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Usagi Saionji
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Kanji 西園寺 うさぎ
Rōmaji Saionji Usagi
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 18 (Series)
21 (Epilogue)
Gender Female
Height 145cm
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light blue
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Alive
Family Kikyou Saionji (Step-mother)
Professional Info
School Anti-Magic Academy
Platoon 35th
Weapons Sniper rifle (Barrett Model M95)
Mosin Nagant
Rabbit's Fang
Species Human
Inquisition Role
Occupation Academy Student
Heretic Alliance Operative
Affiliation Inquisition (Formerly)
Heretic Alliance
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Rumi Ōkubo

Usagi Saionji (西園寺 うさぎ Saionji Usagi) is the 35th Platoon's prodigious sniper with a crippling case of stage fright. She hails from a high-class familiy with ties to the Inquisition's higher-ups.


Usagi Animation

Usagi's character sheet

Usagi has shoulder-length light, blond hair that has a black ribbon tied in her hair shaped like rabbit ears (earning her nickname), light blue eyes and noticeably big breasts.

Usagi wears the standard academy uniform with the green shirt and dress, with her additions of tights.

In the Epilogue, Usagi's uniform changes from the regular green academy uniform to the black suit, tie, and pants of the Inquisition's EXE. She also grows out her hair from her usual neck-length to reach her back.


Compared to the vindictive Ouka Ootori and the enigmatic Ikaruga Suginami, Usagi is a comparatively simple girl with simple motivations to become a sanctioned Inquisitor. Usagi's high-class upbringing has her speak with a very dignified and refined manner, a trait that is not fully "appreciated" in the platoon as she is treated like a child by nearly all of her teammates. Understandably, Usagi is very quick to anger and her emotions are easily read on her expressive face. This is mostly shown through Ikaruga's frequent harassment and when she is called by her nick-name, where her emotions usually range from either anger or embarrassment. She is also very haughty but only to an extent when she accomplishes something noteworthy.

Usagi's major problem lies in her anxiety and how it obscures her natural talent as a sniper. Thinking over a situation and how her mistakes might cost her teammate's life has her panic and unable to pull the trigger, essentially making her useless when under pressure.



Usagi was born as an illegitimate child into the noble Saionji household with their heritage primarily being that from Norway. She primarily lived with her grandparents in the mountains where her grandfather taught her sniping while her grandmother taught her cooking. During a visit from her main family, her adoptive brother took interest in her grandfather's guns, and while she tried to stop him from messing around with it until he accidentally shot himself. Blamed for his death, Usagi was further estranged from her family as her adoptive brother's sister, who was diagnosed with an illness, lost the will to live after hearing about the incident. She was forced to move in with her family's primary household after her grandfather's passing, and she was the only heir left in the family. It was around this time she first met Reima Tenmyouji, a son of a family friend who began to abuse her, dangling the fact that she "killed" her brother over her. She began attending the Anti-Magic Academy, thanks to the will left by her grandfather that covered her expenses and was placed into the 35th Platoon where she met Takeru Kusanagi and Ikaruga Suginami.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

Usagi is harassed by Ikaruga Suginami until Takeru Kusanagi walks in the room and is thoroughly beaten for walking into her changing. She complains about Takeru's lack of self confidence in being a leader and is soon introduced to Ouka Ootori when Sougetsu Ootori barges into the room and introduces her as their new platoon member. During their mission, Usagi shoots into the wrong building and has Takeru compromised while Ouka salvages the mission. Usagi is the most vocal in voicing her opinions on Ouka's disdain for teamwork and general equity. Usagi; nonetheless, partakes in helping Takeru and Ouka during the fight against the Einherjar and is able to buy time for Takeru to effectively fight back before he is nearly killed by the Einherjar's intrinsic magic.

Witch's Struggle Arc[]

Usagi agrees to have the new platoon member Mari Nikaido, do whatever she pleases as she doesn't seem willing to completely trust her. Still concerned with her team's sufficient lack of points, she stops the argument going on between Ouka and Mari, and announces that she took the liberty of signing their platoon up to partake in the academy's mock battle tournament to earn them points. The 1st round becomes a struggle and Mari's decision to help them allows the 35th Platoon to score a victory.

In the 2nd round, Haunted appears to hijack the tournament to retrieve Mari, separating the platoon from the outside. Usagi, Ouka, and Ikaruga become separated from Takeru, Mari, and Ikaruga wakes the unconscious Usagi who took damage to her left eye during the disruption. With Takeru damaged and Ouka gaining access to Mari's Gleipnir, Usagi musters up enough strength and is able to cover Ouka as she distracted Haunted long enough for Mari to recharge Takeru's Witch Hunter form to eventually force Haunted's retreat.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Because of her injury during Haunted's attack, Usagi temporarily wore an eye-patch over her left-eye for its recovery. She joins the rest of the platoon in tailing Ikaruga after her mysterious departure following the notification that she was branded a traitor to the Inquisition. She follows Ikaruga to the border where they continue to tail her, but the platoon is separated where Usagi, Usagi, and Ouka are captured by the Alchemist's mercenaries and are imprisoned inside the 5th Laboratory. While captured, they are met by Isuka Suginami who assures them that Ikaruga has guaranteed their safety as bargaining chips to be traded. She ponders at why they chased Ikaruga this far and when they respond by saying that they wanted to save her, Isuka divulges information on Ikaruga's past as to educate them on who exactly Ikaruga is.

When Ikaruga reunites with Isuka, the trio are thrown back into the streets near the laboratory where Usagi expresses her intent to return to the lab to save Ikaruga and bring her back. The other two agree and they are soon joined by a squadron of Inquisition soldiers and dragoons with Sougetsu leading them. Usagi and Ouka rearm themselves and join the fight while Mari stays inside Sougetsu's limousine given her inhibited magic. When the mechanical dragon is brought in by Haunted, Usagi is led by Ikaruga to a rail-gun emplacement near her position where Usagi is made to shoot the dragon's back where its floating mechanism was located. Usagi misses the first few times, but finally makes the shot, slightly weakening the dragoon before Takeru finishes it off with Mari's assistance.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Usagi's lackluster performances in the academy's point value system angers her step-mother, Kikyou Saionji, who gives her one more month to stay in school before she is married off to the Tenmyouji household. Finally recovered from her eye-injury, Usagi misses the presentation in the gymnasium and arrives late to the platoon room where she overhears some surprisingly encouraging words from her teammates. Usagi arrives in the room, but avoids telling them about her predicament. The 35th Platoon soon strikes an alliance with the other failing platoons and Usagi feels conflicted as she wanted to spend her remaining time with her own platoon. She encounters Reima Tenmyouji while walking down the halls, and her trauma resurfaces and she blacks out as Takeru arrives to help her. She wakes up to see Takeru by the infirmary bed and as he walks her home, he mentions if there was anything he could help her with and she explains her family's predicament in using her in a political marriage which Takeru makes invite her to stay at his house for the night,

While mistaking this offer as a tryst, the duo are joined by the rest of the platoon who hears out her problems and promises to do their best in the upcoming festival to gain enough points to improve their point problems. Usagi; however, passes out again after Reima taunts her, and she wakes up inside a chapel wearing a bridal dress. Reima attempts to rape her, but Usagi fights back long enough for Takeru to arrive as Reima brandished Tyrving against him. Usagi is told to assist Mari in dispelling the school-wide hypnosis spell incurred by Mephisto, and Usagi heads back to the platoon room to retrieve her supplies and Ikaruga hands her a rifle, as well as two special bullets that will assist her in defeating Mephisto. One being made from damascan steel to force Mephisto out of Ouka's body and the other being made from spirit silver to deal with her essence.

Usagi stops the possessed Ouka from shooting Mari, but is chased by the hypnotized students before making her way back to the school's roof. When she arrives, she finds Takeru and Ouka at a standoff, where the latter urges her to shoot Takeru as he has been possessed. Usagi is unable to discern who to shoot, but Takeru reassures her that she should trust her judgment and even if she doubts herself, he asks her to shoot him. The familiar words ring with Usagi, and she aims her gun towards Ouka and fires, forcibly removing Mephisto from Ouka's body and then shoots again at her soul, killing Mephisto completely.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

The platoon's recent success lands them in a tight situation when during an assignment, Takeru's sister Kiseki Kusanagi breaks out of her holding facility to see him. Usagi, along with the other platoon members utilize Ikaruga's wardrobe of costumes to dress Kiseki up for her to spend a few hours with her brother in the city, but the platoon as well as Kiseki are soon captured by the Inquisition.

Usagi and the others are broken out of captivity by Nagaru Hoshijiro and the rest of the platoon members join Ikaruga in driving to meet up with Takeru, who went on ahead alone to save Kiseki from the convoy van. The team reunite with Takeru after his fight with Kyouya Kirigaya where both Ouka and Usagi's presence had him give in and fall off the guard railing. Usagi is, however, told along with Mari and Ikaruga to run away from the location with Kiseki's awakening while Takeru and Ouka would confront her. Reluctantly, the trio move away in Ikaruga's van, but end up coming back where they take Takeru's unconscious body back with them to run away from Kiseki. Eventually, the car falls and everyone steps out to make one last stand. Ouka attempts to buy them more time until Takeru awakens in his God Hunter form and leaves the team to confront Kiseki, and Ikaruga takes Ouka and Usagi to run away as per Takeru's request while Mari stayed with him.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

Along with Ouka and Ikaruga, Usagi was imprisoned for a duration after the events of Kiseki's awakening until they were sent off to assist the Inquisition soldiers against the invading Valhalla forces that occupied the Grey City. Usagi in particular has immense difficulty adjusting to the battlefield where she witnesses an entire squadron get wiped out by an area of effect spell. During that night's campfire, Usagi cooks for the three and shares her history with Ikaruga and Ouka to help them better understand one another and is saddened at how everyone has already realized her feelings for Takeru.

The next day, Usagi accompanies Ouka in covering the Spriggan's advance while Ikaruga stayed back, but kept visual on them using her remote drones. Reports come in of an Einherjar appearance, and Ouka and Usagi move to confront it and the latter witnesses yet another scene of an entire squadron of soldiers wiped out. Usagi spots a number of survivors and moves in to cover them while they escaped. Ouka managed to arrive and the two worked together to determine the Einherjar's identity and expose its weakness and after defeating it on their own, the troop they were attached to begin to acknowledge them. Usagi in particular being regarded with certain adoration from the troops due to her high-class demeanor and cooking prowess.

The platoon and the troops investigate an abandoned subway where intelligence arrived that the enemy was using the area as a base. Ouka had previously mentioned wanting to hunt down the witch that killed her family, and she went deeper into the subway with Kyouya assisting her while Usagi and the remaining troops decided to rest. However, they were seen assaulted by a hypnotized squad of wizards led by Laugh Maker, and all but three of them, including Usagi, were killed by poison. Ouka and Kyouya were about to chase Laugh Maker down until Usagi's faint voice rang through Ouka's earpiece, and she frantically returned to the upper ramparts to assist the survivors. Kyouya uses Nero to counteract their poisoning, and they begin to head back to their encampment. Ouka falls to her knees as the camp had been reduced to rubble during their absence and Usagi leaves to check their tent to find Ikaruga, but finds a black box among the debris. The box responds to Usagi's touch and Ikaruga's voice echoes through the rifle inside, and Ikaruga reveals that she is captured but she had installed nanomachines onto the rifle for Usagi's personal use and guides her on how to use it effectively. Shortly after, Usagi relays the news to the despondent Ouka and motivates her to continue to lead them.

Usagi follows Ouka as she leads the remaining soldiers to assault Laugh Maker head on. Kyouya offers to break past and hold off the enemy forces ahead of them, giving them a chance to reach the 5th Laboratory. Usagi and the two surviving Spriggans offer to stay behind to watch their entrance as Ouka heads into the ruined laboratory to save Ikaruga and confront Laugh Maker. The three hold off enemies and Usagi is able to operate the advanced rifle with ikaruga's assistance, but a number of einherjars and a mechanical dragoon are able to close in on their position, killing the two Spriggans Usagi was with. Adding on to the situation, Ikaruga's voice is cut off, deactivating the rifle and Usagi is left at the mercy of the enemy until Takeru, Kanaria, and Mari arrive to help her. The reunion ends short as Takeru quickly moves into the laboratory to assist Ouka and the remaining three guard the entrance until Guillotines arrive, and the trio enter the lab to see the fight with Laugh Maker concluded. Hayato Kurogane arrives to apprehend them, but the surviving Spriggans convince him to let them ago and he relents.

White Escape Arc[]

Usagi follows the reunited platoon, along with Kanaria and Nagaru deeper into the train tunnels from the Grey City to an abandoned highway. Intent on fleeing Inquisition territory to rendezvous with like-minded allies, they obtain the vehicle and begin driving to their destination. Usagi is awkwardly placed between Kanaria and Ikaruga in their van and is remains silent for the duration of their venture as the team as she is unable to speak out on the tense unknowing reunion between mother and daughter.

The crew stop at an inn to rejuvenate themselves before heading out, and they are quickly pursued on the highway by an convoy of Inquisition vans. Kanaria dispatches the three they find, but the fourth one from the rear reveals itself as EXE. Scarlet Magnolia appears on top of the car and assaults the team's vehicle with an enormous wave of energy, careening the van off the road. The team quickly recover and regroup to move out, but are confronted by Scarlet's squad. Takeru and Nagaru stall while Mari quickly constructs barrier around them as the team incurs an avalanche to separate themselves from their pursuers, but Gou breaks through Mari's barrier and ends up separating both parties. Usagi wakes up to find herself with Kanaria and Ikaruga while the trio were confronted by Gou.

While Kanaria dueled Gou after being enraged at Ikaruga's injury, she was overtaken by her opponent's strength and held by her hair. Usagi is able to wake up in time and set up near Ikaruga to get a position to support Kanaria and shoots Gou, letting Kanaria free. She assures her that Ikaruga will be safe with her and pours a vial of the healing spring's water over her.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Usagi follows the rest of the team to the Heretic Alliance's headquarters where she and the others have trouble adapting to their location with its strange atmosphere. After seeing Takeru recover, Usagi and the others are worried for Takeru, and his intent to speak with Lapis but allows him to speak his mind with her. Later in the alliance's meeting, she serves tea to the rest of the gathered "allies". She joins the raid on the First Laboratory where she is assigned the position as rearguard in their initial charge and the 35th Platoon take down multiple mechanical dragoons with ease. As Takeru, Lapis, Ouka, and Mari enter the facility, and Ikaruga leaves in her dragoon to take care of stragglers. Usagi makes her way to a communications tower assisted by two allies. She is joined by a pureblood wizard wearing sunglasses who excelled in accuracy while the other was a timid priestess girl who specialized in traps.

Kanata Oonogi and Nagaru contact Usagi a while later where they spot a previously left behind Kanaria rushing into the battlefield. Having been previously confided by Ikaruga on keeping Kanaria safe, Usagi requests to head down to the diversionary battlefield to assist her, and Nagaru eventually allows it and has her two allies cover Usagi as she made her way to Kanaria's landing zone. Usagi eventually meets Mari on her way, and the two assist Kanaria and Ikaruga in their fight against Suzaku Suginami. Mari's magic bolt forces Suzaku to dodge, only to have her head pierced with a round from Usagi's rifle, leaving Kanaria to finish her off.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Usagi and the other platoon members comfort and assure Takeru his essential role in bringing everyone together so far and hear from him the situation with Kiseki rejecting her chance to be saved. She joins the others in traveling to the Critical Point to uncover a document regarding Sougetsu's identity. When the document is fought over by the defected Kurogane and his former colleagues from the EXE, the platoon find themselves suppressed by an EXE sniper. Usagi steels herself and tells everyone to move on ahead while she occupied the sniper's attention and she is assisted by Ikaruga in trying to discern their enemy's location. Usagi receives a shot and narrowly dodges to have it graze her face, but she perseveres and decides to destroy the tower the sniper was hiding in instead. Usagi is successful in forcing Iori out of her position, but the latter equips her Relic Eater and moves ahead to confront Takeru, Ouka, and Mari. As Ouka and Mari struggled to find an opening against Iori, a shot from Usagi is able to damage Daji and the information processing ability quickly begins to deteriorate as the armor is damaged. The trio are able to corner Iori and finally force her to admit defeat. Usagi and the others quickly rush to Takeru's side after the latter's struggle against Kurogane. She quickly runs away from the Akashic Hazard that covers the area with the others before they are assisted by Sage. In the alliance's safehouse, Usagi serves everyone tea before they await for further news.

When news that Valhalla had appeared near the Inquisition headquarters, the team quickly moved out to meet their enemy. As the alliance members approached the area they were quickly confronted by a number of einherjars. Takeru's condition made him unable to sustain longer engagement, and Ouka placed Takeru in Ikaruga's care while everyone else fought outside. Later, in the midst of Takeru and Orochi's duel, Usagi and Ikaruga hone in on Orochi's weak right leg and disable it from afar.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Usagi and a number of other members of the alliance are caught in the aftermath of Takeru and Orochi's duel. Mari uncovers Usagi, Kanaria, and Ikaruga from the rubble, and the three witness Kiseki's emergence and quickly plan out to regroup with Ouka and confront Kiseki together. The Hyakki Yakou; however, suddenly targets Usagi, Mari, and Ikaruga, and the three are swallowed by the variants while Kanaria is narrowly saved by Kanata.

Like her fellow squadmates, Usagi becomes stuck under the effects of the Hyakki Yakou's ability to induce dreams upon those captured by it. Usagi finds herself awake back in her home where she recounts at how she had just turned 18 and will begin to live at the Tenmyouji household in preparation for her marriage. Usagi's memories seem different to her as she doesn't remember her regular school uniform being the same as she is used to. Soon enough, Usagi finds herself on the altar on her wedding day about to be married to Reima, but something in her knows that this outcome is completely wrong. Usagi throws a hefty punch toward the image of Reima and a familar voice laughs at her and Kiseki reveals herself. Kiseki reveals that she was able to read through Usagi's memories with her abilities. Kiseki felt that Usagi was the furthest away from Takeru and had hoped to erase his memories from her entirely. Usagi, however, deems that it would be impossible for Kiseki to achieve what she intends as she doesn't know a thing about her, and even reading her memories wouldn't change that. With nothing else left to say, Usagi is quietly swallowed back out of the nightmare while Kiseki ponders what she meant.

Usagi is later saved from the Hyakki Yakou after Ouka manages to fight her way out of the flesh mass. After Kiseki's "defeat" Usagi offers her to teach her cook, but the niceties abruptly ends with Sougetsu's appearance and Usagi quickly prompts Takeru to go deal with him while she and Ikaruga attempted to assist. However, she and the others are once again swallowed by the Hyakki Yakou.

Promise of Dawn Arc[]

Stuck in a middle of the swathe of Hyakki Yakou's wave of flesh, Usagi and Ikaruga try to quickly come up with a means to escape the predicament. While Ikaruga maintains a flimsy magic barrier through her elf-form, Usagi prepares all her equipment and proposes her plan: Ikaruga will cancel her barrier when Usagi fires off an anti-matter round through the walls of flesh, lest they get caught in the explosion, for them to gradually escape it. Ikaruga states that she isn't all that confident in her magic capabilities, but Usagi encourages her that this is the only way they can even attempt to get out alive. The plan works, but the ensuing blast blows the two off their feet and Usagi supports Ikaruga as they quickly pace themselves far away before the Hyakki Yakou's flesh will recover in time. Ikaruga asks for pistol and Usagi hands over her sidearm, and the two confront another mass of flesh and prepare to fight back. Takeru; however, arrives to cleanse the area of the Hyakki Yakou's flesh, and the duo quickly yell at him for his choice in timing as he is disarmed from God Hunter form by Ouka. The crew quickly gather themselves after demonic roar jolts them out of their squabble, and Usagi follows the team as they confront Sougetsu together.

The team are; however, met with immediate opposition in form of a powerful creature spawned by the Hyakki Yakou, an incarnated form of the malevolent curse Kiseki bears, and its apparent immunity to magic through its demonic erosion on the team's own magical means of attack. The team is forced to fight it with their own strengths, and Usagi's rifle holds the key to their victory with her three Weiss crystal bullets being the only means of breaking through its barrier. The last bullet is driven through the barrier by Takeru and Kanaria's assistance allows the team to prepare for their last charge towards Sougetsu. Usagi, along with Mari and Ikaruga are unable to join the escort team to deliver Takeru to Kiseki and Sougetsu, but they arrive by helicopter while Takeru fights Sougetsu. Usagi is able to disarm Sougetsu but both he and Takeru are transported to another world by Nagaru's sudden intervention. As Takeru is teleported away, Usagi tearfully holds Ikaruga back from jumping off the helicopter to get to him.

With Takeru's disappearance, Usagi returns to camp along with the rest of the platoon where their wounds are treated. They collectively worry about Kiseki in particular and how she will have to acknowledge that Takeru has disappeared. Aside from Mari who is going through extensive medical treatment due to her overworking herself, the trio stay together for a day before they meet with Nagaru again. As they drive near the area, they notice an explosion off in the distance, and they head toward its origin. Usagi and Ikaruga keep up with Ouka who reaches the crater first.


After the restoration of the Inquisition and the rest of society, Usagi along with the other members of the 35th Platoon graduate and in these five years they enter the service of the EXE. Usagi herself is able to join the EXE's reserve troop this year while Ouka and Takeru were enlisted as Vice Captains. By this point in time, she makes amends with her family, but still remains in a questionable attitude towards her "parents". She joins her squad in Kiseki's specialized room where they meet up to see both her and Kanaria off with the rest of the team. Apparently, Kiseki enjoyed Usagi's attention the most as the latter taught her cooking, sowing, and the easiest to get along with. The team later joins Takeru after the latter gains key information from Haunted that tips them off on a method to cure Kiseki as well as wipe out Suzaku.


Expert Marksmanship: While a nervous wreck under pressure, Usagi possesses immense capability in her ability to handle a rifle. Her aim applies to most firearms, but she feels most comfortable from afar wielding a rifle. Even if she is comparatively weaker than the rest of her platoon, Usagi's skills have saved them from numerous threats time after time. Her abilities can be substantially threatening if given the proper weapon, an adequate vantage point, and most importantly, motivation to relieve her of doubt.

Varied Armory: Usagi undergoes the most amount of weapon changes through the series with the ever-growing threat the platoon faces. For the majority of the series, she utilizes an anti-material rifle, but switches to a Mosin Nagant, a portable railgun, and a modified rifle named the Rabbit's Fang. Her ammunition also changes according to the situation, varying between anti-personnel, armor, and magic targets. Most of this is due to Ikaruga's assistance who also doubles as her spotter with reconnaissance drones and logistics.

Home Training: Having the least dysfunctional family within the main cast, Usagi is the only one in the platoon that can cook and act like a housewife. This is mostly due to her high-class upbringing where her grandfather taught her gunplay while her grandmother taught her how to cook.


  • The name Usagi means "rabbit" (うさぎ) in Hiragana, which references her hair ribbon that resemble rabbit ears.
  • Usagi's surname Saionji means "west" (西) (sai), "garden, park, plantation" (園) (on), and "temple" (寺) (ji).