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Kiseki Kusanagi[]

Takeru's twin sister and his primary reason for joining the Inquisition and the academy. Interacting with Kiseki and being unable to do anything for her formed the basis of Takeru's personality in wanting to understand others and pacify his own violent nature. As his only sibling left and direct family, Takeru treasures Kiseki, and he wishes for her to have an ordinary life and places his promise to give her said life as his primary goal for fighting. Even after she refuses his offer to be saved, Takeru strives to save her to convince her otherwise. While Kiseki's feelings for her brother are understandably romantic due to only knowing him for all her life, Takeru's feelings of love are simply those of an older brother who couldn't ease her pain for a world that condemned her existence.

Orochi Kusanagi[]

Takeru's ancestor and blademaster who imparted the techniques of the Double-Edged Style through merciless training for most of his late childhood. Takeru has his trademark family's discipline firmly instilled by him and, this is apparent when he addresses Orochi as "master", and usually gets on his knees when he speaks to him. While possibly being the closest person to Orochi, Takeru still remains intimidated as the former's loyalties only lie to the blade. While Takeru has profound amounts of respect for Orochi, he still primarily views him as opposition and one of the biggest hurdles that stands defiantly against his own goals. Differentiating him from family to an enemy was Takeru's toughest portion in his duel against him

Takeru's Parents[]

Takeru fondly remembers his mother and father who he respectively describes as being gentle and strict. Even when he caused trouble for others, the only ones he would behave in front of were his parents. His father in particular drilled the fanatic obsession of swordsmanship into Takeru to discipline his nature and regrettably passed down the family's burden that was a father's responsibility to him to kill Kiseki.

35th Test Platoon[]

Ouka Ootori[]

Takeru and Ouka first encountered each other when they were on a similar, single-minded track of life. While Takeru wished to change the Inquisition with his abilities, Ouka wished for nothing more than to become an Inquisitor and track down her family's murderer. The two clashed in the mock battle trial, and Takeru walked away as a changed person who began to consider how others thought while Ouka continued her path to vengeance. Their reunion was uneventful for Ouka who continued to strive for excellence alone to regain her position as an Inquisitor, while Takeru tried to befriend her now that she was in the same platoon.

At this point in time, the two reunited. Takeru was at odds with himself, but found Ouka's single-track mind something he empathized and related himself with, which was one of the primary reasons for wanting to help her. Ouka's continued support of Takeru's goals after her own vengeance was fulfilled made her the closest person who understood what kind of pain he went through, comforting him when he began to lose his composure after Kiseki refused to be saved.

Ikaruga Suginami[]

The alchemist Design Child who became kindred spirits with Takeru during middle school, making her one of his oldest friends. Whereas Takeru was a violent problem child, Ikaruga was reclusive and essentially without any sort of morals due to her upbringing and her interest in the people that "stuck out" had Takeru gain her attention. When faced with his loss against Ouka and being shunned by Kiseki, Takeru confided in Ikaruga and told her nearly everything about his situation with his sister during his tirade over his shortcomings, and she helped him try to craft a better attitude to be more accommodating. While he is not a fan of her constant teasing, Takeru's relationship with Ikaruga stands at a middle ground of understanding, as both rarely talked of their own problems outside of rare occasions, and they didn't actively pry into each other's pasts.

However, the two understand each other very well to the point where Takeru noticed something wrong with her regular behavior during her departure for the 5th Laboratory. When Kanaria comes into the picture, Takeru becomes the confidant where Ikaruga's doubt over her feelings of responsibility are legitimate, and he comforts her into knowing that her feelings are real and she is without a doubt qualified to have worrying thoughts of her "child".

Usagi Saionji[]

The platoon's ace sniper as well as one of its original members. Usagi's stubborn attitude made it difficult for her to get along with Takeru and Ikaruga, but their shared struggle to accrue points made them grow friendlier toward each other as their school year went on. The two shared the pain of being the only two active members in combat before the platoon was reinforced and began to do better. Takeru acts as the primary emotional support for Usagi's anxiety during combat, and she is reliant on him as her platoon leader and genuine friend. Like the other platoon members, Takeru treasures his teammates and while he prioritizes their safety above everything, he respects their own intents to help him fulfill his own goals as he had "shouldered the burden" of nearly everyone else aside from anyone in on his own.

Mari Nikaido[]

A witch who joined the 35th Platoon by special circumstance. While she was unwilling to befriend the platoon, Takeru's apparent indifference toward witches, in general, had her open up to him first. Takeru was glad to have Mari join the team and befriend others as their relationship grew closer when they attended the Magic Academy during the team's separation. Takeru also holds her in the most admirable light among the team in terms of long-term goals compared to the others as Mari is focused on relieving the stigma against witches in the world. However, Takeru's focus on recovering Lapis had his feelings more occupied with her than Mari. The fact that she finds it irritating, given that it was her time to have her own "flags" raised. Mari and Takeru established early on to have each other be referred to on a first-name basis.

Lapis Lazuli[]

Takeru's Relic Eater who was contracted to him under Sougetsu's manipulation. While their circumstances of becoming partners came at an unknown endgame for Takeru, he still treated Lapis as a friend, but was initially uncomfortable with her vacant stare and overly attached gestures. Takeru always appraised Lapis as a high-grade blade, but his own nature for swords in general had him scorned by her when he expressed his interests around her. During their time at the Magic Academy, Takeru was unconditionally made to "woo" Lapis in assuring her loyalty to him by means of romancing her and while he didn't necessarily want to be a stranger to her, he was awkwardly able to do so. Takeru viewed Lapis as a beloved partner and while Lapis herself doubted her own desires to fuse their souls, she was convinced otherwise to be there to fulfill her purpose to realize her master's dreams. When given the choice to save the world at the cost of his existence, Takeru made peace with the idea of remaining alone for eternity as it meant having Lapis' soul fused with his.


Kyouya Kirigaya/Nero[]

The captain of the 15th Platoon and also Takeru's fellow student of Anti-Magic Academy. The two, along with Ikaruga, were middle school classmates and knew each other the longest out of the rest of the cast. Kyouya's rather belligerent nature meshed well with Takeru's early days of explosive anger, and the two begrudgingly respected each other before the latter's increase in tranquility and humility. Afterwards, Kyouya began to hold a grudge against Takeru's complacency and constantly ridiculed him. Even so, Takeru found this lopsidedly abusive relationship endearing as Kyouya was practically the only person outside his platoon who regularly interacted with him by any means. The two become enemies after Kyouya attempts to kill Kiseki and only after the events in Volume 9. After a bloody rematch between the two over the use of the transfer charm, they reconcile as Takeru sacrifices the method he had intended to save Kiseki with to rescue Akira, and Kyouya offers to return the favor.

Takeru held particular contempt toward Nero during his first meeting with her as he deduced that Kyouya's outburst of violence was due to her. However, he began to empathize with Kyouya's intentions and in part, Nero as well with Yoshimizu's life being at stake.

Akira Yoshimizu[]

A member of the 15th Platoon and Kyouya's childhood friend. Yoshimizu was the stopper on Kyouya's abusive demeanor and was one of the few people who could effectively calm him down. Takeru and Yoshimizu share an understanding when it comes to Kyouya's attitude, and they are well acquainted. Takeru goes on to mention that he wouldn't have minded to have someone as sweet as her to be part of his own platoon. Later in the series, when Takeru utilizes the Transfer charm intended for Kiseki to be used on Yoshimizu, he is unable to properly accept her thanks. Feeling guilty about how she wouldn't have been saved if Kiseki had accepted his means of saving her, Takeru is hesitant to be treated with such kindness by Yoshimizu, but she naturally thanks him for doing so and for letting her see Kyouya again.

Nagaru Hoshijiro[]

Takeru was initially wary of Nagaru as he was aware of the rumors of her manipulative attitude. This turned into mild annoyance when he and the rest of the platoon were dragged into cleaning up the mess she caused when Ouka was possessed by Mephisto. In the end, the captain of the 35th Platoon and the only remaining student council member struck a deal to clean up the mess Reima and Mephisto made in exchange for information to help them graduate, as well as learn the secrets that the Inquisition and Sougetsu kept from them. During this time, Takeru was known to apply some light physical abuse for her actions. However, his opinion of her improved in the time of the 35th Platoon's departure from the Inquisition, and Nagaru herself had pinned down Takeru's inner turmoil and urgency in trying to save his sister as she comforted him.


While starting their relationship in certain hostility, Takeru began taking Kanaria's attitude towards him to be understandably childish as her body did not reflect her true biological age. He took pity on her for being taught under Orochi's difficult training methods and more so when he identified that she was improperly taught due to her not being part of the family lineage. Takeru sees her as his "junior pupil" and still feels some joy in having someone who knows his struggle to attain strength. He was insistent on having her meet Ikaruga to sort out both of their problems in wanting to see each other.


Fellow squad-leaders in the Heretic Alliance. While starting out their relationship on shaky grounds, the two leaders acknowledge their allies, but Takeru and Sage still remain close to each other as they fight toward the same goal. Yuzuho in particular catches Takeru's notice for her proficiency in close combat.

Hayato Kurogane[]

Takeru's interactions with the captain of the EXE are minimal, but Takeru is no exception in being intimidated by Kurogane's demeanor and shows respect due to his authority and power. The two have a fundamentally different view of their goals in saving others. Takeru's reason for fighting is to not betray the hopes and efforts that he and his platoon worked for to save his sister, and incidentally, the world. His thoughts on sacrifice are thought of as unnecessary, and Takeru's pipe dream of saving everyone comes into conflict with Kurogane, who would gladly sacrifice himself if it meant securing peace and saving the most amount of lives. Kurogane and Takeru came to clashes over the document involving Sougetsu's identity. While Kurogane was adamant in trying to force Takeru and the others to wait out the end of the war, he was convinced otherwise to trust in Takeru and Lapis' trust in each other to not let the world come into ruin.


Sougetsu Ootori[]

From the first onset of their meeting to the final moments of the 2nd Witch Hunt War, Takeru, like all other characters in the series, never trusted Sougetsu. While Sougetsu's friendly-enough demeanor and accommodations to the 35th Platoon, as well as allowing Takeru to visit his sister seemed to be in good intentions, Takeru had no good thoughts regarding him. The very first words Takeru spoke towards Sougetsu involved wanting to kick him out of his chair and taking it for himself. While Takeru's violent tendencies have slightly regressed, he refuses to ever put himself or his comrades in danger for Sougetsu. Utilizing his own adopted daughter to have Takeru contract with Lapis was another crucial moment of judgment, Takeru realized that Sougetsu was up to no good. The last straw is Sougetsu's intention to utilize Kiseki to end the world. This hatred, however, seems to be part of Sougetsu's end goal.

Mother Goose[]

While their meeting was under a captor-hostage situation, Mother Goose introduced herself and her intentions for Takeru to be for the greater good, and she was kind enough to accommodate his time in the Magic Academy. Even with her kindness, Takeru viewed her as the leader of Valhalla. While his perception of their goals changed, it didn't change the fact that he would come to clashes with her and Orochi. When Orochi was slain and Takeru was devoured by the Hyakki Yakou, she appeared before him to offer him the power of God's Authority through Lapis and entrusted the duty of saving the world from Sougetsu. While the two had fought, Mother's disposition still remained to save the world at all costs, and Takeru accepted the choice of sacrificing himself.


Haunted immediately gained Takeru's ire with the former's brutal arrival ceremony that tore Yoshimizu's body apart and this is further amplified with Haunted's acts behind Mari's painful memories. Being responsible for bringing grief to both Mari and Kyouya, Haunted was a top-ranking enemy whom Takeru had wished to eliminate. While unknown to him, Kiseki's angered awakening was also directly caused by Haunted inciting her to seek what she wanted most. While Haunted holds Takeru in some twisted regard in being the embodiment of hope and seeking to fight him on equal ground, Takeru shares no grandiose, idyllic view with someone who caused so much discord.