Yuzuho Mikado is the representative of the God's Embers dissidents within the Heretic Alliance. She is formally the captain of the Miko's Sixth Squad.

Appearance Edit

Yuzuho has long black hair and wears a white, robe-like armor. Her eyes are almost always fixated in a way that makes it look like she is glaring at someone.

Personality Edit

Yuzuho is an astute loyalist to her faction and is the most aggressive among the three leaders. She outright denounces the usage of heretical magic and openly disregards those who uses them. However, she was still willing to cooperate if it meant that her and her faction's goals were fulfilled. She is extremely proud of her melee skills and rarely parts with her weapon and armor. However, her staunch and upfront personality is mostly a facade, as the rest of her faction are primarily meek and subdued, and Yuzuho took up the burden of leadership on herself to appear strong for her comrades.

Biography Edit

History Edit

Heretic Alliance Arc Edit

During the alliance's first meeting, Yuzuho was the last to introduce herself to the three parties that gathered and her aggression toward the outsiders and the "magic users" quickly devolved into a stand off between her and the Magic Academy's representative, Sage. Takeru stopped this confrontation and requested to spend time alone with the two to better their understanding of each others circumstances and Takeru shares his story, while Sage follows up with his.

Yuzuho reveals her splinter faction's reasons for allying themselves with them, but first gets the point across that unlike Takeru and Sage, she was not a "dropout". Yuzuho explains that each "guard" unit protects a holy priestess, a miko, and that she was a member of the First Guard, but was impressed by the tenacity of Izayoi, the sixth squad's miko and transferred to the squad. The Inquisition eventually stepped in to the organization and demanded from them to hand over one of their mikos in order to be recognized as an organization within the Inquisition's territory. While her squad was against it, the organization's leaders unanimously voted for her exchange. Izayoi did not express distaste for the exchange and only wished for her followers and the organization to make peace. Rebellion and infighting broke out in the organization and terrorist attacks were committed by the scorned members and they still refused to attempt to retrieve Izayoi.

The first major operation involved a rescue attempt in the First Laboratory, with Takeru aiming to rescue Kiseki, Yuzuho to find Izayoi, and Sage sought to find Ion. The three factions led an open assault against the facility and the outside opposition were quickly destroyed and the three groups headed their separate ways to find their targets before agreeing to meet back at the entrance. By the end of the assault, Yuzuho, and the rest of the alliance except Takeru, were able to achieve their goal.

Witch Hunt War Arc Edit

Both Yuzuho and Sage were sent off to accomplish their given task while the 35th Platoon was to retrieve a document that revealed Sougetsu's true identity. As they escaped from the Hyaki Yakkou cells and the encroaching Akashic Hazard, Sage was able to save them and they reunited with the rest of the alliance further up as they prepared to intercept Valhalla, who had just appeared near the Inquisition's headquarters. Yuzuho and the rest of the Heretic Alliance moved against Mother Goose and Orochi and decided to hold off the enemy forces closing in on them, leaving the 35th Platoon to deal with the leaders.

Call of Twilight ArcEdit

Yuzuho finishes her duty of fighting off Einherjars with her squad and assigns them to assist in evacuating the city after witnessing Kiseki appear. She regroups with Sage and the duo encounter Kyouya defending an isolated shelter filled with citizens and they move in to assist. Sage constructs a barrier around the shelter and gets into a light argument with Kyouya while Yuzuho asks the two to defend her while she reinforces their defenses. Kyouya activates Nero's intrinsic magic to infect the approaching flesh mass to slow its advance. Yuzuho continues to guard the shelter before Kurogane returned.

Promise of Dawn Arc Edit

Yuzuho arrives to reinforce the 35th Platoon along with Kanata, Kurogane, Kanaria, Kyouya, Sage, and the combined alliance of the remnants of the Inquisitions troops as well the remaining members of Valhalla and the Heretic Alliance. Yuzuho joins the final push toward Sougetsu and supports Takeru in getting the latter towards his destination and cuts open a path toward their advance.

Epilogue Edit

5 years later after the war's end, Yuzuho and Izayoi became independent from the God's Embers and went around the country acting as a charity group that visited the numerous shelters and towns still suffering from the war. Takeru recalls at how he's been getting sent charms from her every year.

Abilities Edit

God's Ember Miko: Yuzuho's rank as captain of the God's Ember's militant troops provide her with not only leadership skills but access to her squad's abilities that further empower her already formidable strength and skills.

Physical Combat: Yuzuho's physical prowess with her spear and shield held enough strength and speed to gain Takeru's attention during combat together. Her staunch attitude in having her weapons on her at all times also give her a constant sense of uneasiness, even toward her allies.
Squad Support: A squad of mikos constantly keep Yuzuho's abilities enhanced with their miraculous prayers that empower her with offensive, defensive, and speed boosting effects.

Bartolomeo: Yuzuho's specialized spear that is paired with a shield on her opposite hand. The constant empowering miracles that keep her strength at maximum allows Bartolomeo's blows to plow through her enemies.