Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Wiki

The Witch-Hunt War was a conflict between witches and humanity, represented by the Inquisition, that had occurred a few hundred years ago. The war had stopped since that time, and it had affected mankind. 

The war had managed to kill nine-tenth of mankind's original population, also damaging properties and landscapes. It took humans 150 years to reconstruct and rebuild society and although it was a long time, there are many signs of science and technology improving rapidly. Proof of economic growth has been shown, and examples of it spreading are from the internet and mobile phones.

Over the win of the humans, the witches were taken under regulations and had nearly become extinct. Only a few people are able to possess magical powers that surge through their bodies.

As the days passed, the title of the strongest changed (from sword to magic and from magic to guns) which the students of the academy learned to use.