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The Promise of Dawn
AMA v13 Cover
Genre Fantasy
Light Novel
Title The Promise of Dawn
in Kanji 暁の約束
Written by Touki Yanagimi
Illustrated by Kippu
Published by Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Male
Magazine Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
ISBN 978-4-04-072000-5
Release Date July 20, 2016
Volume 12

The Promise of Dawn - Eternal Promise (暁の約束 Akatsuki no yakusoku) is the thirteenth and final volume of the series. Sougetsu forces Kiseki to continue consuming the world and Takeru is once again left to rescue his squadmates before he finally confronts Sougetsu once and for all. The seat of Godhood lies before Takeru and Lapis but what remains to be done after Sougetsu's downfall is a decision that they cannot easily accept nor back away from.

This volume was published by Fujimi Shobo under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint and released on July 20, 2016.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - Together
  • Chapter 2 - Problem Children Gather Again
  • Chapter 3 - Burdened With a Planet
  • Chapter 4 - Total War
  • Chapter 5 - Let's Go Back Together?
  • Chapter 6 - I'll Cut You Down!
  • Epilogue - The 35th Test Platoon
  • Afterword


List of characters in order of appearance: