Usagi's Grandfather and GrandmotherEdit

The former heads of the Sainoji Household who were Usagi's only benefactors in her family life. As the only ones in her family that truly loved her, Usagi naturally felt at home and content with them during her stay at their home and learned a multitude of skills from both her grandparents. Her grandfather taught her how to hunt and trained her with a rifle while her grandmother taught her how to cook and be helpful in a domestic setting.

Kikyou SaionjiEdit

Usagi's step mother and the current matriarch of the Sainoji Household. Due to Usagi's position as a illegitimate daughter from a mistress, Kikyou resented Usagi as she deemed as an outsider to the family and actively avoided being referred to as her mother. This relationship is further strained when Usagi is blamed for the death of proper heirs to the family. On Usagi's end, she unconditionally respected her but through the events of the story, mostly moved away from her family name.

Usagi's Brother and SisterEdit

Usagi was never close to her siblings and they similarly never sensibly treated her as her primary family's stigma against her was rather prominent.

35th Test PlatoonEdit

Takeru KusanagiEdit

Usagi's platoon leader with an infamous mean-streak. Usagi no doubt feared Takeru during their first encounter but as she witnessed his impressive but crippling over-specialization with bladed weapons, became more approachable with him. While the two suffered as the only members who were capable of combat, Usagi was critical in Takeru's lackadaisical leadership but generally got along well with him out of his genuine concern over teammates and generosity. Takeru and Ikaruga were the main "pillars" of Usagi's pillar of motivation in the start of the series but the rest of the platoon was able to realize how much it would help Usagi's prowess if her doubts were cleared. Usagi clearly grows to love Takeru after his determination in helping her out of the bonds of her oppressive family and fiance. With nothing else binding her, Usagi continues to follow Takeru's leadership against impossible odds with only her skills that could save her teammates from certain death.

Ouka OotoriEdit

A former Inquisitor demoted due to her infamous persecution of witches and magic users. Usagi initially despised Ouka's professionalism and envied her prodigious abilities that had her enter the Inquisition's service after graduating middle school. Usagi was met back with similar hostility where Ouka criticized Usagi's inability to operate under pressure and viewed her hesitation and clumsiness a literal fatal flaw if it meant covering her teammates. As Ouka began to ease down from her overly vindictive personality, Usagi's relationship with her steadily grew and Usagi, along with Mari, were the ones who most frequently pointed out Ouka's lack of social skills during the times they conversed and shared ideas. Usagi and Ouka's bond deepened when they, along with Ikaruga, were sent to the front lines during the outbreak of war during the platoon's separation. Usagi's fear and anxiety were the highest they have ever been but she was able to make it out of the experience intact. Constantly assured and motivated through the efforts of her teammates, she motivated Ouka and became the one to reassure her when Ouka doubted her ability to lead and Usagi hoped for Ouka to believe in someone as relatively unreliable as her as she had wanted to repay the trust Ouka had put into her the whole time through.

Ikaruga SuginamiEdit

Usagi's closest friend in the platoon who, along with Takeru, have known Usagi the longest. The two however started their relationship on a rough start, with Usagi's haughty and noble attitude coming to clashes with Ikaruga's devious intentions. The two grew very close with their common struggle to obtain points as their year went on. Most of the duo's interaction however was an one-sided affection from Ikaruga who constantly teased Usagi for her immaturity and "useless" abilities as an anxiety-filled sniper. While Usagi slowly got used to this treatment from her, she came to strangely bond with Ikaruga from this interaction. Being one of the only friends she ever made, Usagi was concerned over her departure and even after learning of her questionable background, she had wished to save her and bring Ikaruga back to "where she belonged" together with the platoon. Usagi's relationship with Ikaruga also doubles as that of a sniper and spotter, with Usagi's skills being tempered and guided by Ikaruga's high intelligence and observations. Where Takeru, Mari, and Ouka fought in the front lines, Usagi and Ikaruga worked together in support and Ikaruga's devices and weapons helped Usagi be fit for any situation.

Mari NikaidoEdit

A former witch of Valhalla who joined the team under special circumstances. Usagi initially identified Mari as someone who wouldn't want to socialize with them and was initially distant toward her until Usagi's own efforts in roping everyone into working together in the mock-battle tournament made everyone grow closer. Once Mari became more comfortable around the platoon, she and Usagi shared a less vitriolic relationship compared to Mari's relationship with Ouka but Mari's playful nature conflicted against Usagi's serious and "noble" demeanor. Usagi's easy to anger attitude constantly had her insult Mari's lack of breasts as an insult. Usagi however looked up to Mari, and to an extension, Ouka for being highly reliable combatants and Usagi steeled herself to become as helpful as they were in her platoon's struggles.

Lapis Lazuli Edit

Takeru's Relic Eater that shows little to no interest in anyone outside of her contractor. Usagi and Lapis are usually tolerant of each other but Usagi herself starts to become envious of her after seeing how close she acts with Takeru.

Acquaintances Edit

Kyouya Kirigaya Edit

Like the other members of the Platoon aside from Takeru, Usagi saw Kyouya as nothing more than a violent thug who naturally intimidated her with his aggressive behavior. Her opinion of him no doubt changed when the circumstances of his violence was revealed to be for healing the only other surviving member of his platoon and was eventually able to properly work with him when he was "integrated" into the platoon as an ally. It is unknown whether or not Usagi knows that Reima's death was at Kyouya's hands.


Reima TenmyoujiEdit

Usagi's childhood acquaintance from a neighboring family of nobles. Reima's similar issues with familial acknowledgment, or lack thereof, put him in the same circumstances as Usagi. Instead of properly empathizing with her however, Reima decided to hold the fact over her responsibility for her sibling's death over her and bound her to his wishes through emotional abuse and forging an idea of dependency with him. Usagi's experience with Reima was up to a point where she hyperventilated and passed out from their reunion and she clearly feared him for his cruel words and objectified treatment. Usagi had however changed through their years apart and whereas Reima was still ridiculed in his life, Usagi had surrounded herself with trustworthy friends and it was this will that allowed Usagi to fight back against him, a symbol that both stood for her family's oppression against her and her own demons of doubt.