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White Escape Arc
TMG v08 002-003
Location Shizuoka
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Crimson Lotus Arc ←White Escape Arc→ Heretic Alliance Arc

White Escape Arc is the eighth story arc of AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon". The arc focuses on the outbreak of war between the Inquisition and the Magic Side while the 35th Platoon, Kanaria, and Nagaru flee Inquisition controlled territory to reach the headquarters of the dissident's faction, the Heretic Alliance, while being chased down by the EXE's Magnolia Troop. Takeru is also informed of Lapis' previous owner, Mikoto.


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Summary ︻デ═一[]

To the North︻デ═一[]

A-Class danger (Estimated) Illegal Lodging 『Fuji's Inn』︻デ═一[]

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Peace Talks[]

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Highway Battle[]

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Battle on the Snow[]

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Path to Follow[]

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Epilogue []

Orochi's Next Move[]

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Lapis' Tears of Desperation[]

TMG v08 275

Lapis cries to wake Takeru up.

Meanwhile, immediately after their battle against the EXE, Ouka and Mari are shocked to see Lapis crying over the fallen Takeru who laid unconscious. Despite their shock however, after witnessing Lapis continuously apologize to Takeru and suspecting an infmaous incident took place, all Ouka and Mari could do is to watch Lapis cries for Takeru.


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Story Impact[]

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