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Vlad III
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Kanji ヴラド
Rōmaji Vlad
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 150
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Professional Info
Species Relic Eater
Inquisition Role Inquisition Issued Relic Eater
Affiliation Kazuma Mineshiro (Former Master)
Ouka Ootori
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Volume 1
Anime Episode 2
Seiyuu Jouji Nakata

Vlad III, or simply Vlad (ヴラド), is the Relic Eater under contract with Ouka Ootori and is designated as Malleus Malificarum IV. His intrinsic capabilities involve the usage of blood to dispel magic. He was previously utilized by Kazuma Mineshiro.


Vlad's human appearance takes the shape of a tall man wearing a flowing red hood that obscures his face. His weaponized form takes the shape of two large pistols that fittingly materialize from a black coffin. The anime's weapon design showcases an emblem when the two pistol's are placed together that gauges the level of blood utilized.

When the contract is formed, Vlad's can activate Witch Hunter Form and his armor grants its user a distinctive red armor can transform it's cape into wings. In this form, Vlad can take the form of pistols or a huge pile bunker.


Vlad is one of the few Relic Eaters that does not show its human form while openly showcasing his talkative nature when compared to others. He is obedient to Ouka's wishes, but tries to have her accept their contract to fully utilize his purpose. It is not until Volume 5 when Ouka decides to prioritize her friends over her quest for vengeance and to better protect them, accepts the terms of Vlad's contract. Like other Relic Eaters, Vlad seeks an attribute from its wielder and his chosen attribute was nobility. Vlad did not care for whether or not the blood belonged to someone who is virtuous or evil, he only required that his user to be true oneself and follow through with their beliefs.



Before the events of the story, Vlad was contracted to Kazuma Mineshiro, the previous captain of the EXE who investigated the witch trafficking ring, Insect Cage. When Kazuma was killed, Vlad was contracted to Ouka many years later, however, her distrust for magic had her refuse to enter a full contract with him.

Hero Summoning Arc[]

Vlad is mentioned in the beginning of the arc where Sougetsu explains the nature of Relic Eaters and their personal requirements for their bearers.

Vlad is called upon during Ouka's fight with the Einherjar who took the soul of King Arthur. He heals her leg while reminding her that since their contract was only provisional, he could only provide her with so much help. Vlad's abilities were able to harm Arthur to an extent, but he was forcibly recalled under Sougetsu's own orders.

Two Alchemists Arc[]

Vlad was summoned to assist Ouka during her participation in fighting off the Alchemist's forces in the 5th Laboratory.

Festival of Fools Arc[]

Ouka utilized Vlad's reconnaissance abilities where she discovered an enormous magic circle drawn on the academy's grounds in disguise as a festival decoration. When Ouka became possessed by Mephisto, Vlad was also under her whim as his "soul" was the first line of defense for Ouka's own. He was forcibly utilized to dispel Takeru from his Witch Hunter form, but Vlad was soon freed along with Ouka with Usagi's specialized bullets.

Hyakki Yakou Arc[]

When Diluted knocked Takeru out, Kiseki thought that he was dead and the demons inside her overflowed. The 35th Platoon recovered Takeru's unconscious body while trying to escape from Kiseki's wrath, and Ouka decides to fully contract herself with Vlad for the sake of protecting those close to her. Vlad accepts and approves of his master's intent to use his powers for her allies and grants her access to Witch Hunter Form. Ouka is able to buy her teammates enough time but by the time she reunites with them, Takeru had regained consciousness but had entered God Hunter Form. He disarms Ouka out from her Witch Hunt armor and had his teammates take her away, despite her protests as he went to confront Kiseki alone.

Crimson Lotus Arc[]

With the halved 35th Platoon now led by Ouka in Takeru's absence being sent off to war, Vlad was used extensively in multiple skirmishes against Valhalla's troops. During downtime after the troops took down a Einherjar, the company commander approached Ouka and stated that he remembered seeing Vlad used before. This sparks Ouka's interest, and she later converses with Vlad and asks who his previous contractor was. Vlad is unable to completely share all of his thoughts, but Ouka is made aware that his former contractor was the former captain of the EXE and was very similar to her in his stubbornness, lack of social knowledge, and being easily misunderstood. However, Vlad speaks favorably of him and informs her of his operation that took down the witch trafficking ring, Insect Cage and saved one lone child that survived. Vlad finally tells her of his death soon after he carried out Insect Cage's termination, and he hopes that Ouka will act similarly to his previous master, a statement which Ouka accepts. After their conversation, Vlad; however, feels slight regret in not being able to reveal everything to her.

When Ouka confronted Laugh Maker, she was too distracted to properly make decisions and ends up being unable to help the dying soldiers after Laugh Maker retreats. Laugh Maker's taunts and the dying company leader's words reveal that Vlad's previous owner was Ouka's first adopted father and she asks Vlad of his opinion on him once again. Vlad once again replies that he was too bogged down with trivial things and was not truly fit for his line of work. Even so, Ouka is able to gain some pride in this fact, and she orders for Vlad to drain the blood of the fallen soldiers to empower themselves for the last charge and the amount of blood drained grants Ouka access to True Ancestor form, giving her enhanced abilities.

With Takeru's assistance in the latter half of the battle, Laugh Maker is left at Ouka's mercy. Ouka chooses to spare her life after learning of Laugh Maker's own desire to die, and Ouka enters Vlad's Vampire form again to bite the witch in the neck, eternally binding her life to her own.

White Escape Arc[]

As the 35th Platoon, Nagaru, and Kanaria fled from Inquisition territory, Vlad was kept inside a sealed case to prevent Sougetsu from discerning their location through him. When Ouka and Mari faced off against Kagerou, Vlad was still unable to be used, and Ouka was forced to fight only with her pistol.

Heretic Alliance Arc[]

Vlad admonishes the distraught Lapis after her previous activation of God Hunter form harmed Takeru to an extent. Fearing at how she might eventually kill someone she cares for, Lapis had previously requested for Takeru to let her go while the latter obviously refused. Ouka and Vlad confront Lapis on the matter and come to an agreement that they would be able to forcibly disarm God Hunter form from Takeru with Vlad's intrinsic ability.

After Takeru's duel with Kyouya, Kiseki's sudden arrival forced Takeru to arm himself in God Hunter form and was once again unable to let go of the trigger. Ouka's arrival and Vlad's abilities were able to cancel him out of the armor and back to his regular self.

Witch Hunt War Arc[]

Vlad is utilized by Ouka after the latter summons him to track down the slightly wounded Mamoru Jougasaki after he runs off with the document regarding Sougetsu's identity, with Kurogane in pursuit of him as well. Takeru, Ouka, Mari and chase after them, but the latter two are confronted by Iori Himemiya and enter combat while Takeru gives chase. Vlad's Witch Hunter form is utilized for the aerial fight against Iori and her Daji's information processing abilities easily allow her to outmaneuver the duo. Only after Usagi's help are they able to corner Iori until she is incapacitated, but she is remotely killed by Sougetsu's command.

Later, as the war escalates around the Inquisition's Headquarters itself, Ouka and Mari once again partner up to face Mother Goose. Mari and Ouka; however, struggle against Mother's abilities. Mari is heavily injured in the fight and Ouka is forced to continue the fight alone, but not before Mari demands for Ouka to utilize her blood. Mari's blood fuels Vlad enough to grant Vampire form once again, and Ouka is able to stand a chance against Mother before the latter quickly responds to Orochi's call and returns to his side.

Call of Twilight Arc[]

Ouka and Vlad are both swallowed by Kiseki during her emergence after Takeru and Orochi's duel. Ouka herself is trapped within the dream Kiseki weaves for her to break her will. When Ouka snaps out of the dream, Kiseki begins to strangle her. Ouka tearfully asks if Kiseki would spare everyone's lives if it meant accepting her death now, and her sadness mingles with Kiseki's hold on her which starts to make Kiseki cry as well. In the middle of the struggle, Vlad appears in human form to separate the two, and he takes the chance with Kiseki's recuperation to warn Ouka that she does not have enough blood to utilize to escape from Kiseki's hold on her. However, Vlad proposes a single way to ensure her escape and that would be to utilize his own soul as fuel. Ouka obviously refuses the notion, but Vlad confesses that this would be the only way that she could survive and the only way for him to atone for his own regrets. Having failed to protect Kazuma in the first place, he was partially responsible for causing his death and leading Ouka's life down to the path of vengeance. Vlad says his last farewell to his master, noting her blood to be the most exquisite in the world.


Relic Eater- Malleus Malificarum IV: Vlad takes the shape of heavy dual pistols whose magic require the use of the user's blood to activate. Once supplied with enough blood, Vlad's powerful anti-magical capabilities allow his enchanted stakes to pierce through magic. Like other Relic Eaters, Vlad demands for something from his user, and he asks for nobility and conviction.

Intrinsic Magic- Night Blood: Once sufficient blood is sacrified, Vlad arms the pistols with enchanted, red stakes that pierce through and dispels magic. This ability has more to do with its user than Vlad himself as it proper magic dispelling requires the user to have memorized and comprehend the operative procedures behind the spell. With knowledge in hand, Vlad can reverse-engineer the procedure to completely negate the process. Among the Relic Eaters, Vlad's abilities are unparalleled in counteracting magic and was powerful enough to disarm Takeru from his Godhunter Mode.

  • Tepes: The standard stakes that are fired with magic dispelling properties.
  • Wallachia: Alternate stakes that differ from Tepes stakes as these versions trade away their magic piercing attribute for increased, physical stopping power.
  • Enchantment of the Impaling Prince-Tepes Rain: An area of effect magic that showers a given target with a barrage of stakes from above.
  • Reverse Crucifixion-Nosferatu: An ability that involves a stake fired at a target and enchanting it where numerous, smaller stakes burst from inside.
  • Blood Field's Supreme Ruler: Vladislavus Dracula: An empowered version of Tepes Rain where stakes are materialized all around the given target and simultaneously bombard the target with multi-directional impalements.
  • Consecration: Vlad draws blood from an outside source, allowing the blood to assist in defensive or offensive functions. Depending on the blood absorbed or by its quality, Vlad can access a far greater power

Witch Hunter Armor: For half the series, Ouka refused to fully contract with Vlad until she accepted and renewed her terms, switching from fulfilling her vengeance to protecting the ones she held close to her. Vlad's armor grants his user red and black armor, along with a red cape that doubles as wings, and is one of the few Relic Eaters that gives the ability to fly. Like other armors, Vlad grants improved durability, strength, agility, and regeneration that could be further empowered through draining blood.

Flexible Material: Vlad's base form is that of heavy pistols, but can switch to a large pile-bunk called the Count's Fang when in Witch Hunter form that fires off larger, more powerful stakes at enemies while also being able to enhance itself with any source of blood that makes contact with the projectile. The armor's cape can also function as wings, granting flight.

Vampire Form: When Consecration absorbs an abundance of blood, mostly from an outside source, Vlad can grant his user the form of a Vampire True Ancestor, essentially granting the benefits of the mythical creature to his user. This state increases all functions and notably increases speed and regeneration processes. The excess blood can also be used to empower other attacks.

Strigoi: An ability that can only be accessed in the True Ancestor's form. The wielder can summon a swarm of bats whose screams diffuse all forms of magic.


  • Following the trend of Relic Eater namesakes, Vlad III is named after the infamous prince of Wallachia during the 15th century whose violent tactics in protecting Europe from the Ottoman Empire earned him the title, the Impaler Prince and the basis for Dracula.
  • Dracula translates to Son of the Dragon that originates from Vlad II's title of Dracul that translates to Dragon.