Platoon (more infamously known as the "Small Fry Platoon"). He is also one of the last surviving members of the Kusanagi Clan as well as one of the only remaining blade users in the world, a lifestyle that he is constantly taunted for. Takeru is contracted to Lapis Lazuli.


Takeru Animation

Takeru's character sheet

Takeru has medium-length, dark brown hair with a fringe that falls in between his brown eyes.

Like many other characters, he wears the traditional uniform of the Anti-Magic Academy with his addition being a katana strapped to his belt. It is particularly noted that Takeru's face and eyes are known to be frightening, even when he isn't angry, and this was one of the many reasons he was considered unapproachable by other students.

In his older years, Takeru switched his regular academy uniform with the characteristic black and orange suit, tie, and pants of the Inquisition's EXE.


Prior to the start of the series, Takeru was extremely irritable and volatile which often led him to get into fights. This was due to his lineage where all males of the family were born with irregular demonic souls that led to their inherently violent nature. Discipline was trained into him with the practice of swordplay, but his violent nature frequently resurfaced when someone insulted him of his singular talent in swordplay and its rapidly increasing antiquity.

Takeru's defeat against Ouka in his middle school years and subsequent rebuke by Kiseki about his overly zealous and self-centered ambition had him enter a period of self-examination to change his behavior to become more considerate and tranquil. He read books on social relationships and mimicked the actions and mannerisms of protagonists from books to try and mold himself in the same way. Takeru pondered over whether accommodating personality was really himself but came to realize that as he involved himself more with the problems of others, he wasn't able to stop himself from helping them out of his own accord. His own problems and suffering overlapped with the others, and he knew most of all the sort of pain they felt. However, he rarely ever lets anyone else in on his own moments of weakness on the rare occasion he has them. His simple-minded determination also makes him very stubborn in letting his comrades know that he'll do anything for them.

Outside of combat and protecting others, Takeru is exceedingly simple. Most of the day after platoon activities had him working until early in the morning at his convenience store job, and his low income molded him to be notably stingy when it came to spending money. This was to a point where Ikaruga would advise against attempting to date him as he would most likely take them somewhere cheap and still demand to split the bill. His rigorous training and the time he spent out working also have him unaware of the politics and factions of the outside world, which is also the basis for his lack of inherent hatred toward witches, a thought pattern that is common where he lives.



Takeru was born into the Kusanagi Clan whose village was located in the Tohoku mountains and was taught the art of his family's swordsmanship at an early age. Due to his familial curse, Takeru was an exceptionally violent problem child who went around breaking windows and causing general havoc around the village. This made him understandably feared and hated by the other children, which led to his problem with socializing with others. Takeru viewed his violent urges within himself as "narrowness" and that his body couldn't contain the urges within himself. On a fateful day, when he was out on a stroll in the nearby forest, he found a small warehouse where he unknowingly met his twin sister, Kiseki, locked beneath its floor. For some strange reason, Takeru's "narrowness" began to fade when he conversed with her. He started visiting her daily, and his violent nature began to subside until the day his father discovered this and forbade him to visit her again. Takeru learned the truth about his sister, her abilities, the family's curse, and his father's burden of killing his daughter and his failure to do so.

Takeru was sent away to a different dojo to train for a month. But on his homecoming a few weeks later, Kiseki escaped and attacked the town, killing everyone around her. Takeru's father's dying breath had him decide to choose a path to either protect or kill his sister. While Kiseki wished for death, Takeru ultimately failed to decide, and she was subdued by the Inquisition and taken to a secure location. After the attack, he sought out Orochi Kusanagi, whom he had previously met the day of the massacre, and pleaded to become his disciple, to which Orochi finally accepted after a week of Takeru's prostrating, and Orochi being severely inebriated. After his gruesome training period, he decided to join the Inquisition to not only show off his techniques, but to reform it as a whole. Takeru left Orochi's home and reentered society.

In middle school, still, with his infamous mean streak, Takeru befriended Ikaruga Suginami and Kyouya Kirigaya. After his loss to Ouka Ootori during a mock battle test in his second year and after being shunned by Kiseki during one of his visits, he began to show humility and started to consider what other people wanted from him. This change in character led to Kyouya distancing himself from him as well as Takeru abandoning his ludicrous goal of reforming the Inquisition and instead focusing on gathering money to regularly visit Kiseki, and also clear his family's lingering financial debts. He was assigned to the 35th Platoon together with Ikaruga in high school where they met Usagi Saionji. While the 35th Platoon initially had its quota of 6 people, one member abandoned the platoon and dropped out, another joined a cult, and the third was diagnosed with a mental illness. Because of this, the unwilling Takeru was assigned as the platoon's de-facto leader, and their struggle to accrue points for graduation reached its breaking point.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

Six months after enrollment, the 35th Platoon was still stuck with their 0-point predicament and with the only combatants being Usagi and Takeru, their future didn't look too hopeful. Ikaruga hacks them an assignment meant for another platoon, but the platoon room breaks open and Sougetsu arrives to introduce and announce that his adopted daughter, Ouka, will be joining them. Takeru recognizes her face and tries to greet her, but she fails to recognize him. Takeru leads the team on an assignment that Ikaruga had found, and they raid a small illegal magical heritage trade. Takeru finds himself in a bad spot with Usagi shooting into a completely different building and with the subsequent taunts from the gangsters, his prolific anger gets the better of him and lands him deeper into trouble with the thugs. Ouka breaks in from the air vents and single-handedly incapacitates them and even takes out their dragoon.

Ouka continued to accomplish assignments on her own, and Takeru tried to have her open up to them. After a failed attempt at having a party, he chases her down to treat her wounds, and she reveals that their previous mission led to something bigger. He followed her on a mission where he witnessed her disgust for criminals firsthand and stopped her from shooting the detained gangsters after she found an obscene amount of harvested dead bodies onsite. Later, Takeru trails Ouka to her family's grave, where he hears about her past on how she was the sole survivor of an attack on her family where a witch forced her body to kill her parents and little sister. Her sole intent is to continue hunting witches and eventually find the one who was responsible and Takeru makes a promise that if he shows his strength to her, she will allow him to assist her in her goals. While Ouka is slightly perturbed by his strange insistence, the two, however, are separated when Ouka runs off on her own when communications come in of an Einherjar in the city and Ouka runs off to intercept it.

Takeru was a few blocks behind and fought off a number of low-level monsters on his own and as he passed by the market, he encountered a mysterious girl who asked him a vague series of questions before disappearing. Takeru intercepts the Einherjar's poised attack on Ouka and manages to fight it for a considerable amount of time with Usagi covering him. However, the Hero's intrinsic magic blasts Takeru apart, and as he lies dying, the mysterious girl from before appears. When he answers her questions, she reveals herself to be Lapis, a Relic Eater, and the two enter a contract. Sougetsu's voice chimes in to explain that he expects Takeru's future cooperation, but he refuses and with his newfound power, Takeru is able to cut past the Einherjar's intrinsic magic and finish it off. At the battle's end, he approaches Ouka and announces that he has proven himself strong enough to walk beside her in helping her accomplish her goal.

Sometime after, Takeru visited Kiseki before their short visitation time separated them again.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

Takeru's contract with Lapis proves to be slightly troublesome with her preference to stay invisible, a human form that hindered his school life as he went masquerading as his "sister". Takeru's life is made further complex when Sougetsu assigns the captured Valhalla witch, Mari to the platoon. Mari's amnesia does little to stop her from constantly arguing with the vindictive Ouka, and Takeru finds himself stuck between the two's quarrels. Mari suffers from a similar problem to Ouka and has trouble socializing with others, and Takeru once again expresses his hopes that she becomes friends with him and the platoon while also reassuring her that she won't need to be alone. However, even with this assurance, the platoon still continues with their hap-hazardous training routine to prepare for the upcoming mock battle tournament.

Takeru encounters Kyouya and the 15th Platoon, and the latter informs him that they'll be facing each other in the tournament's 2nd round and hopes to see them there. On the day of the tournament, Ouka's investigation from the night prior has her share information that Mari's arrest on charges of murder was wrongfully made. Haunted disrupts the tournament and enters combat with Takeru while he tries to protect Mari. Haunted is able to fight back and returns Mari's memories, prompting her to comply with abandoning the platoon if it meant no further harm would come to them. However, Takeu reminds her of the goal she set out to fulfill and promises to help her. While Takeru is constantly outmatched, the distraction is provided by Ouka, and Usagi gives enough time for Mari to fuel Takeru's Witch Hunter form and get a clean hit on Haunted after repeat struggles. Haunted retreats after multiple sustained wounds and recognizes Takeru's family name. Afterward, Takeru recovers in the Seelie Hospital and hears of Mari's full enrollment.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Ikaruga acts somewhat off than usual as Takeru notices this, but excuses her when she decides to take a small leave to watch the dragoon race she usually attends outside of the school grounds. However, the letter from the Inquisition branding her a traitor prompts him to lead the rest of the 35th Platoon to tail her to see where she truly intends to continue. The crew follows her the next day where she heads toward the border and follows her through the sewers.

Takeru is able to save Ikaruga from an encounter with mercenaries hired by the Alchemist, but he gets injured and separated from the rest of the platoon. Ikaruga treats his wounds and divulges her past, the first time Takeru ever heard about her background, and nonetheless, promises to help her. Takeru is shortly drugged and weakened while Ikaruga tells him to not follow her as she joins Isuka on a helicopter to the 5th Laboratory. Takeru breaks off the handcuff binding him to the bed and tries to chase her, but only manages to cut off a dragoon's arm before falling off the roof. Later, Takeru crawls out of the ground and equips Lapis to reach Ikaruga in the heavily guarded laboratory compound. In the middle of his rampage, he reunites with the rest of the platoon as they fight together toward the laboratory. However, an explosion has Ikaruga and the dying Isuka escaping from Haunted, and the 35th platoon is facing a mechanical replica of a dragon. Takeru slices the dragoon in half after being powered by Mari's magic and the dragoon staggers after a shot from a railgun emplacement manned by Usagi.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Takeru becomes overly eager to participate in the Witch Hunt festival under the prospect of gaining both points and money, and he allies the 35th Platoon with a number of other point-desperate platoons to form the Dropout Alliance. He soon becomes aware of Usagi's predicament involving her family's plans for her and her fiance, Reima, who incidentally is the one leading the festival's administration. Takeru has Usagi stay at his house for the time being, and he invites the other members of the platoon to try and work their hardest to convince Usagi's parents to allow her to live her life. Takeru's multiple encounters with Reima make it apparent that he's not a decent person, to begin with.

When Ouka becomes possessed by Mephisto and Usagi disappears, Takeru is contacted by Student Council President Nagaru who informs him of the situation Ouka has been put into. Takeru gets angered at how he'll have to be the one to clean up her mess as well as putting someone on his team in danger, but agrees to remedy the situation. Takeru locates Usagi in the nearby church, and he sends Mari to find and deactivate the magic seal around the school. Takeru breaks into the chapel and saves Usagi. Takeru tells Usagi to back Mari up while she works on dispelling the school-wide spell while he deals with Reima. Reima's Tyrving proves to be a difficult fight, but Takeru's experience and Lapis' abilities allow Tyrving's wish-granting magic to be used against him, and Takeru knocks Reima unconscious to keep his promise on Reima's judgment to be left in Usagi's hands. Takeru arrives to defend Mari from a possessed Ouka, but he is disarmed from Witch Hunter form after making contact with Vlad's stakes. Usagi's arrival prompts the possessed Ouka to feign innocence to confuse her. However, Takeru reassures her saying that if she has any doubts, he'd be willing to get shot for it. Usagi correctly discerns who the real enemy is, and Mephisto is forced out of Ouka's body and destroyed after a direct shot to her ethereal form.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

Takeru visits Kiseki in her holding facility where he shares stories of recent developments and corrects her assumption that he had romantic feelings for Ouka, and instead says that he only felt admiration towards her. The light-hearted conversation, however, becomes tearful as Takeru is unable to accept Kiseki's statement about how she's happy to see him grow up to become a better person. Takeru promises to work harder to see her more frequently and to somehow have her live a normal life beyond her confinement, and the two are separated when Takeru's visiting time comes to an end.

After a successful platoon operation, Takeru is approached by Ouka who notices his restlessness, and she bids for him to take a break from his work and relax. Takeru appreciates her concern and her insistence on helping him has him relent, and he agrees to take a breather soon. Ouka mentions hearing something about him having a sister, and Takeru lies about Kiseki being schooled somewhere far away instead of her actual condition as someone in confinement. Takeru is called to Nagaru's room the next day where she informs him of Lapis' unique status among the Relic Eaters, and how she is not designated like the rest and bids for him to be wary of her. On his way back to the platoon room, Takeru catches a glimpse of Yoshimizu who quickly disappears, and he finds Kyouya, who he hasn't seen since the accident in the mock tournament. Takeru had previously tried to visit the hospital room, but he found no traces of him. Takeru tries to approach him, but Kyouya knocks his hand away and tells him off with a disgusted tone.

During another platoon activity, Takeru chases his target into an alleyway and hears terrified screams from a dark corner, and he finds Kiseki approaching him. She promptly falls into his arms and passes out while Ouka approaches Takeru to ask what happened, and he immediately draws his blade on her in fear of what Kiseki might do if Ouka finds out how much of a threat she is. Ouka, however, reassures him that she is not against him, and he calms down and reveals that Kiseki is a "criminal" with an extremely high threat rating. Takeru and the platoon use the hideout of the criminal they were chasing after as Takeru explains the situation, with Ikaruga helping in explaining things with false information to lessen the severity of the situation. The platoon dresses Kiseki up in civilian clothing and guides the siblings through the city for them to spend some time together. During the outing, Kiseki asks Takeru to kill her and he refuses, only to relent afterward and make a promise to her that if the day ever came that he'd have to kill her, he would die with her.

The date comes to an end when Kyouya appears with Nero and enters combat with Takeru, only to have the short fight ended by Kurogane. Takeru is put under arrest while Sougetsu arrives to explain Kiseki's new circumstances where the Alchemists will experiment with her to eventually work on a cure, but at the cost of Takeru not being able to visit her until the cure is made. Takeru relives his memories through a dream and later wakes up in a cell and hears Ouka's voice on the other side of the wall. She explains that she was able to pin most of the blame on herself to lessen Takeru's sentence, and she thanks him for changing her attitude over the past few weeks. Takeru still questions why she would go this far, and Ouka explains that he and the others helped her regain the daily life she thought she would never experience again and shares her intent to similarly share half of his burden with him. The two remain silently content until Nagaru breaks them out of their cells and reunites them with the rest of the platoon, and Takeru moves on ahead to chase the truck containing Kiseki.

Takeru finds a mutilated Kiseki with Kyouya waiting for him, and the two enter combat once again. Nero's gunfire spread making it impossible for Takeru to get a hit on Kyouya. and the two come to a stalemate, with Takeru injured from his wounds while Kyouya is unable to keep up with Nero's poison in his body. Takeru is barely able to make it out of the fight alive, but he is saved by Ouka and the others' arrival which forces Kyouya to retreat. Takeru bids everyone else to run away as far as possible to avoid the awakened Kiseki, but Ouka insists on coming along as he agrees to take her. Takeru tries to reason with Kiseki until he is knocked by Kanaria, and his unconscious body is taken back to the platoon's van by Ouka with the others having refused to run away without them. Takeru reminisces about his indecisive past and finds himself with Lapis in the same realm where he entered his contract with her. Lapis offers Takeru more power to be used to fulfill his desires and asks if he would sacrifice anything if it meant having it, to which Takeru agrees.

Takeru reawakens draped in twilight flames and clad in irregular armor whilst his platoon fended themselves from the encroaching flesh mass. Takeru embraces Ouka and cancels her Witch Hunter form, and he sets off to confront Kiseki alone and says goodbye to his friends. Before Takeru reaches Kiseki, he confronts Kanaria, but easily incapacitates her and cuts his way through to find Kiseki. Takeru finally reaches her and accepts that the only choice left would be to kill each other but seconds away from delivering their death sentence, he realizes how much he would leave behind and is unable to pull through with it and discards Lapis and embraces Kiseki instead. However, Takeru is knocked unconscious by Orochi, and his unconscious body is whisked away by him along with Kanaria and Mari following them. Sougetsu agrees to have Orochi take Takeru and Lapis in exchange for having Kiseki remain with the Inquisition, and he states that Takeru would return to deal with him no matter what.

Valhalla Calling Arc[]

Takeru remembers being told of his location by Orochi being described as a faraway place from Inquisition-controlled territory. The latter welcomes Takeru to the Magic Academy before he falls unconscious and stays asleep for a full month before reawakening. Escorted around by Kanaria and meeting with a tearful Mari again. Takeru and Mari are led to Mother Goose where she introduces herself, and she warns Takeru to stay away from Lapis as the effects of utilizing God Hunter form and her power alone would end up bringing harm to everyone involved. However, Orochi sees it differently and bids Takeru to take control over Lapis and make her completely obedient to him, something that Mother Goose eventually comes to agree to, and Takeru is unexpectedly tasked to reestablish a contract with Lapis by romancing her.

Takeru attends classes and gets acquainted with his classmates before he realizes that he has no idea where Lapis went, and he scrambles along with Mari and Kanaria to find her. Takeru encounters her on the rooftop where he admits to wanting to accept her as a person and is able to learn about her previous wielder, Mikoto, a female ancestor of his that died when she stayed in God Hunter form for too long. Apparently, Orochi was the one who used Lævateinn to clash with his sister to kill her after she went out of control. Takeru, however, insists on being with her, and he is able to at least convince her to follow him again.

On an excursion with his classmates, Mari and her friends crash land their flight device on the academy's West Side, garnering a few of the students' attention and hostility. Lapis remained hesitant in being utilized and Takeru fights off the students with an iron-pipe, and his speed is able to outmatch their projectiles and casting time. Kanaria's assistance has the two victorious, but the "leader" of the students holds Lapis hostage. While she assures him that she cannot come under harm, Takeru mercilessly beats down on the barrier with his bare hands before he is able to get her back. Later on, Takeru trains with Orochi where he is instilled with a new technique, the Ghost Light Firefly. That night, Lapis shares her memories of Mikoto with him and he comes to realize the narrowness he felt as a child stemmed from the fact that possessed the soul of a demon, like every Kusanagi male before him.

A few days later, Takeru is approached by Kanaria and is formally requested for a duel against her which he accepts. Kanaria's durable body proves difficult to overcome, but Takeru's own talent for his family's techniques allows him to have the upper hand. Both become exhausted, but Elizabeth arrives with a squad of wizards to take Lapis away. Takeru is unable to properly fight back against Elizabeth and her troops, much less without Lapis and he is assisted by Mari, who bids him to take off to retrieve Lapis while she holds Elizabeth back. Takeru rushes to Elizabeth's manor and is assailed by numerous wizards and eventually becomes surrounded and tired, both from his duel with Kanaria and the constant usage of his Soumatou. Takeru's situation seems worsened when a familiar priest arrives among the wizard lines but much to his surprise, the thorned tentacles begin to attack the wizards instead. As screams fill the air, Haunted approaches Takeru and insults him for being so weak and incomplete, but he begins to heal him. As soon as Haunted finishes, Takeru cuts him in half. However, Haunted shrugs off the wound and declares his intent to keep him alive, so they can fight on more fairgrounds the next time they meet. Together, they slaughter the rest of Elizabeth's troops and Haunted leaves Takeru and bids to become complete again.

Takeru enters Elizabeth's mansion where the owner had already returned from her swift retreat against Mari. Takeru is quickly outmatched but reunites with Lapis, but still proves unable to stay toe to toe with Elizabeth. Kanaria is able to distract her enough for Lapis and Takeru to enter God Hunter mode and defeat her. At the end of the conflict, Takeru prepares to leave the academy along with Mari, Lapis, and Kanaria. Takeru makes clear his motive to save Kiseki no matter the cost and returns to his comrades. Orochi hands him a specialized transfer charm to move Kiseki's soul to another body, and his instructor bids farewell to his pupil and the group enters the teleportation device.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Takeru along with Lapis, Mari, and Kanaria arrive back in Inquisition territory during the last few hours of the Inquisition's skirmish against a contingent of Valhalla's troops in the Grey City. Their arrival is uncannily quiet, but Takeru calls out to the five individuals who he sensed near them, and Nagaru reveals herself to be affiliated with this group of pureblood wizards who have joined her dissident faction as they had voiced disapproval in the West Side's decisions. Takeru is informed that his comrades are in danger and quickly moves out to find them with Usagi being saved first, and he goes on ahead to find Ouka and Ikaruga inside the 5th Laboratory's ruins while Kanaria, Mari, and Usagi guard the entrance.

Ouka's fight with Laugh Maker turns out for the worst when Ikaruga is forcibly made to bind Ouka, and Laugh Maker is at the brink of destroying Ouka's mind before God Hunter's armor's flames dissipate the magic around them. Ouka was disarmed from Vlad's Witch Hunter form. However, with Laugh Maker being unable to utilize her spells for 10 seconds, Ouka brandishes her pistol toward her. With Laugh Maker's intention to die to clear herself of her sins, Ouka had trouble deciding how to properly judge her, and Takeru overlaps her trembling hands with his and stated that she'd be the one to aim while he would pull the trigger for her, fulfilling the promise he had made to her to assist her in her vengeance. A gunshot rings through the room, but Ouka decides to shoot Laugh Maker's leg to incapacitate her further and her ultimate decision has Laugh Maker forcibly bitten by Ouka in her Vampire form, eternally binding her tortured existence to Ouka. As the rest of the team enters the laboratory, Kurogane arrives to apprehend them with a squad of Dullahans, but relents when a number of Inquisition soldiers stand up for the 35th Platoon as their actions allow them to retake the city. The team follows Nagaru through the underground passages to reach their next destination.

White Escape Arc[]

The reunited 35th Platoon, along with Kanaria, followed Nagaru deeper into the Grey City's subway tunnels and came out the other side to see an abandoned highway. Nagaru finds a previously stored vehicle, and the team begins driving to the dissident's headquarters. Takeru is placed in the front seat and gets harassed by Mari and Lapis after his interaction with Ouka. After driving for a while, Nagaru brings the team to an associate's inn, and Takeru is able to convince the team to take a break after constant action. Takeru is personally consoled by Nagaru, who understands that Takeru is the one who needs to relax the most as he is constantly thinking of Kiseki and how to save her. Takeru is taken by surprise when Nagaru pulls his face down and hugs him, and she starts patting him on the head, saying that he's done his best. Takeru begins to tear up as he ponders how he was never comforted by anyone while he was always the one comforting others.

After much-needed relaxation, the team heads back out onto the road, only to find themselves pursued by the Inquisition. Takeru is asked to identify the three cars behind them, but his role is taken over by Ikaruga, and he stays back in the van while Kanaria assaults the three vans chasing them. However, the team's van is thrown off the road after dodging Scarlet's Relic Eater shot, and the team recovers from the crash to continue their escape. They are confronted by Scarlet's squad, and Nagaru distracts them while everyone huddles together behind Mari as they incur an avalanche in a last-ditch effort to separate themselves from their pursuers. Gou, however, charges past the avalanche and breaks Mari's barrier, separating both parties. Takeru regains consciousness first and hurries to find out if his teammates are safe, and he finds Nagaru buried under a pile of snow with her leg stuck under a fallen tree. As he attempts to help her, Scarlet confronts the duo, and Takeru is forced to fight with his own sword as Lapis is unresponsive to his request to access Witch Hunter form. Takeru pleads for her to help him and the duo face Scarlet together, but the latter's ability negates everything Takeru throws at her, and he is eventually incapacitated.

Scarlet was unexpectedly defeated by Nagaru when the latter attached a restoration charm she bartered off from the innkeepers, and Bloody Mary's abilities began to turn the restorative effects into a damaging one. While Scarlet is unable to continue fighting, the Hyakki Yakou cells embedded inside her begin to go berserk with Takeru's presence, and he requests that Lapis give him access to God Hunter form before Kiseki's cells consume the entire area. Lapis relents, but gives him 10 seconds to do what he can before they must deactivate the armor. Takeru enters God Hunter mode and destroys all of Kiseki's flesh mass but after the 10 seconds elapses, he finds himself unable to let go and falls unconscious. Takeru's unconscious body is discovered by Mari and Ouka who find Lapis crying next to him.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Two days after his blackout, Takeru regains consciousness in the Heretic Alliance's headquarters with both Ouka and Mari asleep by his bedside. Takeru also finds Nagaru near the window in the room reading a Nordic Mythos book. The crew hears from Nagaru that their current location is the result of the mythological world and the human world colliding, which explains why the headquarters feels surreal in both its familiar surroundings and its near alien vista and skies. Takeru asks to speak with Lapis and even though he is urged not to continue utilizing her, Takeru gets an answer from Nagaru and heads down to see her. Takeru finds Lapis in the basement level of the facility and like the others, Lapis herself pleads for him to abandon her and even offers to cancel their contract without re-opening the lethal wound that brought them together in the first place. Lapis describes her emotions as something strictly "human" and wanting to monopolize Takeru for herself, and fears that she might eat away at his memories of the others if she feels jealous enough. Instead of getting scared, Takeru is happy to hear that Lapis feels that way and insists that they remain together and that he'll continue to trust her.

The formal meeting of the alliance convenes and Takeru awkwardly introduces himself, and the platoon to the dissidents from the Magic Academy and the God's Embers religious faction. While Takeru's introduction is fairly neutral, a fight breaks out between the respective faction leaders, Sage and Yuzuho, and Takeru breaks the two up and later asks the two of them to come alone, so they can get to know each other more. The three do so, and Takeru explains his circumstances while Sage and Yuzuho share theirs, and the three come to a peaceful agreement to help each other. The next day, Takeru and the others attend the briefing for their raid on the Alchemist's First Laboratory where 3 VIP targets from the three factions are captured. Kanaria objects to the mission's "rescue" objective and vouches for an all-out assault, and she storms off after Nagaru explains that they cannot afford to carry out such an attack.

Later, Takeru encounters Ikaruga who had previously gone after Kanaria after the latter's outburst. Ikaruga suddenly drags Takeru into a data room and is confided in as she is fearful that she might lose Kanaria again and that her feelings as a mother are misplaced when she is undeserving of such a title. Takeru comforts her that she's perfectly justified in her responsibilities, and the utterance of his usual "burden" phrase has Ikaruga question if he would be willing to be Kanaria's father, but she excuses him from the responsibility and warns him not to say such words lightly to a woman. The night before the operation's start, Takeru and Lapis meet by the roof and the former reaffirms that he would like for her to stay with him and ignores her warnings, stating that he would risk losing memories if completely necessary. The rest of the platoon shows up on the roof, and everyone hopes that their combined strengths will ensure their future. Ouka in particular notes that she and Lapis agreed to have Vlad disarm Takeru from God Hunter form should he exceed his time limit.

The operation begins, and Takeru arranges for Kanaria to remain behind as per Ikaruga's wishes as the team sets off without her. The 35th Platoon, the pureblood wizards, and the mikos are covered by Kanata while a diversionary force engages the laboratory's defensive measures head-on. Takeru, Mari, Ouka, and Lapis head inside the facility but quickly become separated, with Ouka and Mari being cut off from him. Takeru continues his journey alone with Lapis and encounters Kyouya in the lab's halls. Kyouya learned of Takeru's motives and demanded that he hand over the transfer charm, so he could use it to save Yoshimizu. And the two have their rematch over it. Takeru's training squares even with Kyouya's multitude of combat experience, but Takeru continues to have a difficult time in his approach, even more so when Kyouya engages him in close combat. The battle ends in Takeru's favor after his hard read on Kyouya proved true and with his refusal to finish him. Before anything else occurs, however, Kiseki's voice resounds through the hall, and she appears before the duo. As the walls corrode in her presence, a stray tentacle destroys the life-support pod Yoshimizu was contained in, and Takeru tries to talk Kiseki into being saved from her bodily curse. Unexpectedly, Kiseki outright refuses salvation, so Takeru is forced into God Hunter form. But he is embraced by Kiseki, eating up his time in the armor. As Takeru's mind starts to fade, Ouka disarms him from the armor, and Kiseki is enraged at seeing Ouka again and vows to return and "do her best" in killing everyone Takeru holds dear to force him to fulfill his promise to kill her.

By sunrise, the rest of the alliance apparently succeeded in their respective rescue missions save for Takeru, who walks out of the facility with Kyouya and Ouka in tow instead of Kiseki. Holding back his anger and emptiness, Takeru handed the transfer charm over to Ikaruga for it to be used on the dying Yoshimizu, much to Kyouya's surprise, and Takeru promised to explain everything when they returned. Takeru walks off alone and is comforted by Ouka, and he begins to cry over Kiseki's decision.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Takeru contemplates sorrow for the first time in his life after Kiseki's refusal to be saved, and he is told by Nagaru that he and his platoon will be sent off tomorrow to find a document regarding Sougetsu's identity that might change the tide of their struggle. Before leaving, she also states that she has a gift waiting for him. On the way to his destination, Takeru runs into the restored Yoshimizu who thanks him for sacrificing the transfer charm to save her instead of saving his sister. Takeru is unable to properly reciprocate her thanks as both of them know that Yoshimizu wouldn't have been saved if Kiseki had accepted his offer. Nonetheless, Yoshimizu thanks him for his deeds. When Takeru entered the room, Nagaru instructed him to find himself in the replicated platoon room with the rest of his team already there waiting for him. Takeru begins to tear up and after he calms down, he explains the situation with Kiseki to his teammates. As Takeru's motivation falters, he is assured by his platoon that his actions have helped them become stronger and closer together, and they reaffirm that they will follow through with him until the end.

Takeru and the platoon prepare to head out, and they are approached by Kyouya who offers them his assistance in retrieving their objective. Takeru and Kyouya walk to an empty hallway to discuss this before their departure. Takeru accepts Kyouya's help but in exchange for letting him punch him, which Kyouya accepts. After sending the latter sliding on the floor, the two accept each other's help. Takeru and the platoon stow away in a truck while Kyouya, whose appearance was temporarily altered by Mari, gets them to the location they desire. As the team entered the abandoned newspaper press to find the document, they encountered Kurogane as well as a number of EXE operatives sent to apprehend him. Kurogane deduces the platoon's reasons for coming and tells Takeru to leave. Kurogane explains that he will take care of everything and suggests that they run away and protect themselves instead of participating in the war. However, Takeru refuses and the room is quickly surrounded by Dullahans led by Kurogane's ex-subordinate, Mamoru Jougasaki. Mamoru offers them amnesty if they turn themselves in, but Kurogane feigns capture and charges toward Mamoru who retrieves the document first and runs off. The platoon finds themselves cornered in the room with an EXE sniper honed in on their location, and Usagi offers to stay behind to delay her while everyone else chases after the document. Ikaruga stays with Usagi, and the others chase Mamoru and Kurogane through the building.

Usagi and Ikaruga's efforts flush out the sniper from her position, and she equips her Relic Eater and flies ahead to meet Takeru, Mari, and Ouka. The latter two offer to stay back and detain her while Takeru continues the chase, and he runs out of the building in pursuit. By the time Takeru catches up, he finds Kurogane standing over Mamoru's corpse with the former already having read the contents of the document. Takeru has unexpectedly questioned his reasons for fighting, and he reaffirms that he wishes to save his sister and those who placed their hopes on him. Kurogane conversely responds that Takeru's goal of saving everybody would be impossible while Kurogane himself would be willing to sacrifice himself if it meant saving the world. Kurogane questions if Takeru planned on killing Sougetsu, and Takeru states that he would be willing to if he got in his way. Kurogane draws Caligula and states that he won't allow for that to happen, and warns Takeru for the last time to leave with his teammates and get themselves to safety. Takeru refuses and urges Kurogane to join them if their goals are the same and to share the document's information, but he refuses before the two clash.

Takeru is unable to successfully land a hit on Kurogane and Kyouya jumps to assist in the fight, but both are unable to fight Kurogane on equal grounds. Takeru and Kyouya launch a simultaneous attack when Kurogane is forced to reload Caligula, but their attack is halted by Maximilian. As Maximilian redirects their attacks back, Kyouya blasts Takeru away, so the latter won't be caught in the blast. Kyouya survives, and Takeru continues the fight alone and is further beaten down. Takeru concentrates his full willpower into his Soumatou and for a single instance is able to out-speed Kurogane's field of vision and slash him across the chest. Kurogane receives an enormously powerful blow, but is still able to stand while Takeru passes out from exhaustion. Kurogane approaches Takeru's body and Lapis materializes to protect him, giving Kurogane thought about how Takeru might be able to control Mistelteinn and avoid the inevitable doom that would come from Sougetsu's death. Kurogane relents as the rest of the team arrives to try and stop him, and he hands them the document before holding off the EXE members implanted with Kiseki's cells as it overwhelms them.

Takeru reawakens a few minutes after and finds himself being carried by his teammates running away from the Akashic Hazard. What seemed like days for him was apparently less than 5 minutes since he found himself awake, and Lapis explains his excruciating headaches and slowed perceptions are from his over-usage of Soumatou. Whereas the technique required him to "open the lid" of his brain, Lapis urges him to "close" the lid now that it was completely "open". The team is hauled away to safety by Sage and his squad, and with news of the alliance headquarters being evacuated, the rest of the alliance convened in an abandoned hotel. Ouka's efforts in deciphering the document reveal the information that Sougetsu's existence is tied to the existence of the world, if he were to die, the world would follow. The team opts to leave Sougetsu's judgment for later, but understands that their goal wasn't to kill him. With the war escalating, the team decides to journey back to the Inquisition's headquarters near the academy, and they find the ruins of the city with no survivors to be found. The academy itself is in shambles, and the corpses of many Inquisitors and students alike litter the street. With Takeru's condition taking an immense toll, he is forced by the others to sit out the fight against a number of einherjars and Ikaruga stays with him to try and convince him to stay put.

Takeru's intent to save everyone inspires him to stand and equips Lapis to deal with the einherjars outside. While his teammates protested his involvement, Orochi and Mother Goose appeared before them, and Takeru was at first unable to discern who Orochi was after the latter consumed a large number of civilians to return to his younger appearance. Takeru and Orochi decide to have their duel in a different location, and the two leave the area. Above the underground prisoner area near the ruined academy, Orochi and Takeru duel begin their duel with Takeru being unable to properly register Orochi as an enemy, instead still viewing him as a teacher and family member. Orochi was furious at how Takeru still viewed him this way and demanded a serious duel, to which Takeru finally relented. Takeru's techniques are unable to trump Orochi's, but Lapis' ability is able to make up for it with form changes that keep Orochi at bay. Orochi notices Takeru's state and deduces that he overused his Soumatou and states that he has since named this ascended state as "Demon Heart". When the two enter their heightened speed, the aftermath of their instantaneous clash has Orochi regenerate at a faster rate, and Takeru is assisted by Kanaria who arrives to buy him some time. Usagi and Ikaruga also hone in on Orochi's position and take a shot at his deteriorating leg, and Takeru prepares himself to fight again. Orochi discards Hotarumaru, calls Gungnir to his side, and invokes Deification while Takeru himself enters God Hunter mode. The two enter Demon Heart again, and Orochi draws his blade to utilize Ama no Habakiri. However, Takeru is able to out-speed him, seeing the image of his mentor stop mid-swing, and Takeru draws his own blade to utilize the same technique. Orochi is slain in an immense array of light and Takeru walks out alive, but soon hears Kiseki's voice as she emerges from the ground.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Takeru is confronted by Kiseki, whose appearance prompts the start of the apocalypse as flesh tendrils begin sprouting off the ground, devouring everything in sight. Kiseki's jovial declaration on how she'll kill everything so only the siblings will remain in the world leaves Takeru empty on how he should react to the situation properly, as his responses and questions would only lead back to him not fulfilling their promise. Takeru decided to his mind speak freely, without the burden of admitting that he did anything right, and said no matter what Kiseki tried to reason with him, he wouldn't back down on his intent to save her. He admits that he didn't keep his promise, but also admits to not being a decent person in the first place to keep any and that Kiseki wouldn't have known that since they barely know anything about each other. Takeru proposes that they fight it out, a chance to have their raw emotions on display and truly learn more of each other and if they truly do feel the same way as they do now afterward, they would pursue their wishes for each other.

Takeru's fight with Kiseki overloads his natural limitations with Soumatou, but he hardly feels the physical repercussions of their effects with his mind solely focused on how everything had led up to this moment. Takeru comes to realize that even with his struggle, both sides don't intend to kill each other, and Kiseki insists that she cannot be saved. To show this, she utilizes her far-reaching abilities to kill a few thousand people far away. However, Takeru still declares that he would save her no matter how many people she would end up killing. In return, Kiseki realizes that similarly, she won't have anyone else other than Takeru in this world with her. However, Taker changes face when Kiseki brings up her plan to kill his platoon members, and Takeru visibly becomes angry with her for the first time and declares his full intent on killing her if she harmed any of his comrades. He makes sure to note that he still had no intention of committing double suicide with her, and gives Kiseki the option of either dying alone or living together with him in peace. Kiseki's mental fortitude begins to weaken, but this moment of chance is interrupted by Haunted, where Kiseki takes the chance to flee.

Takeru wastes time trying to kill Haunted, so he can pursue Kiseki. But the mad priest's immortality and persistence get in the way. Haunted laughingly states that the world being devoured proved troublesome for him and wishes for the world to live on, so he could continue spreading despair. The fight is unexpectedly cut short when Kurogane blows Haunted away, and he angrily demands Takeru to focus his anger and energy on the fight he'll no doubt continue with his sister and states that he'll shoulder Takeru's anger focused toward Haunted. Takeru heeds Kurogane's words and sets off to find Kiseki. By the time he found her, Kiseki had already calmed down due to his platoon member's efforts and finally came to terms with reciprocating their wish. While Takeru admits that he won't be the man to love her, he'll always stay and love her as her older brother, but before the two embrace, an eerily familiar voice rings through everyone's ears. Kiseki is shot through Takeru with Sougetsu's Innocentius, knocking her unconscious. As Mari is afflicted with Innocentius as well and is forced to fight Ouka, Takeru is prompted by Usagi and Ikaruga to take Innocentius off Sougetsu's hands, but Kiseki is forcibly awakened and is ordered to continue devouring the world. Takeru, along with the rest of the platoon's members, are swallowed by the flesh mass again.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Takeru finds himself in a reality where he has killed Kiseki and spends an eternity alone. Futilely trying to reverse his actions, Takeru remains by Kiseki's corpse as he spends what seems to be 100 years alone and suffering. As he himself begins to rot, however, Takeru hears a voice and is awakened by a familiar warmth. Takeru returns to reality and finds Lapis beside him, and she explains that Sougetsu had ordered Kiseki to induce a dream for Takeru to deteriorate his mind. Takeru asks for Lapis to wake him up in the real world but before that, she hesitantly mentions a method that can save the world. While Takeru is happy to hear an option, he notices her expression as she reveals this. A vision of Mother Goose materializes and promptly reveals the method to be for Takeru and Lapis to complete their fusion and ascend to godhood after killing Sougetsu. Takeru rebukes the offer of blanking the slate as Mother Goose and Orochi had wanted, but the former clarifies to him that rewriting everything was not the only option and that the new god could decide what to do with the world. As he thinks over this, Mother relays Orochi's last congratulatory message to Takeru who fondly reminisces, and Takeru shoulders what Orochi had planned and asks what would happen to him if he did become a god. Mother explains that the duo's impurities would not be able to sustain their existence like Sougetsu's status as a living god would, and the two would cease to exist as individuals and "live on" as a soul, a concept of a god who would watch over the world. Takeru unexpectedly agrees with the plan and makes do with the idea of sacrifice, but Lapis tries to talk him out of it. She appeals to him about the people he will leave behind, but Takeru states that there were no alternatives other than this but confesses that he has made peace with the idea since he'll be with her to spend eternity together.

The two affirm their wills, and Mother Goose gives up her soul to provide magic for Lapis to inherit the right of Deification, and she prays for the two's success and salvation. Takeru and Lapis enter pseudo-godhood and set forth. Takeru is able to reach Ouka and Mari after their fight concludes with Mari being knocked unconscious while Ouka loses strength to fly. He locates Usagi and Ikaruga, and cleanses the area of the Hyakki Yakou's flesh with God Hunter form's flames. Takeru is disarmed from the armor with Ouka's help, and he gets chewed out for his timing by Ikaruga and Usagi. As a roar brings the team back to attending to the situation, Takeru has Ouka join him while the other three support them from the back as they confront Sougetsu. The team is; however, met with immediate opposition in the form of a powerful creature spawned by the Hyakki Yakou, an incarnated form of the malevolent curse Kiseki bears, and its apparent immunity to magic through its demonic erosion on the team's own magical means of attack. The team is forced to fight it with their own strengths with Takeru's case being unable to utilize Lapis's magic or her armor. He works in tandem with Usagi to drive the bullets past the demon's barrier. The team is assisted by Kanaria at the end who finishes off the demon, and she arrives with the united allies of the remnants of the Inquisition, Valhalla, and the Heretic Alliance.

Kanata and Kurogane, now acting as the de facto leaders of the impromptu armistice, arrive to treat their wounds and formulate their last plan of attack. Takeru takes the time to speak to Kurogane about his intent to sacrifice himself for the world. Takeru expects Kurogane to show some resistance, but unexpectedly relents and places his trust on Takeru to do what needs to be done. When Takeru regroups with his team, they ask to hear their plan of attack after they see him converse with Kurogane. Takeru, however, keeps his intentions a secret and shares a generic plan of attack which his team is skeptical of believing. Kanaria in particular notices the glint in Takeru's eyes, but decides to withhold from speaking up. Takeru is escorted by a platoon of dragoons while being joined by Ouka, Sage, Yuzuho, Kanaria, and Kurogane as they clear open a path for him to reach Sougetsu. Ouka follows Takeru the longest way through as she helps him clear the distance, but Mari's intervention with her magic fuels Takeru's last stretch as he arrives by Sougetsu.

Sparing no time to converse, Takeru charges toward him with a piercing attack, but he forces himself to stop when Sougetsu pulls Kiseki in front of him. Using this chance, Sougetsu fights back with Naglfar, attempting to pierce through Kiseki to reach Takeru, but Usagi manages to shoot the blade out of his hands and allows Takeru a chance to get a clean hit in. Sougetsu is; however, able to reorient himself immediately, dodges Takeru's attack, and stabs him through the back. Naglfar's abilities instantly cancel out Takeru's God Hunter form, and he is left without Lapis' protection. Takeru finds himself cornered, but unexpected help arrives in the form of Nagaru who interrupts the fight and begins a teleportation incantation to bring him and Sougetsu to the mythological world. As Takeru begins to disappear, Ouka tries to reach out to him, and Takeru apologizes for his secrecy and responds to Ouka's confession. The second before Takeru disappears, Ouka embraces and kisses him before he is teleported. Takeru finds himself with Nagaru where the latter recounts the situation, and she is saddened to hear how Takeru's intentions will end with his death. Nagaru bids him luck, and Takeru hopes that Nagaru will be able to help rebuild the world as he sets off to face Sougetsu one last time. The duel becomes a pattern of Takeru's attacks being avoided, Sougetsu striking, and Takeru preemptively dodging his attacks by sound. Sougetsu; however, masks his presence for longer than usual from the rhythm, and Takeru gathers his strength to fill the entire space around him with slashes. Takeru's ears pick up a noise and Sougetsu is cut. Takeru charges forward and drives his blade through Sougetsu, and finishes him off as he stabs him one more time through the forehead. As Sougetsu dissipates, Lapis assumes his soul and with it, the seat of God. Takeru warmly embraces it, and his body begins to break apart as he goes through his cherished memories one last time.

Takeru regains consciousness in the recreation of the old platoon room, and he meets Lapis by the door. Takeru reaffirms his promise for eternity, but Lapis answers back differently. Instead of wanting to go together, Lapis bids for him to stay behind and live happily back with his comrades. Takeru tries to protest, but he realizes that what he's feeling now is what his comrades must be feeling with his departure. Takeru hesitantly but understandingly relents to Lapis's wishes, and the two share a kiss before Lapis disappears into the light as Takeru reawakens in the real world surrounded by rubble. While Takeru silently contemplates what occurred, a familiar voice puts him on guard, and he finds Haunted waiting for him. The two do not spare words about their circumstances, so they rush toward each other to fulfill their intent of killing the other. The fight ends after the two clashes with their strongest strikes, and Takeru steps out of the smoking crater in the aftermath.


Five years after the catastrophic war, the Inquisition's headquarters, as well as the academy building, is rebuilt, and the 35th Platoon properly graduates to become Inquisitors. Takeru and Ouka in particular were selected for their leadership abilities and assigned as the new Vice Captains of the EXE under Kanata's supervision. However, due to the compromise, Kiseki thought up how both Kusanagi siblings would wear explosive collars to maintain her mental state, Takeru was relegated to office paperwork while Ouka led operations. Takeru's eventual tiredness from his menial administrative work as well as his non-existent romantic pursuits (banned by the Inquisition's board in fear of more demonic children) has him inquire about an audience with Haunted, who was revealed to have been spared much to his own chagrin. Takeru visits Haunted and asks if the priest has learned anything over his long life that was close to a cure for his family's curse. Haunted unexpectedly admitted that he does and was willing to share information in exchange for a proper duel to the death as he had wished in their previous encounter. Takeru relents and authorizes Nacht's return to Haunted, and the two square off.

Takeru was the victor in his final bout with Haunted, and he led his old team to the location where Haunted was revealed to hold a lead on a cure for Kiseki as well as the last remaining Suginami clone. The final epilogue of the series reveals that Takeru had successfully lifted the burden of his family's curse from his line and had sired a child. He "meets" Lapis and asks if she was surprised by who he picked as his wife to which she replies that his choice was very much like him.


Master Swordsmanship: Takeru is one of the last remaining practitioners of the Kusanagi Style and is a naturally skilled swordsman. In exchange for his uncanny talent for bladed weapons, he is completely incapable of doing anything else. Guns have been known to malfunction and even miss targets at point-blank range when they were utilized by him, and Takeru has since abandoned the thought of using modern firearms to prioritize what he does best. Having been taught the True-Light Style by his father prior to his death, Takeru sought his family's still surviving ancestor, Orochi, to learn the family's ancient techniques, the Double-Edged Style after his family's demise. This training naturally developed his sturdy exterior, above-average strength, and keen reaction times.

True Light Style: The technique utilized by the Kusanagi Clan to combat other humans. Primarily taught by his father and utilized sparingly compared to the number of techniques that Takeru uses from the family's more lethal techniques.
Double-Edged Style: The ancient techniques utilized by the Kusanagi Clan in ancient times to combat monsters. Undergoing life-threatening training under Orochi, Takeru was able to grasp the basics and drill most of its techniques into his head before leaving for the Inquisition. His single-mindedness in learning to become stronger assisted him in retaining most of what he was taught and also quickly learning new ones.
Blade Mastery: Takeru's knowledge of the Double-Edge Style's techniques led him to learn how to utilize a varied assortment of bladed weapons aside from his traditional katana. A few of these weapons that he utilized were Zweihanders, Talwars, Bastard Sword, Oodachi, Nodachi, Kusarigama, and the likes. Takeru has also showcased the ability to dual-wield, although the Double-Edged Style's philosophy generally prohibited it.

Relic Eater/Magical Heritage- Mistelteinn: When armed in Witch Hunter form, Takeru can utilize his bountiful knowledge of swordplay with improved speed, durability, and strength. The Witch Hunter form's natural regenerative properties also allow him to use Soumatou with impunity, provided there was a means to restore Lapis' low mana pool. Lapis' ability to change shape allowed him to utilize his knowledge of other weapons and switch armaments on the fly.


  • The name Takeru is written in katakana (タケル), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (猛, 武瑠, 武流, 武琉, 武留, 丈瑠, 丈流, 丈琉, 丈留, 尊瑠, 尊流, 尊琉, 尊留, 武尊 or 建), it could possibly mean:
    • 猛 - "fierce, rave, rush, become furious, wildness, strength".
    • 武瑠 - "military, martial" (武) (take) and "lapis lazuli" (瑠) (ru).
    • 武流 - "military, martial" (武) (take) and "flow, style, manner, method" (流) (ru).
    • 武琉 - "military, martial" (武) (take) and "precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli" (琉) (ru).
    • 武留 - "military, martial" (武) (take) and "detain, fasten, halt, stop" (留) (ru).
    • 丈瑠 - "height, length, stature, measure, all" (丈) (take) and "lapis lazuli" (瑠) (ru).
    • 丈流 - "height, length, stature, measure, all" (丈) (take) and "flow, style, manner, method" (流) (ru).
    • 丈琉 - "height, length, stature, measure, all" (丈) (take) and "precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli" (琉) (ru).
    • 丈留 - "height, length, stature, measure, all" (丈) (take) and "detain, fasten, halt, stop" (留) (ru).
    • 尊瑠 - "revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted" (尊) (take) and "lapis lazuli" (瑠) (ru).
    • 尊流 - "revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted" (尊) (take) and "flow, style, manner, method" (流) (ru).
    • 尊琉 - "revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted" (尊) (take) and "precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli" (琉) (ru).
    • 尊留 - "revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted" (尊) (take) and "detain, fasten, halt, stop" (留) (ru).
    • 武尊 - "military, martial" (武) (take) and "revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted" (尊) (ru).
    • 建 - "build/built".


  • Takeru's surname Kusanagi means "grass, herb, weed" (草) (kusa) and "mow" (薙) (nagi).