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Valhalla Calling Arc
Volume 6 Illustration
Location Magic Academy
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Valhalla Calling Arc is the sixth story arc of AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon". This arc primarily focuses on Takeru's short time attending the Magic Academy under the watchful eye of Valhalla's leaders, Orochi and Mother Goose. The former prompts Takeru to re-contract himself with Lapis, as she has become despondent when Takeru abandoned her after being unable to kill Kiseki. The arc drastically changes the war's perspective as the Inquisition's propaganda and persecution of witches is viewed in the reverse from the view of the Magic Side.


Orochi's Ultimatum︻デ═一[]

In the Magic Academy, Orochi tells Takeru about the 150-year Witch Hunt War from Valhalla's perspective, and he claims the organization has managed to restore the witches' numbers via both magical and scientific technologies since their defeat against the humans. Nonetheless, while revealing that the witches and magical being will wage war against humanity again, Orochi gives Takeru an ultimatum to join the Valhalla or he will be disposed alongside Lapis.

Summary ︻デ═一[]

Magic Academy︻デ═一[]

Welcome to the Sanctuary︻デ═一[]

Afterwards, Kanaria personally introduces Takeru to the sheltered communities of the Sanctuary, which includes the Magic Academy.

Transience's Peace︻デ═一[]

Lapis Lazuli︻デ═一[]

First Host︻デ═一[]

Pureblood Party, Assault︻デ═一[]

A Place to Return to︻デ═一[]

Epilogue []

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Light Novel, Manga and Anime Differences︻デ═一[]



Story Impact[]

  • The legend of the 150 year Witch-Hunt War shows a different history where witches and other magical beings had actually survived the war despite their defeat against humanity.


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