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Two Alchemists Arc
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Alchemist's Fifth Laboratory
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Witches Struggle Arc ←Two Alchemists Arc→ Festivals of Fools Arc
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Festivals of Fools Arc ←Two Alchemists Arc→ Hyakki Yakou Arc

Two Alchemists Arc is the third story arc of AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon". This arc focuses on the shared pasts of Ikaruga and Isuka Suginami, their separation, and the circumstances of their reunion where the former leaves Inquisition territory and travels to the border to meet with her after she is subsequently branded as a traitor. The arc also introduces the Alchemist Cooperation, the tertiary faction in the series and features one of their previous projects: the resurrection of the elves.


The Lost Matrix[]

Several days after the Mock Tournament incident[Notes 1], Ikaruga shows up to Sougetsu's office where she is questioned about the Lost Matrix, a rare and special ore that is rumored to use by Alchemist Corporation in reviving the Elves[Notes 2] as weapons. Ikaruga, however, denies any knowledge as she deems cloning legendary monsters (such as elves and dragons) as impossible. Sougetsu, however, asks her if she knows anything about the Lost Matrix's whereabouts as it disappeared four years ago, but Ikaruga denies any knowledge and leaves the office.




Change of Plans[]

Ikaruga immediately calls Isuka over the incident and despite her explanation, Isuka refuses to believe her former colleague and suspects the incident was her doing. However, Ikaruga advises Isuka to hire better mercenaries and at the same time, further warns her not to hurt her friends, who have just been taken captive, or she will not give her Lost Matrix as promised, and Isuka reluctantly agrees. After the call, Ikaruga berates Takeru for interfering with her business, but she becomes speechless when he replies that they came because they're worried that she might do something "troublesome". Nevertheless, Ikaruga tells him to be silent and helps him walk to her safe-house to treat his wounds.

Suginami Ikaruga[]

Isuka's Final Revenge[]

Deal between Sougetsu and Alchemist Director[]

Naked Prisoners[]

Inside the 5th Laboratory, Ouka, Usagi, and Mari are imprisoned in their cell after all their belongings are removed from them, including their clothes. Mari laments her inferior chest size while Ouka asks her to stay focused and asks her if she knows anything about the elves. Mari remembers hearing about an elf-resurrection project to which Ouka denies as that would be impossible. Isuka herself shows up in front of them to notify them of the project's imminent success and also reveals herself to be Ikaruga's sister.

When Isuka asks the 35th Platoon regarding their relationship with Ikaruga, only Usagi retaliates as she claims that they know Ikaruga better than Isuka would due to their friendship. However, Isuka is unfazed by Usagi's claims as she claims they don't know anything about her and decides to reveal her true identity.

Make Out Between Takeru and Ikaruga?[]

Trampling Demon God[]

Tragic Reunion of the Sunigami Researchers[]

Back inside the 5th Laboratory, Ikaruga finally reunites with her sister, and the latter questions her on why she left her behind. Ikaruga simply states that she became tired of mindlessly making weapons and preferred to live outside [Notes 3]. Despite the outside world not be as perfect as she had once imagined, Ikaruga still admits to have enjoyed her life outside. Isuka refuses to accept how such an unscientific explanation was worth abandoning her for and blames Ikaruga for her "re-education" and exclaims at how her life wouldn't have been so miserable if it weren't for that book. [Notes 4]

Ikaruga is unable to respond to Isuka's torment and tells her the password to the case containing the Lost Marix as "Kanaria". Isuka inputs the password, but she finds the case empty and angrily demands to know if Ikaruga bothered to come all this way to fool her. Isuka, however, calms herself and states that she'll simply extract information from Ikaruga's brain, but Ikaruga reveals the two reasons for her return. First to prevent the dark elves from being resurrected and second is to save Isuka and bring her back with her. Isuka refues to be saved and declares that she'll break free of her imprisonment and join Valhalla. Ikaruga answers back, similarly declaring she'll bring her back no matter what and defend the outside world she cherishes.

Dark Elf Ikaruga[]

Isuka's Demise[]


Haunted kills Isuka.

Before Ikaruga can reach Isuka, Haunted, who is "delighted" after witnessing Isuka's open feelings, appears out of nowhere and kills her by stabbing her though her chest while complimenting her emotions of despair and fear. Enraged and horrified to see Haunted killing her sister, Ikaruga's attacks collide with Haunted and the laboratory begins to crumble.

Outside, the rest of the 35th Platoon members struggle to hold off their foes. Both Ouka and Takeru begin to run out of mana while Usagi begins to run out of bullets. They witness an explosion from the top of the tower, and Usagi informs Takeru to save Ikaruga from falling.

Sunigami Researchers

Ikaruga hugs the dying Isuka.

Inside the laboratory's ruins, both Ikaruga and Isuka managed to survive the fall thanks to the former's impromptu barrier, and she attempts to heal Isuka's wounds. However, Haunted's strike was abnormal and the wound seems unable to be treated. Isuka, however, tells her sister to not push herself as nanomachine technology is still incomplete, and she would want Ikaruga to die with her[Notes 5]. Isuka is able to reveal that Kanaria is still alive and is allied with Valhalla, and Isuka expresses relief in being able to ease her regrets and finally succumbs to her wounds. Ikaruga embraces her sister for the last time while clutching onto the book that stirred these events into motion.

The emotional moment is once again interrupted by Haunted who compliments the emotions brewing from Ikaruga, and he extends his hand to ask if she was willing to join him in Valhalla. Ikaruga shoots Haunted in the head, but he immediately recovers from the shot and decides to leave them a gift that he received from all of Isuka's notes and studies. Haunted disappears in his black pond while an enormous creature emerges from the other side. To her horror, Ikaruga sees a mythical beast revived through science, a mechanical dragon.

Mechanical Dragon[]

Kusanagi vs Mechanical Dragoon[]

Giant Cannon[]


Ikaruga's Tears[]

An Irresistible Offer of Vengeance[]

Meanwhile at the Seelie Hospital, Kyouya, whose legs have been replaced by a prosthetic after Haunted's invasion, recuperates from his injuries while visiting the comatose clone of Akira. Sougetsu pays Kyouya a visit and gives his condolences, and he tells him to move on instead of seeking vengeance. Being overwhelmed by his crippled state and guilt for his helplessness in saving his comrades, Kyouya angrily vows to inflict the pain he suffered onto Takeru. This piques the Chairman's interest as he offers Kyouya a chance to obtain power to avenge the fallen, in which Kyouya accepts out of spite against his rival.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime Differences[]



  • Contrasted from the light novel timeline, this arc swaps with Festivals of Fools Arc as the anime's fourth arc.


Major characters[]

Supporting characters[]

Minor Characters[]

Story Impact[]

  • The Alchemists Corporation is introduced as an (semi) antagonistic company where researchers were working on their latest project for Valhalla, Project Dark Elves. Ironically, the Alchemists also provide Dragoons to the Inquisition.
  • Isuka is introduced as the arc's antagonist and also Ikaruga's former colleague who devoted her life for the sake of research. Isuka was willing to go any length to secure her pride and prestige as an Alchemist, even if it meant killing the ones in her way and betraying the ones who raised her.
  • Haunted shows his regular self as he claims that seeing emotions are his drive in committing atrocities. Despite his cynical and sadistic nature, he claims that he loves humans.
  • Sougetsu's Relic Eater, Innocentius, is shown during the battle inside the Alchemist Corporation.
  • Ikaruga's past is revealed where she and Isuka were the Alchemist Corporation's genetically designed children to create and design weapons. Ikaruga's reasons for defecting is caused by a book, whose title is the basis for the name she would give to the wood-elf infant she created.
    • That very elf Ikaruga adopted would later revealed to be as one of the Magic Academy's student [1], who is possessing an estranged relationship with Ikaruga. Their uneasy relationship continues until the Second Witch-Hunt War, where she eventually reconcile with Ikaruga [2].
  • The aftermath of the 5th Laboratory affect those who are involved in the incident.
    • With Isuka's death, Ikaruga is the only Suginami child alive.
      • Kanaria, under her code-name Diluted, vows to avenge Isuka by destroying the Anti-Magic Academy despite her intents violating her superior's principles to not get bystanders involved in their war against the Inquisition.
    • Ikaruga cries and becomes emotional for the first time. Proving that she has fully detached herself from her previously unfeeling self.
    • Haunted gains knowledge in synchronizing and recreating mythical creatures from Isuka's data and retreats back to Valhalla. His actions further prompt Mephisto to "fix" his mistakes by invading the Anti-Magic Academy.


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  1. In the anime counterpart, this scene took place after the Witch-Hunt Festival.
  2. According to legend, elves were as dangerous as dragons in ancient times but were made extinct after the First Witch-Hunt War when the Inquisitors hunted them down.
  3. The very sole reason for Ikaruga to go outside was because of the picture book she read that driven her curiosity to see the outside world while felt the Alchemist's experimentation were boring. That very same book (which later also read by Isuka) however strained the relationship betwen Sunigami researchers as Isuka insisted on paving her dream to be a researcher. Ikaruga's escape from the lab consequently turned Isuka as a living experiment specimen by the Alchemist Cooperation, further brewing her resentment towards Ikaruga.
  4. Reeducation is the process where Isuka was forcibly implanted with a nanomachine in her head that suppressed her emotions, which was the source of her headaches. The only reason she underwent this procedure instead of being killed outright was because she was still "willing" to work for the Alchemists.
  5. Before her death, Isuka claimed that 『Nanomachines』 were incomplete and because of this, the user would face the risk of death-via internal organ failure. Prolonged usage would prove fatal.


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  2. Light Novel Volume 9


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