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Tyrving (ティルヴィング Tyrfing) is a Lost-Type Magical Heritage that was given to Reima Tenmyouji from Mephisto during their joint project to take over the Anti-Magic Academy.


In its regular state, Tyrving is an ornate, gold longsword. When its Hero Form is accessed, the armor resembles that of a classic knight with silver and gold finish along with an accompanying cape and wing-motif.


Tyrving has shown no signs of personality.



Tyrving was presumably an artifact discovered by the Magic Side and later taken by Mephisto.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Tyrving was gifted for Reima's usage by Mephisto after the two agreed to take over the school while recovering Mephisto's true body. It entered combat against Takeru where Reima's lack of training with blades was offset by its intrinsic ability. However, Reima was still untrained and was soundly defeated. Tyrving was recovered by Takeru, and its whereabouts are unknown.


Magical Heritage- Tyrving: Tyrving is a S-classed Magical Heritage that took the shape of an ornate, golden blade. It's powerful abilities guarded its user, and its ultimate powers could rearrange fate to grant the wishes of its user to become true.

Intrinsic Magic- Destiny: All of the swings and strikes the user makes with Tyrving has its attacks guaranteed to land no matter the circumstances so as long as the target was in line of sight.

Absolute Fate: Destiny's Enchantment: Fate altering magic that granted its user up to three wishes. Upon the usage of all three wishes, it was said to lay a curse on its user.

Hero Form: Tyrving's Hero Form granted its user a regal knight armor with winged regalia and a flowing cape. It's extremely fast regenerative capabilities made it a formidable combination with its guaranteed strikes.

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  • Tyrving is the name of a magic sword in Norse mythology.